Kenney Gleason

Hi my name is Kenney Gleason. I am a very normal 39 year old father of 5. I go to work and help with the home life and school work with the kids . I have a caring wife. I grew up with some what a normal life. But when I was 26 a very strange and crazy part of my life began. I became what they call in the intelligence world a T.I. .. At first you would think I was going crazy. But after get a sense of understanding from local law enforcement and people in the FBI. This is something that is happening to millions of Americans every day. The name they give T.I. is also known as a Targeted Individual. I first asked my self why am I being Targeted. For what by who. None of this made any sense at all. But after a very careful 12 investigation some of a small bit of truth has began to shed light on whats going on. I suffer from what they are calling Voice to skull transmission. Its a strange and discouraging act that millions of people around the world are going threw. But with Science and technology we can now provide truth that this is happening everyday. Its kind like having a radio transmission in your head with a very negative channel to make or influence you into making mistakes or the wrong decision until you are sick or poor. I know , I asked myself why the hell would any group in the world spend time doing this to people not just Americans but everywhere in the world. Look I have quite a bit of information and Scientific research. Along with 144,000 Americans testimonials. I would love to give you more information. My number is 3302853289. Do some internet research and give me a call 📞 . I look forward to speaking with you.

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