Illuminati RuPaul Drag Race Is Rigged


When RuPaul came out with the supermodel song Im was like in my teen years, and that’s what I remember about RuPaul.  So when browsing netflix I came across AJ And The Queen.  I watched it, I thought it was a good movie, and I don’t recall any left and righting government technology manipulation.  Then netflix likes to suggest movies and shows it thinks you would like based on you clicking like or unlike.  So Rupaul Drag Race popped up in the main window days later showing previews.  I thought that look interesting.  Well what do you know I did watched it, and here’s my findings.  Once I picked up that Rupaul is familiar with left and righting,  I began to take a closer look at the show.  Whereas I would normally have the show playing in the background while I’m doing other research.  What I noticed in Rupaul season 4 eps 5 49:00 his/her arms pop out repeatedly left and righting contestants on the show.  Yes like Obama and Trump.  It was popping out/jerking almost to each contestant.  As he/she walked around the room speaking to them in regards to their goals for the next competition.  It was happening in my opinion, just to see who responds.  Then again maybe for technology to show RuPaul who is responding.  Again yes Drag Race is rigged by followers of the illuminati and followers of the government technology that is ruining so many peoples lives.     In addition when Rupaul got to Manila it didn’t jerk.  Compare my notes to who actually won and you will see its rigged.  Its like saying, remember im paving your way because you follow us.  Also when looking at the show, watch for when they do the roast.  You will see RuPaul would brace him/herself.  Why because I believe RuPaul (trying not to show no disrespect just stating facts). Knows that V2k followers, say all kinds of crooked shit out they mouth using people to do so.  You can see he/her intense,  and stiff, while the roast goes on then when its over he/she settles down like whew.  So I googled RuPaul Illuminati and it came up in the search menu.  I thought of doing it this way based on my findings from watching the show.  Next I took off illuminati and the regularly website came up  If you go to you see normal content.   With no indication of the illuminati status.  But if you go to you can clearly see he/she is a proud member.  I haven’t done any other research besides that on RuPaul, so I googled my title that I came up with and others have figured it out.  Now they can really put it together.


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