Michael Jackson Gangstalking-Murder Conspiracy Theory

22 August 2009


Michael Jackson Targeted With Gangstalking and Covert Weapons

“Don’t leave me, they’re trying to kill me” – Michael Jackson to a close friend.

This theory entails searching a few very specific lines of ‘conspiracy’, while staying open minded to other offerings found on the internet, as to what was really behind the sudden untimely death of Michael Jackson at age fifty.

Looking at Michael’s life history and the news media his death could be explained by drugs or stress, and it appears he did not have his health, but did The King of Pop have the foreknowledge he was about to die?

I have not wavered from the initial belief and stand firmly by the claim that Michael Jackson was in fact intentionally murdered.

Michael was precisely just days away from embarking on, what looked like would be his last show, in an overseas residency.

To my mind there are clear indicators that the perpetrators of this highly planned and well executed crime are associated with or belong to organized gangstalking groups.

The identity of these members and their shadow groups is basically unacknowledged or unknown.

Also I believe the sole, or primary, murder weapon was directed energy weapons technology.

Throughout his entire public and personal life Michael was so obviously a target of this hidden evil called gangstalking, which is particularly crawling and prevalent in California.

Perhaps the only time Michael may have experienced some temporary respite from gangstalking may have been whenever he stayed overseas.

It seems that mainly the west was out to destroy – as well as mercilessly take advantage of – Michael in every possible way: spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, socially, reputationally, financially, and physically.

The world may at last have a chance to realize the existence of the disturbing truth that gangstalking, may be happening to you or someone you love, and you may not even realize it.

The international covert gangstalking system needs to be collapsed and I wish, along with many other target’s, to expose this injustice because knowledge is key.

While I myself am not subjected to the untold terrors of directed energy weapons (DEW), I am one of thousands upon thousands of targeted individuals (TI’s) around the world subjected to covert gangstalking.

Directed energy weapons technology of which I am in the ongoing process of grasping a fuller understanding of.

Gangstalking in its most basic sense, is the organized stalking of one individual by more than one person, which can lead on to being a community-wide, and even an international operation.

I believe and support other target’s who are held to ransom through gangstalking, and who may also suffer physical assault, through covert weapons.

Perhaps the term ‘organized stalking’ is a better moniker to describe such an elaborate crime, which is not necessarily undertaken by street gangs in the usual sense of the word, and where all steps are taken to ensure the perpetrators actions are hidden, covert, or legitimized.

Having gained much insight from being a gangstalking target myself, as well as from reading legitimate contributions from others on the internet, there were numerous signs plainly showing that Michael was a target of this often elaborate type of crime.

Trying to ‘connect the dots’ as to who instigated or requested the gangstalking activity against him and the plot to cut Michael’s life shockingly short, and why, proves much more extensive and is up for debate.

It is highly probable that gangstalking is related to another, even more enormous conspiracy, involving a type of global shadow organization or government, something of which Michael was most likely aware of, and more than most.

Michael was one of many targets around the world subjected to – at the very least –  continually sustained intense gangstalking, in an attempt to weaken him, and which also involved covert weapons, finally resulting in his early death.

The goal from the start would have been to eliminate Michael’s considerable power, prestige, influence, and of course his vast fortune.

His sister La Toya Jackson claimed from day one that during his last days alive, particularly since becoming committed to his final tour, she saw Michael surrounded by a bad crowd of shadowy hangers-on who were preying on his compassionate spirit.

This ‘cliquey’ group of vipers appearing probably as staff or associates, forcefully positioned themselves in his life and were overtly treating her ‘meek, quiet, loving’ brother highly inappropriately.

They did not seem to care about his welfare but were putting him at risk, in fact conspiring to bring about his death.

La Toya also stated that this group of people were openly treating her brother like a ‘cash cow’, and other sources say that some behind the tour were aiming to become millionaires through exploiting Michael.

As for the rehearsals demanded or expected out of Michael, and completely under others’ control, according to accounts from fans and friends, until his final two weeks Michael did his best to avoid and was nervous about attending them.

This strengthens the claim that Michael was harassed over a period of years, to eventually be killed before his time in a premeditated murder, by gangstalking members who have been sworn and bound to secrecy.

In the years, and days, before his death Michael feared his life was in danger, telling people close to him that ‘they’ were trying to destroy him, and ‘they’ were trying to kill him.

This is quite a revelation, judging by voice-mails dated from when he was living a few years ago in Las Vegas, released post-death to the media by a former manager.

In these messages Michael is recorded as saying he cannot sleep, that he is ‘very concerned’ for his safety and that of his family’s, and ‘we are being stalked’.

There is much to prove that ‘they’ were the ‘shadowy entourage’ whom La Toya spoke of.

They would also be the ‘leeches’ who, as his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said, ‘always managed to magnetize around him’, and who she always noticed Michael being followed by which upset her.

Michael constantly told La Toya, Lisa Marie, and other loved ones for a number of years, that inevitably he would end up like Lisa Marie’s father Elvis, and if one day something happened to him that it is no accident, but it is ‘they’ who have murdered him.

The equally famous Princess Diana was a close confidant of his for almost a good decade until her death, with Michael disclosing they had a similar understanding, that ‘she felt hunted, trapped if you like, the way I do’.

Many hold the view that in the end Michael came to realize he was worth more dead than alive.

Just as he also did after his months-long trial five years ago, while renting at what was to be his final home, Michael was again taking precautions from allowing his drinks to be spiked, to the point of dangerous dehydration.

Around the time of this trial Michael said he was another ‘black luminary’ who was being falsely accused of crimes and that there was ‘a conspiracy going on as we speak’.

Michael claimed to have found some documents uncovering a conspiracy by a number of colluding attorneys to embarrass him and force him into bankruptcy.

I believe most of these attorney’s were indeed co-conspirators, with links to organized stalkers and perpetrators, and were either rogue or ‘pretend’ attorneys.

The documents could have been deliberately left for Michael’s viewing, maybe to scare him.

With his murder likely having been planned for years, and with Michael reportedly living in fear of his life for at least the last two years, he figured that once he was dead ‘they’ could somehow gain access to his money or assets.

Michael felt they were after ownership of his music publishing rights – the Northern ATV catalog, including the Beatles back catalog and his own work – which since his acquisition of them in the mid-80’s, had proven a successful and lucrative deal over the years.

Legal types recognize complexities involved with the control of the catalog, as well as as with many of the business arrangements and matters pertaining to the entertainment industry, which Michael was party to.

With the large following this world renown singer gained, from when he was only a child at Motown, then on with his astronomically successful solo career – and with his business nous – Michael became increasingly independent.

His music style consciously moved on from themes like lust, or the occult: which as Michael said in his disclaimer to Thriller he ‘in no way endorses a belief in’, being a Jehovah Witness at the time, and demonstrating an impeccably chaste lifestyle.

This multi-world record breaker soon broke through more barriers with his songwriting and music, which began to fully embody the virtues of love, peace, uniting people of all races, and charity.

Michael always expressed empathy towards underprivileged children, knowing our next generation are the key to making the world a better place.

The singer often offered his sympathy in response to victims of natural or man-made disasters’, war, social injustice, or politically based events, around the world.

Michael’s use of his status position in promoting love, peace, and bringing to the world’s attention the plight of those suffering, is well-known.

However Michael very soon would have to withstand many continuous attempts, none of them at all random or merely coincidence, over his career in spite of his large fan-base, to bring him to an early demise.

So was it race, religion, intolerance, a grudge, envy, detesting Michael’s enormous influence, an attempt to obtain his money or assets, perhaps a political assassination, or a show of power… maybe even parts of or all of the above?

We couldn’t possibly know how deep this conspiracy goes, the many layers, or how many people are involved.

There may have been a collaboration between more than one person or agencies, or body of people, with untoward interests in bringing Michael down, and maybe more than just the plundering of Michael’s fortune as a motive for his murder.

Michael increasingly spoke out or became embroiled in disputes, against certain corporations and personalities, regarding unjust practices in the music industry, and in uncovering the truth as to the enormous ‘conspiracy all around’ him.

Michael had spoken candidly in an activist-type sense in the new millennium, and probably was about to speak out again on a public platform, about some thing of which he had ‘already said too much’ about.

Perhaps after some years he became aware of something, became a major threat to ‘their’ power structure, associated with certain personalities or groups – for example with the Rev Jesse Jackson and numerous world leaders, or perhaps he was not allowed to leave, speak against, or reject some type of ‘deal’.

Then again maybe there was nothing Michael did or did not do during his career that influenced or changed this fate.

One thing we are already certain of at least, is that Michael’s murder was a well-executed and planned, highly organized crime.

The following are – by no means exhaustive – many examples of the intrusive tactics used against Michael Jackson.

The offenders would belong to at least several small gangstalking cells, who may all belong to the same large network of perpetrators.

This large network may constitute many individual groups who specialize in particular targets – one example being ‘revenge services’.

These anonymous perpetrators are working under cover behind, through, or in conjunction with, all manner of powerful front-personalities, groups, or organizations positioned across all sectors of society, in any way, shape, or form.

This is a general overview of just some of their tactics which we are aware of, through keen observation, or according to mainstream news accounts.

Looking over the big picture of this conspiracy, these extra-legal tactics and patterns of behaviors I identify as having a high resemblance to classic gangstalking methods.

Keep in mind that a target of gangstalking may be terrorized using different methods than what another target may experience, but it is basically still the same domestic persecution.

In Michael’s case, gangstalking can be attributed as having been used very publicly against him, both persistently over many years, or more recently right up to his final moments:

*Isolating Michael from any support networks, family, or friends, through disconnecting or not notifying him of phone messages, and keeping his family away;

*Mysteriously firing his loyal employees, or rehiring previously dismissed employees – with some of these characters somehow known to each other in times past – in the weeks surrounding his death;

*Assigning to him an unknown group of minders, enablers, and many in the entourage before his tour, as well as hiring his physician, through the promoter – to infiltrate his life and gain intimate access to him;

*Attempting to create psychological stressors through crowd-swarming, mobbing, blocking his way, and violating his personal space – not appearing friendly as excited appreciative fans might – and the mass media always being tipped-off in real time whenever anything of the raids or trial surfaced, to be relayed as news;

*Constantly hounding, filming, observing every move – in order to exploit any weaknesses, and following him everywhere in groups by foot or vehicle, even helicopter, likely appearing as paparazzi – leaving him with the feeling that he is under armed guard;

*Surveillance twenty four hours everyday is a given, being an essential part of most gangstalking programs – to monitor his whereabouts at all times in a temporary Los Angeles residency, chosen and rented by the promoter – where perpetrators knew exactly where he was staying;

*Creating gigantic debts, and generating financial oppression for him, through any of the numerous unfounded law-suits – then offering their ‘solutions’ to fix his problems up;

*Pressured by the grueling upcoming tour with its expensive outlay, insurance, and his liability in fulfilling, what I assume was, a contract;

*Using the ‘debts’ and bombarding him with constant threats of litigation, as their justification to harass, disrespect, victimize, use aggression, and disturb his life-style, forcing him into a type of refugee status, and to eventually draw him out of his safety zone and financially enslave him to their will;

*Imposing themselves as advisor’s, executors, administrators, business associates, bankers, deal brokers, valuators, people offering ‘assistance’ – to gain privileged information, and influence decisions such as with any estate, trust, or will, with the possibility of any of these individuals forging or declaring false amounts in documents such as appraisals, for example;

*Wresting control over his financial situation or business dealings outside of his authority, and after likely illegal financial surveillance over the course of his career – this appears to be the case here;

*Systematically subjected to stealing through extortion attempts, lawsuits and their expenses, and in all probability, deceitful or falsified accounting practices, and possible real-estate, mortgage-lender, tax, loan-interest, insurance, and other types of fraud, in a campaign to ruin him and seize his assets;

*Removing thousands of personal items and ‘irreplaceable’ memorabilia from his unresided Neverland property without permission, announcing they were to be auctioned off – and declaring the foreclosure of his ranch last year – assuredly to cause him destabilization;

*Forcing his requirement to undertake taxing rehearsals practically under duress, for an extensive residency which was totally controlled by others, and which was not of his own choice to do – having himself previously refused numerous proposals since ’05 to do another tour;

*Dishonoring or breaching legal contracts, conflicts of interest – representing him as well as the interests of a competitor, secret deals, and likely other such malpractice, which includes the overnight changing behind his back of his tour list to an astounding 50 concerts in departure from his agreement with the promoters to do only 10;

*Disrespecting his supreme decision-making authority in his personal or professional undertakings, by orchestrating overtly demanding and lengthy work schedules so he is unavailable to his family – something his children can attest to;

*Arranging for a range of strong addictive drugs to be served or offered to him even if not requested and encouraging it, while he would really prefer to keep his wits about him – in order to control, manipulate, and harm him;

*Organizing frame-ups and set-ups, involving infiltrators to place him in compromising situations – perhaps talking him into holding some ‘sleepovers’ or giving other bad advice – so it looks like it was child molestation;

*Reported planting of a wide range of drugs, to make it appear like a self-inflicted drug-overdose, as well as the opportune theft of at least two million dollars in jewels and cash at his death – with those spoils and similar other thefts of Michael’s property likely divided far and wide;

*Saturating the media with fabricated news, inserting false facts and disinformation in documentaries and movies, angled interviews, and dubious unauthorized biographies – to illustrate what they want the public to believe happened, and to deflect attention from the murderers;

*Violating personal boundaries through humiliating, abusing, and ridiculing him, and including apparent brutality and assault, during invasive physical searches or when held in custody, in an attempt to cause traumatization – the non-negotiable photography of his genitalia being part of the bogus ‘ongoing investigation’;

*International-scale public character assassination over many years, the propaganda continually repeated to the point that the tarnish on his reputation might become believable;

*Successfully creating a negative stigma surrounding his good name, while also ignoring any of his charitable works, through an ongoing media blitz, to cause him alienation and even turn the community against him;

*Cultivating an ongoing stream of false rumors, and defamation on whatever they can get to stick – such as with the allegations of serial child molestation over the last decade and a half, with the arrest, intensive trial period, ever present media frenzy, ‘testimonies’, and entrapments;

*Exaggeration of his ‘eccentricities’ and individual actions through media manipulation and critical deconstruction, and planting false stories of ‘deviant’ activity and craziness – even posthumously;

*Career sabotage is a possibility, where he believed his post-millennium album Invincible, was deliberately under-marketed in the States, in an attempt to get him to sell his music catalog and therefore usurp his power position;

*Written and verbal accounts from unnamed past ‘associates’, making unsubstantiated anonymous ‘insider’ claims – not from any reliable known sources – that he was a drug abuser, mixed drugs with alcohol, was always out of it, delusional, cutting off access to him, and was treated royally by the cops;

*Gossip tabloids establishing not long before his passing, or at least trying to get the public used to the idea, that he was doomed due to his being: addicted, sickly, infected with a ‘super-bug’, broke, grossly in debt, dying of cancer, or suicidal;

*Secret filming of confidential discussions he had with his attorney, undertaken by an informant through the use of hidden camera’s, while in transit by a private jet company;

*Bugging, wire-tapping, planting of computer-trojans, property theft, ‘intelligence’ collection, trashing, and irrelevant personal-document seizes – being highly likely as a result of any of the malicious illegal entries or official’ searches into his private Neverland residence, and other homes;

*And, the raids on his private property being timed for while he was out of the state such as when he was in Las Vegas, or when out of the country such as just after he left for Asia on the second leg of his Dangerous tour in the summer of ’93 – to leave him uneasy and vulnerable;

All the occurrences above are a small taste of the many methods of gangstalking harassment used against Michael.

Along with these there is the very high likelihood, supported with substantial scientific evidence, that gangstalking conspirators and their associates took part together in harassing and eventually killing Michael through covert means:

*Engaging the use of electronic harassment, and ‘through-wall’ non-lethal directed energy weapons, over many years, to remotely trigger health problems, continually keep him awake, or cause bodily pains;

*Pain and insomnia caused from the directed energy weapons genuinely requiring a temporary need for powerful, known to be physiologically damaging, sedative drug relief, which on their own can cause overwhelming side-effects;

*Probably had received intimidation in the form of hostile glares, implied threats, and menacing comments, to produce fear and keep him awake – a highly used psychological tactic of gangstalking perpetrators;

*And, a highly concentrated application of lethal directed energy and other type weapons, to harm him physically and fatally.

Since the Second World War there has been much secret research and development taken into war-craft which use energy, and this in turn also lead to helpful inventions, such as the microwave oven and ultrasound technologies.

Now largely declassified, yet their existence mostly rigorously denied, directed energy weapons are virtually untraceable, and even medical professionals rarely find any tangible evidence of their use against the individual target.

The target themselves may not even be aware the inexplicable illnesses come from outside of their body, the symptoms appearing naturally-occurring.

I understand this advanced warfare is found in the military and in government research or intelligence networks, and have been utilized or obtained by criminal elements, who are illegally attacking innocent civilians with it.

Some of these devices can be made at home in the garage.

I am still trying to learn about the scope of their existence, and as to the variety, type, portability, and size of such weapons.

These weapons of pain and suffering are operated completely silently and invisibly from a distance, while zeroing in on and affecting a person physically or psychologically, and triggering a myriad of health problems over a period of time.

Such health problems covertly caused from the use of directed energy weapons, and other such ‘experimental’ electromagnetic weapons and microwave radiation, can include:

Unexplained and excruciating pains, skin burns;


Prick marks in various locations;


Migraine headaches;

Dizziness or imbalance;

Exhaustion, weakness, fatigue;

Lung infections;

Health degradation, environmental illnesses, allergies;

Heating or ‘cooking’ of the body, swelling, dehydration;

Changes to the central nervous system;

Jolt a person suddenly to make them collapse;

Trigger cancers, including of the skin;

Create auto-immunity;

Noise harassment;

Painful high-pitch sounds in the inner-ear;

Induce heart palpitations, strokes, cardiac arrest, or a heart attack;

and, Cause an inability to sleep.

Obviously these directed energy weapons are the enemies of health.

Many weapons are even inevitably or intentionally fatal, some bringing about death for the target through stimulating a heart attack or cardiac arrest, from using precisely aimed radiated energy.

Michael displayed classic hallmarks of being subjected to more than one silent strike from these types of weapons, or complained of such symptoms, proving their use against him.

This included his feeling ‘hot on one side’ of his body and ‘cold on the other’, exhaustion, needle marks found on his body, dehydration, unforeseen collapses on several separate occasions, physical pains, and continually not being able to sleep.

That’s right, Michael was subjected to continued assault by directed energy weapons – which equals torture, or slow murder!

This covert method of murder is conducted by perpetrators operating the weapons, and other nefarious activities, from vans either unmarked or disguised as legitimate businesses.

They may operate from neighboring buildings, or even from the room next door, all of this ensuring there are no witnesses to its effects, and the unsuspecting majority of the public remain unaware a murder is taking place.

All this technology sounds like something from Star Trek – the likes of ray guns, x-ray vision, laser weapons, and psychic phenomena.

However similar weapons do exist, or are said to exist, are available to criminal gangstalking groups, and can really emit potentially lethal energy through solid walls!

After reading legitimate sounding testimonies from other targets’ who have suffered covert weapons assaults themselves, it is possible that Michael was subjected to a ‘beat’ noise in his head night after night in a row.

This would explain the need for him to be ‘put out’ to sleep with hospital-restricted anesthetics and other strong medications.

This stress-inducing noise harassment which only the target can hear, or even feel with vibrations or acute ear pain, a range of technologies known as ‘noise to skull’, ultrasonic pulse, infra-sound, and audible acoustic weapons, can seem far-fetched.

However consider we now have wireless internet, television, and radio devices now transmitting over thin air.

For those who are aware of these practices the crime was a thinly disguised murder.

Michael’s death was a cover-up that included the creation of several attempted false leads, such as the apparent planting, and ‘ingestion’ of numerous drugs.

The so-called many prescriptions taken under several other aliases is suspicious – in fact any drugs found there would have belonged to the perpetrators.

He had said he was against drugs, and any legal drugs requested by Michael himself during his high-profile career would have been temporary, and for legitimate physical reasons.

For example, besides any dental or cosmetic surgery, Michael had to use sedatives after his scalp was, apparently accidentally, painfully burnt during a sponsors’ commercial filmed in the mid-80’s.

Michael’s pain from the covert weapons attacks, would have also been joined with the unnerving emotional pain of having others’ actively mistreating him.

He probably also had anxiety about the ongoing orchestrated activities against him, and not knowing what will happen next – this might be known as hypervigilance.

I believe Michael did not have an addictive personality and instead believe he was strong with a sound mind, and even if he needed medication to cope, he could be forgiven it as an understandable reaction to the demoralizing situational abuse suffered.

The murderers would have been able to maximize on his alleged ‘illicit substance abuse’ by really using drugs to kill Michael, then covering it up by making it look self-inflicted.

Then there is Michael’s physician Dr Murray, an identity many would like to get to the bottom of, who was assigned to him by the concert promoter.

The doctor was likely a pawn for the real perpetrators – set up, threatened, under their control, and made to appear as if he alone had killed him.

Some early reports had stated that Murray either fell asleep or was kept tied up with a suspicious ’emergency call’ about the time that Michael was murdered, and if so, the caller surely would have been a co-conspirator.

The murder of Michael Jackson by covert weapons or drugs would have been able to take place without this allegedly legitimate doctor noticing anything and reacting in time.

Postmortem speculation situated on further considering whether Michael had died in his bed or in fact somewhere else, how many minutes or even hours had he in reality been dead for, and the length of time it took his entourage to call the authorities.

Michael’s final rental home was huge and I believe there would have been many people with access to his house, some of whom were apparently working for the star.

Many other gangstalking targets’ homes are broken into while the target is out, and drugs can be sometimes planted, but only very rarely there may be petty theft.

On the contrary, gangstalking may have been originally facilitated by criminals for the purpose of plunder, and therefore isolated people who have money or property may still be targeted for theft.

It appears that gangstalking of innocent citizens’ is state sanctioned and not acknowledged by law enforcement and government.

If the autopsy did show drugs in Michael’s system, then perhaps to ensure Michael didn’t survive to leave for his tour, the perpetrators might have slowly poisoned him over days by lacing his drinks – in combination with ongoing use of the weapons technology.

They might have in the end, held him down for a fast kill; stunned him first then injected him with poison, or force fed him a dangerous drug cocktail causing Michael a bad reaction.

However concentrated directed energy weapons technology can be used all on its own – without the perpetrator needing to enter the targets’ premises or even keep the target still – to kill a person from a distance.

There may have been cell-phone signal jamming devices in use, and they definitely would have used radio scanners to listen in to emergency calls remotely, so they can anticipate and cover their tracks.

It has been reported in the news that the security camera footage, which would have captured the activities at Michael’s house in the time leading up to his murder, went missing.

Also as reported, on the same evening as his death several staffers were fired, which raises suspicions, obviously.

There is likely no charging the gangstalking conspirators or his real killers, who will have appeared innocent to outsiders with their false public fronts, even looking like people who were employed as ‘helps’ for Michael.

I believe that instead of working in Michael’s interests, this shadowy crew were actually working against him, with their unfriendly aura, which gangstalkers show to unsettle the target.

This group, however small or large, of seemingly unrelated ‘witnesses’ to the scene would be readily available to vouch for each other with believable alibi’s.

These very witnesses I believe are really joined together, or work for the same ‘boss’ as part of this conspiracy, as part of an organized stalking group.

In Michael’s final moments it is a possibility that they finalized their strangle-hold, pooling together their best efforts to murder him.

Within the context of gangstalking, I wonder about every single person, who had access to Michael’s house around the hours of his passing – perhaps there were staff – perhaps there were others unknown.

If there were any witnesses to Michael before his death would the truth be known, or would they keep quiet, or create a diversion to cover-up their or other peoples’ roles in his murder.

I feel certain that besides Michael’s physician and children, some of the only other people inside or in the vicinity outside of his home, in the hours leading up to his death, included his killers.

They would consequently naturally appear on the bottom of the list of suspects, or because of their links to threatening gangstalking groups, they somehow are given immunity making the authorities hands’ tied.

Michael’s killers are bound to have had cooperation from some collaborating members of the authorities, the odd individual in the legal fraternity, from planted or coerced insiders, or contacts of Michael’s.

I believe his killers – or their associates – may have loitered near the scene of the crime, outside Michael’s memorial, or near his private interment, either disguised as the press, or even just as themselves.

As for the gangstalkers and the perpetrators directly contracted to kill Michael, I first of all am suspicious of members of his entourage, as well as assorted hangers-on – those who had access to but were really double-crossing him.

Next, and this may sound ironic, but my suspicions also extend to blackmail, insider tip-offs, and corruption within the authorities.

I believe the possibility that some compromised members of the city’s police department, fire department, and team of paramedics – present and surrounding Michael at the time of the ‘desperate’ attempts made to ‘resuscitate him’ – are involved in his gangstalking and even murder.

After remembering I had read target accounts a few years ago relaying claims that Californian firefighters are, almost definitely all, involved in gangstalking many innocent targets, I feel it interesting that in this case they were present at Michael’s death scene.

It is possible that over a number of years, law enforcement, emergency, and other services, in California have been infiltrated or threatened by an overwhelmingly growing entity of gangstalkers.

Some members, not all, may be blackmailed – for example threats to their family – to be involved in black operations, or are forced to provide cover and protection for perpetrators.

At the same time probably all members of the authorities are aware of gangstalking.

Some apparently genuine followers of Michael’s, who fought to see him right up to the last day of his life, witnessed members of his entourage, or the tours’ security team – whom I am most suspicious of in particular – as blocking visitors.

Those particular staff members, who I’m assuming were hired by the promoter, then began to later closely monitor any snatches of conversation they did have with a reportedly frail and distressed Michael.

Michael was alarmingly thin, they noticed, and he would get picked up from his home despite his protests and pleas, in order to force him to comply with attending rehearsals for a tour he didn’t truly consent to.

They also saw Michael would be pressured to perform through bullying by management, that they would gloss over any signs of stress, and that staff were negligent or told to ignore any signs.

It calls to reason why Michael was made to go on tour against his wishes, as witnesses state he was not in an optimum physical state at his age to do fifty tours.

Michael was forcibly placed exactly where ‘they’ wanted him.

The entourage or security staff were reported in the press as having prevented Michael’s own family members from getting past them.

Were some or all of these staff actually some of the gangstalking perpetrators, the murderers, or coerced ‘by proxy’ to be look-outs for others, and could they have been part of the entire conspiracy against Michael?

I do believe this shadowy crew were taking part, along with many others, as direct or indirect accessories in Michael’s targeting and death, something at first challenging to get your head around.

In fact it is unthinkable, when you consider the gangstalking group, and even just the murder-team, could have numbered anything, from four people to even a hundred or more.

The directed energy weapons technology can be administered remotely – from a parked vehicle, a helicopter, and even apparently from space – to be aimed at the target while they are in their own home, through using through-wall detection.

This illegal, well-organized, and financed activity of gangstalking, and covert weapons attacks, are not only happening to high-profile celebrities either, but to innocent and ordinary people from every background all over the world.

It is difficult to comprehend why perpetrators – hostile, lacking remorse, and possessing of psychopathic tendencies – would carry out gangstalking activity paid or unpaid, covertly on innocent people all over the world.

It is difficult to comprehend why they might have a ‘need’ to cut the targets’ life short.

If some perpetrators take part in this evil charade, perhaps they’ve become entrapped within some type of underworld, cult-group, or mob.

Organized gangstalking is said to be related mainly to established organized crime, yet most taking part were once normal citizen’s.

Perpetrators could have willingly signed up, or conceded to involvement in some clandestine or immoral activity.

Most recruits however, likely had been tricked into thinking they would be carrying out good work for their country, and that the target ‘deserves’ any of this out-of-proportion treatment, through lies told to them.

Some believed when being recruited into high-level operations, that they would take part in important top-secret missions as ‘spies’, while they’ve been brainwashed or as has been suggested, even hypnotized.

Then once the recruits have been threatened themselves – of being treated just like the target, or unexpectedly become involved in a murder – initially maybe assuming it was only going to involve fraud, then they may be in too deep and can never leave.

Many innocent people who are asked to help hurt a target or assist gangstalkers, are in fact innocent unsuspecting people like yourself, who are lied to about the target.

Many career criminals, perhaps drug cartels, the sadistically-inclined, and greedy blue-collar folk, are hired off the record to become gangstalking perpetrators, perhaps in return for clemency or to gain newfound fortune.

All levels of gangstalkers, informants, assault group, and their pawns – including any assassins or death squads, are almost always ‘mind-programmed’ for their highly unconscionable missions, and under the jurisdiction of some dark inaccessible overlords.

Trained perpetrators could well pose as both core or temporary staff of the target, including cable men, plumbers – or even occasionally as intimate acquaintances – and Michael always had a dynamic body of staff.

Perpetrators are planted or mixed in together amongst genuine employees and the normal public, to barely be regarded by outsiders with much suspicion.

Isolated acts are broken up and assigned to separate units of perpetrators, so the focus of bystanders will remain on those seemingly separate occurrences.

Non-targets’ most likely won’t know the targets’ gangstalking history or realize the various different activities are all related to the same group of people.

The target may believe almost everyone is out to get them, due to the sensitization causing the boundaries to be blurred between perpetrators and non-involved others, in the targets’ own mind.

Targets’ often observe perpetrators purposely wear identical clothing, often with particular words on them and accessories, to ‘condition’ the mind of the target.

In reality there weren’t many, if anyone, whom Michael could trust, and the enormous conspiracy against him involved many years of torture, by what at least appeared to be, a large number of people throughout society.

Michael was warned that ‘they build you up to tear you down’ – so I believe that this was an inside job, with some of it carried out by outsiders.

The concept of gangstalking is difficult for many non-targets to believe, fathom, or be bothered by.

It is seemingly an impossibility that there could be a number of people all in on this conspiracy, this secret, and keeping up an act.

Perpetrators seem ‘invisible’ to the unsuspecting public, but particularly so to law enforcement – through blending in, and preying on stereotypes to detract from their activity.

They may pretend to be law enforcement, whom few bystanders would question.

Yet the perpetrators are right in the forefront of the targets’ life, and mind.

Switching between harassing and ill-treating a target, and then appearing pleasant and innocent to non-targets who go past, is an illusion skilled gangstalkers get to know well.

Gangstalking is of a high occurrence in Hollywood, where many perpetrators or operatives would include the monied who would have connections to, or in fact run, secretive or criminal syndicates.

Undoubtedly there will also be the involvement of unknown actors, posing as if they come from a totally different background, in order to leave false trails by throwing suspicion onto a completely different group.

Many like myself believe that ‘they’ involves a global conspiracy whereby a powerful and influential elite ‘secret society’ whose agenda, mostly unknown by the world at large, is to create a new world order so they can gain total domination.

With their financial hold, they are able to fund and orchestrate unbelievably large-scale ambitions, and pull the strings behind the powerhouses of the world.

If a wealthy elite is able to fund gangstalking then there would be no limits to the suffering inflicted upon the target.

It is claimed that this elite uses covert practices like mind-control, subliminal messages, ‘divide and rule’, fostering wars, create crises’, influence the financial climate and legislation, carry out secret murders, and mass-deaths.

The aim of the global elite is to amalgamate and control – and in fact they may already control – most of the world’s governments, finance, science, medicine, banking institutions, military, major corporations, the entertainment industry, secret societies, space research, universities, and the media.

They apparently have high-level positions reserved deliberately for their perpetrators, in all levels of society, so they can grant, cover-up, or enforce criminal undertakings.

This secretive entity, known by many different names according to conspiracy researchers, are using evil means to fulfill an ultimately evil end.

Also, the ‘public face’ of this entity may be acting and carrying out their crimes under any variety of names or publicly well-known aliases they wish to hide behind – any legal and criminal organizations I could name here, if I wanted to.

They might be wearing any or many of their various types of masks, while they could still be the same disgusting monster, with their own true motives.

It is this entity that I believe could ultimately be behind a lot of various gangstalking programs, and which also controls the major entertainment businesses, and the many corporations Michael dealt with, most likely including the tour promoter.

It is interesting to note the coincidence that in less than 24 hours after a celebration concert was held for Michael’s solo career, the 911 tragedy occurred.

The following month Michael held another concert with other artists to aid the victims.

Many find the artwork on Michael’s Dangerous album, and the various symbols deliberately inserted in many of his music video’s – as well as many later shown at his memorial – to be very occultic in style.

There is an unsettling feeling that either sadism and satanism is involved, or that Michael ‘knew too much’ about the conspiring forces in the industry and in his life – or both.

Some believe Michael refused to partake in a ritual or broke an oath, ‘rebelling’ as far back as the 80’s, was not granted their protection, or likely was a planned ‘sacrifice’ in a ritual involving blood-letting – noting that one report, had it that a bloodied women’s shirt was apparently found in Michael’s house – so logic barely registers as a motive.

A spiritually-themed book I have just read in regards to human sacrifices notes the practice of ‘hating someone to death’, ritualistic murders to release a ‘demon of destruction’ and to psychologically empower its followers, and the use of Satanic symbolism and the mockery of Christianity.

Some believe Michael was in an abusive mind-control program since he was a child, that he was trained to become the biggest money-making name in show business for others, and that he was automatically forced against his knowledge by handlers onto such a program.

His spectacular but ill-fated tour – one that Michael’s murderers obviously knew was never going to be – complete with a ‘behind the scenes’ film for This Is It, I believe has been purposely planned to set the scene of his ‘sacrifice’.

At the same time this film is staging exactly what highlights they want the public to see, maybe some magical moments, or to show how ‘in control’ Michael was, to distract from his not having any real control at all.

There is also the factor that this block-buster film, released without Michael’s approval and which blatantly capitalizes on his tragic death, still stands to make a large profit for some individuals and corporations.

When I look at seemingly insignificant photographs of Michael in crowds, I sometimes look at the surrounding people, those who our brains are trained to ignore such as the paparazzi, and wonder if they are part of the conspiracy.

I suspect notable other associates of Michael’s, and other people who ever performed or conversed with him, have also had problems occur in their lives due to the larger conspiracy.

There is always the possibility that some of Michael’s perpetrators may be in this movie right before our eyes, but then again, they may probably be hiding in the shadows from where they came from.

At all times, increasingly so in his last days, the singer would have been intricately aware of the conspiracy and of the gangstalkers’ presence, but who else could truly understand what it is like being a target?

The many faceless stalkers, planners, informants, surveillance scouts, disinformation agents, and ultimately Michael’s murderers – would have been connected together somehow, through networking and group alliances.

It sounds like the various gangstalking groups align together as part of a larger network, and its possible that this larger ‘mother’ network in fact falls – knowingly or unknowingly – under the guidance of the ‘secret ruling elite’.

The perpetrators were working under various covers – while they were all part of the same conspiracy to bring Michael down – and this would have been none more obvious to anyone else other than the target himself.

Telling everyone the target is a child molester is historically a highly popular and effective gangstalking tactic, in terms of trying to discredit a target before the population.

This is so no one will listen to them and will refrain from supporting them – in fact slander is the very foundation of all gangtalking.

At the same time the gangstalkers are deceiving, bribing, or threatening the targets’ loved ones, peers, colleagues, or friends, to turn away from helping the target.

This will then allow the perpetrators license to relentlessly focus on and run the target out of town, out of a livelihood, or out of their mind.

This could include how La Toya felt she was forced by her former manager, to imply her brother was a child molester to the press, not long after his initial allegations first surfaced in the early 90’s.

Michael said not to believe anything if it didn’t come from him, while also knowing the press would always single him out of the population, turning anything into a scandal simply because of who he is.

The Living with Michael Jackson documentary, which Michael understandably felt betrayed by, is one example of distorted journalistic reporting.

The much anticipated show might have been a set-up, and seemed to have been intentionally edited and reconstructed, to falsely portray Michael’s life from a very suggestive sinister angle.

Perpetrators of any gangstalking program are masters of deception, and lies and stereotypes are relied upon at all stages of a targets’ harassment.

Gangstalkers punish every little ‘victory’ a target has during their tribulations.

Certain county sheriffs and prosecutors, failed to have Michael found guilty on numerous false charges of molestation over the second half of his career, with the media circus that always followed.

Joined to this was an overblown investigation by a vendetta-fueled police department, despite Michael not having been charged with any crime, in conjunction with the world’s media showing images of Michael in hand-cuffs.

It is a fact that Michael was the victim of an unfair trial, which was prejudiced on all levels, especially with his massive loss of privacy, and the pretrial-by-media.

They found neither any credible witnesses nor evidence to corroborate the false accusations so they could indict Michael.

It has been suggested that any of the children at the center of the allegations were positioned as false ‘victims’, coached into their roles, and afterwards perhaps given a type of truth serum known to produce imagined memories of being abused.

Since Michael’s passing, the alleged victims have now come out saying that they were made to lie by the adults.

One suggestion is that the adults were offered payment as part of the conspiracy in return for making these allegations against Michael.

The creation of money-making opportunities and extortion appears to be a main uniting factor for the perpetrators, and their associates, of the gangstalking.

The ’93 allegations may have even been the beginnings of Michael getting on the ‘hit list’.

The father of the first accuser and their unethical lawyer also had very strong connections to others in the entertainment industry.

The leaked phone-call at the beginning of the scandal has the father admitting to a cruel scheme, of destroying Michael with the help of others’, in a plan not of his own.

Various official outfits appear to have individuals who have been used as pawns, or harbored planted perpetrators involved in either the covering-up, compounding, or colluding, against Michael.

This includes almost total bias against Michael present in much of the main news media in the city and state, as well as pockets of bias possibly within the district attorney’s office, and the courts.

Separate gangstalking groups can join together or contact and help each other in harassing or locating the target.

I ask if it is possible that even the ‘accidental’ run-in between Michael first meeting the accusers’ family, was a scripted set-up.

Also again, when Michael was introduced years later to his other accuser, whose family had a history of store-scams and fraud.

If so, then that means Michael was possibly marked way before the nineties.

There is the question of the ‘accident’ which Michael suffered when filming the beverage commercial in ’84 and whether it was some type of ‘warning’ or ‘punishment’, particularly as the scalp is apparently one of the most painful areas to suffer a burn.

Both allegations and the trial caused Michael ‘great pain’ in his ‘heart’, and probably great fear about possibly going to jail ‘as a pedophile’.

Federal investigators, and no doubt perpetrators pretending to be, were involved in the second raid on his property which took so long to begin, as they had waited till Michael was out of town to start.

Michael’s house, bedroom, and even bedding, were ‘trashed’, as his upset employee’s would tell him on the phone – and he felt his privacy was violated in a way that ‘no person’ should have to suffer.

The nightmare of the ‘dehumanizing’ previous investigation which involved the ‘indignity’ of a full-body inspection, would not be something far from the back of Michael’s mind.

It was realized that someone was secretly filming the confidential discussions Michael and his attorney were having on the flight back to California, later to learn that the owner of that jet company was an informant.

Michael’s insurance company forced the settlement against his wishes, which the media unfortunately painted as Michael trying to prevent a criminal prosecution.

There is a very real sense that there were many different players – as part of a wider conspiracy against Michael – but this was no game.

On the internet countless other examples of disinformation planted amongst true facts, as well as obvious occurrences of gangstalking activities used against the superstar, will be easy to come across.

If you wish to research about gangstalking or directed energy weapons technology, be ware that amongst legitimate sources of information, there will also be instances of little, yet highly effective, lies inserted in some posts and sites which appear genuine.

Some websites may in fact be set up to make target’s appear paranoid, schizophrenic, or deluded – and that this all just pure craziness and is not real at all.

I am aware weapons research and development goals would be in place, however to me it seems sites make science-fiction-like claims that directed energy weaponry can do seemingly impossible things.

I am concerned some claims say that certain technology enables stalkers to see what the target is seeing through their own eyes, and I am trying to substantiate claims about chem-trails, atmospheric events, and even perpetrator influence over the weather and in causing earthquakes.

I suspect some part of these particular claims may have some truth to them, unfortunately, but in my opinion some far-out claims like reptilian races, and that Michael’s death is a hoax, I believe are just a hoax.

I believe disinformation is being produced to trivialize the very real pain inflicted upon, and to discredit the very real experiences of, truthers’, true conspiracy theorists, and targets of gangstalking and covert weapons attacks.

Disinformation and perpetrator-propaganda is something I myself, as well as any informed reader, and target’s of gangstalking, should look out for.

However I support and believe all targets’ of gangstalking and directed energy weapons technology, and I know that these crimes are all real.

One target of gangstalking has described the crime online: ‘It is, at least – psychological violence, and at the most – it is a protracted sadistic, socio-pathic domination and calculated destruction of an innocent human being, for reasons of pleasure, power, and social control – by a group of (state sponsored) predatory strangers’.

The surprise, but ongoing, campaign of humiliation and ‘lies, lies, lies’ as Michael said, to demonize him, failed to destroy his spirit and his enormous world-wide popularity and influence.

As a result, a group of conspirators expanded their gangstalking techniques to the use of covert lethal directed energy weapons, then planning to definitely put an end to Michael’s life at their appointed time.

I am in no personal doubt as a lot of other target’s are, that the internationally renown and dogged star, was in fact the world’s most famous target – and fatal victim – to the murderous perpetrators of gangstalking.

Michael succumbed to an apparent cardiac arrest as a man alone, feeling unsafe, and surrounded by dedicated demonic agents of darkness.

This icon over multiple generations placed his purpose in God, with his enormous talent, compassion, and gifting to many charities.

Michael showed an amazing endurance, meekness, peacefulness in response to his accusers, and strength, during his persecution by gangstalking.

His strength remains a beacon of inspiration, confidence, and hope, to all civilian targets’ of this criminal activity.

May his legacy continue through inspiring others to love people, the poor and oppressed, and lead others to The Lord.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009.

– Last updated on 20 December 2009


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I believe my counter may have been hacked, and my p.c. is being spied on. I am currently disabling comments here. ‘Lord we pray that your protection shall be given to all targets’ of this crime of gangstalking, and that this crime will soon be publicly exposed and condemned, and end, for we know that satan is under our feet, in Jesus’ name’. Go from here satan!

About Me:

“A.G.” (Author)I have been targeted for gangstalking, or have at least been subjected to applied gangstalking techniques and surveillance for several years. I only recognized my collection of experiences as being attributed to gangstalking after doing research a few years ago. Predatory gangstalking is a true story happening to and suffered by many innocent people around the world. Gangstalking is organized stalking by more than one person, where normal looking people ‘gang together’ against an innocent person for mutual benefit, using relentless harassment tactics. All cases of this underground crime are highly psychologically destructive for the individual target, and it is difficult to get any solid evidence. The perpetrators wish that their activities are not known by the wider public. With this insight, I believe Michael Jackson was also targeted for this covert activity, the gangstalking being just the tip of the iceberg yet also playing a central role, in the enormous, high-profile and multi-faceted campaign leveled against him. Rest in peace Michael, and all other targets’ who have been murdered. [I have referenced some interesting websites here. Image is from www.michaeljackson.com]View my complete profile

About Gangstalking

Anyone is fair game for gangstalking abuse, maybe even torture and murder through covert ‘weapons testing’. Yes including you. You may not have heard of the ‘little known’ practice of gangstalking – also known as group stalking, community stalking, hate-stalking, cause-stalking, multi-stalking, or organized stalking – until you actually google the words. But perhaps in your case, as is the case for what I estimate to be every 1 individual per population group of 1000 people, you may even be what ‘they’ refer to as a ‘targeted individual’ of gangstalking: organized stalking and harassment by more than one person.

If so, you are not alone. However one of the ongoing objectives of gangstalking is to make the target feel they are singled out, completely alone – even if they are in a crowd, and constantly vulnerable, via a systematic erosion of personal rights and a constant aggressive campaign of extreme relentless psychological pressure, in a joint effort to chip away at a targets’ well being. The goal of gangstalking is to destroy the targets’ quality of life: to control, isolate, confuse, prevent opportunities for, intimidate, traumatize, depower, and ultimately destroy a peaceful, defenseless person. The criminal gangstalkers view the individual only as a target who should not possess any human rights.

The target is forced to fight to live as normal a life as is possible during the attacks on every facet of their life, while their regular activities, work, study, finances, are destroyed. Often nobody else outside the perpetrators ring of gangstalkers and their assistants know about the complex abuse and unmerited attention being inflicted upon the individual over many days, months, and years, except the target themselves. The attacks are covertly orchestrated and made to look like every day ‘breaks’ to others, which each on their own construe nothing newsworthy, yet the seemingly trivial actions accumulated together contribute a very real and harmful pattern of deliberate crime against the target. The sheer scope of such a campaign can be staggering, and the perpetrators work to create an illusion in the targets’ mind that a large number of people are against them. There is a cold-hard method to the madness.

Gangstalkers stealthily make sure the target without a shred of doubt knows that they are being watched and harassed, on an incredibly overwhelming and expertly planned scale, but the target is left with little or no evidence to prove it. Only the target can see everything that is going on. The target has the perspective to notice the synchronization of being followed, watched, and later on harassed. An appearance of normalcy is conveyed so the target will not be believed but instead can be accused of being ‘crazy’ or delusional. Psychologically harmful tricks are employed, some of these repetitive, to cause for the target, upset and anguish, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and a loss of perspective. The level of intimidation tactics used are calculated to create discouragement and heaviness.

There are no paper-trails left behind by these ‘armies’ of perpetrators. Some believe this is the ‘perfect crime’. A number of ground level ‘soldiers’ take turns in attacking the target with psychological violence, as many isolated parts in the whole nightmare, so it would be more difficult to prove than in individual stalker cases. Targets are ridiculed and treated rudely. Not everyone in the public arena is involved in the gangstalking, but the perpetrators want the target to believe the world is against them. The target may feel unable to connect with even their own family who can’t believe or know what has been done to them. This is helped by the highly disturbing fact that there is an unspoken news and media-ban – internationally – on the subject of gangstalking, and that many targets’ claims are written off immediately as reinforced delusions of a select group of outcasts. Another concerning point is that many branches of psychiatry appear to be readily diagnosing targets’ of gangstalking with mental illness.

Stalkers work to achieve this by placing their group of hostile perpetrators territorially, around a target, whenever the target moves and is amongst uninvolved people and in normally peaceful environs. Many people can be lied to about the target or coerced into help systematically hurt them, encouraging them to deservedly treat the target disfavorably, which leaves a target with a reduced ability to trust in people. Through these endless mind-games, stress stimuli, and psychological assaults, the targeted individual is ‘sensitized’ to the point where they always feel anxiety as to when they will be attacked next, and are susceptible to seemingly normal ‘triggers’ which set off this anxiety. The effect of making the target think they are always being followed, or harassed, even when they are not, and even though not everyone they come across is involved in the gangstalking, means half of the gangstalkers work has been cut out for them.

Perpetrators try to engage their target, and grab their attention, all while not being communicable, contactable, or friendly towards them. The aim is to provide a consistently hostile environment for the target wherever they go. One way to describe it is mental slavery or mind-control, similar perhaps to brainwashing or hypnotism – as the targets’ own fear system can be tapped into and unleashed against themselves. Some of the intended outcomes include causing stress, trauma, depression, suicidal tendencies, and rage leading to a violent episode. This is called trauma-based mind control.

Some target’s have said that dangerous mind control abuse can even be extended to attempts to create ‘multiple-personalities’ or ‘alters’ in the targeted individual, due to having to live under the weight of incredible unjust pressure and hostility. The target may feel overcome by the darkness of living in an isolated world. The gangstalking in the odd case, may end after several years, but in most cases it continues for the rest of a targets’ life, where numbers of perpetrators take turns harassing the target, not at all stopping through any illnesses, and continuing up to the very hour of death for the target.

They are harassed until the perpetrators are satiated. Yet even if it does ‘end’, the stalkers try to leave the target with nothing – the target is at risk of perhaps being psychologically scarred to a degree, and the abuse used to force submission within the targets’ personality, is often easily remembered. The targets’ boundaries are violated, however covertly. The word bullying does not fully explain the experience of gangstalking to those not exposed to this type of abuse, which also tends to escalate in intensity over time. A dictatorial ‘rewards and punishments’ system may be imposed on the target for any little move they make. Only the perpetrators ever know what the ‘rules’ are. The target is outnumbered, and the perpetrators vigilantly ensure no one else witnesses them breaking any laws, or crimes are committed ‘under the radar’, so they evade detection and incrimination.

Members of gangstalking groups appearing as self appointed ‘community based policing’ groups as a cover for their real motivations, come from all walks of life, and from all age groups, and most are everyday normal looking people who try to portray a respectable even benevolent public image, yet try to stimulate a foreboding threatening atmosphere just for the target. The devil comes as an angel of light. The surrounding untargeted public does not normally notice any of the gangstalking activity happening if they are not the target themselves, and to untrained eyes it does appear that nothing very significant is happening.

The target sees every single action or tactic the perpetrators take against them, and become acutely aware when a previously friendly neighbor or colleague has become deceived by the perpetrators. Preying on common stereotypes helps the stalkers to turn others against the target. Rude treatment by them, as well as by people who are strangers, is one sign of this activity. Gangstalking is a widely used abusive regime of harassment. You may have had or are currently experiencing harassment at work or in other places you frequent, and you may identify it as workplace bullying or mobbing.

Or you might feel that there are a lot of mean people around or you have the worst luck all the time. Targets may be overtly or constantly mis-treated, cruelly abused or humiliated in front of others, and spoken to disrespectfully by those in superior positions or merely colleagues, if anybody talks to them at all. These attacks are often associated with gangstalking. While family, friends, and those who know the target well don’t usually fall for the lies, attempts are made to alienate and marginalize the target from the greater community. The goal can be not only removal from the workplace, but from the workforce for good – and is not related, wholly or at all, to the targets’ competence or performance.

The perpetrators are creating a ‘common enemy’. Gangstalking in and of itself is a wider reaching form of harassment that goes almost unbelievably further, sticking to the target like glue, following them from their place of employment or frequenting, to continue in many targets’ cases, 24 hours 7 days a week, all hours of the day and night – in their community, and with their public reputation. It comes into the targets’ home, interfering with and spying on their their finances, harassing their family, monitoring and tracking them.

Mail can be interfered with, houses compromised with bugging devices, and there is the real possibility of interception of e-mail and the immediate radio airwaves. Items can be moved around, or their belongings seem to break all the time, and there may be signs of illegal entry – but because in some cases property is not normally stolen, or the house isn’t burnt down, the target is unable to get police attention. Law enforcement would be aware of gangstalking, but they have their ‘hands tied’ automatically due to the threatening nature and sheer size of this growing crime.

Authorities as well as neighbors are either compromised or fearful of becoming targets’ themselves, and so may take part for this reason. The target may find there seems to be no assistance in the community, and this is what the stalkers want them to believe. Every intricate technique is used to ruin, provoke, bait, and break down the target, who then is further subjected to psychological destruction. The aim is to cause the target much anguish and unrest, so that they lose their naturally occurring coping ability, their will to fight, or confidence. Gangstalking is a collective hate crime based on lies, slander, sabotage, intimidation, psychological warfare, mental torture, and even electronic harassment – covertly perpetrated by teams of people – upon innocent, unassuming, and unsuspecting citizens all over the world.

Surveillance is used without any evidence of wrongdoing, on innocent people engaging in lawful activity. Perpetrators of this cancer called gangstalking network like a creeping vine throughout your country and internationally. One primary goal of gangstalking which I have been informed of, is usually to force the target to become depressed, in a hopeless situation where self doubt may multiply, and through internalizing the assaults, commit suicide with any ‘luck’. The target is to at least be rendered effectively ‘toothless’ and subdued, by being forcefully institutionalized or incarcerated, through constant attacks in order to stimulate emotional reactions to such abnormal activity.

There are reports that once this happens the target can then be further victimized. Gangstalkers want to spiritually murder the target, preferably manifesting in a murder-by-proxy. Using suicide ideation towards the target is common, even badgering the target with negative suggestions to do the deed (self-destruction is reportedly a widespread goal of this hateful crime). This is after many tactics are actively inflicted upon the target, so that it is increasingly obvious to the target that it is no mere coincidence. A target does not have to be someone ‘special’. The tip of the iceberg often initially involves the activities of, though is not limited to: personal information collection, covert stalking, psychological profiling, organized surveillance, noise harassment to cause a ‘startle-response’, sleep deprivation, and an all-time favorite: character assassination.

Further tactics include infiltrating the targets’ inner-social circle as informants and confidences, slander campaigns to make the target appear corrupt or mentally ill or ignorant, stimulus sensitization, observation, taking photographs, humiliation, car convoy’s, temporarily taking over a territory while target is mobile and acting in ‘skits’ as if they are part of a film-set, and vehicular tail-gating with full-beam lights. There can be the use of lookalikes, who when dressed similarly, can cause the target to always feel anxiety whenever anyone, whether they are a perpetrator or not, wears those same clothes. This is anchoring the pain and conditioning the targets’ mind. Directed conversations using information only known to the target may also be used to let the target know they are being listened to or watched.

Some of the most emotionally arousing tactics used against targets include: intense humiliation, social isolation, change in social status, loss of privilege, and manipulation. Gangstalking may be likened to continual mind-raping. Slander is the preparation ground. The predatory gangstalking can also lead on to all kinds of afflictions. Popular tactics and goals of this injustice include: economic hardship, financial bullying and interference, forced status of homelessness, air-stalking or the targets’ residence comes under a flight-path, intimidating them using dogs, electronic harassment, using children to add to harassment, shining lights or lasers in the targets’ windows, graffiti, libel, ‘anchoring’, ‘gas-lighting’ and other text-book tactics which seem to have been taken from ‘psychology 101’ or something. The target may find there seems to be no assistance in the community, and this is what the stalkers want them to believe.

Depending on how heavily targeted and isolated the innocent person is, perpetrators can also try holding-up the target in line or in traffic to control their time, block opportunities and potential for the target, ‘baiting’ the target to commit ‘indiscretions’, or they just plain commit crimes then blame them on the target. The tactics are only limited to the imagination and the ruthlessness of the stalker. Causing the target fear and sensitization to pain makes it easy to control them. The multiple stalkers also partake in recruiting or influencing everyone to turn against the target – including friends and relatives and coworkers and neighbors – through lies and fabrications, such as that the target ‘is under investigation for a horrible crime’.

The perpetrators want to engage cruelly with the target in any way. Tactics may even include blocking their drive-way or pathway, surrounding a mobile target or their car in a square formation, hostile skits and street-theatre, set-ups and framings, provoking reactions to gain charges while having ‘witnesses’, entrapment, bio-chemical spraying, sabotaging of electronic equipment, harassment of family and children, and even ‘ritualistic’ torture and killing of pets. Additional far-reaching tactics include sabotage of the targets’ businesses or career, vandalism or graffiti, and breaking into the targets’ home to poison their food or personal items.

The target is deviously left with little recourse to defend himself from this invisible enemy, as the gangstalkers are normally unknown to the target. Teams of gangstalking perpetrators, paid and unpaid, assigned to the target have been known to total up to 100 people or more. Often when a target moves jobs, churches, cities, or even countries, the harassment just follows them. Gangstalking can range from small and intense operations through simply following a target on foot while contacting each other through mobile phones or sign language, and even taking photographs so that new perpetrators get to know the target – without their knowledge.

Groups hold meetings focused just on the target, about what tactics they tried, and the targets’ reactions. They never tire to observe every little trivial move the target makes, so that they have ‘witnesses’ to say the target is schizophrenic or weird. Gradually the targets’ life will be invaded to the point where their right to privacy will be disallowed. Extensive forms of gangstalking or surveillance can involve the gaining and sharing of illicitly obtained personal information about a targets’ movements in real time, through various contacts strategically placed in different legit organizations. They can contact other local stalkers for dispatch in the same vicinity where the target is going to be.

The target may get familiar with the faces of some of the regular gangstalkers, however if the stalkers feel they need more anonymity or safety for themselves, they often rotate on shifts with each other, or get new faces in. The perpetrators don’t necessarily believe they are criminals, or on the other hand they may feel more powerful than legitimate law enforcement – whatever the case, they always try to avoid involving a police investigation. Some or most of these places are probably forced to cooperate with the gangstalkers.

Alternatively perpetrators or informants of gangstalkers could even be outsourced out to organizations as covert stalking services for hire, or operate as harassment clubs in their own right. Orchestrated gangstalking can be used for any number of reasons, by any group of perpetrators, but any form of gangstalking is destructive. New targets are chosen all the time, as long as its not too numerous in one area, and there may be many unaware targets out there. Especially in the early stages of a targets’ harassment their treatment often initially involves covert spying, and then graduates onto overt following of the target.

But usually the perpetrator’s activities are so obvious and bizarre, that after a brief search on the internet on subjects such as ‘bullying’ or ‘being followed’, the target should learn about this incredible dark conspiracy at work. This is a true conspiracy. It may take years of being a target until you end up learning you are a target: of either applied gangstalking techniques, or a full-fledged gangstalking program. Either way, the target ends up as a ‘mark’ on some kind of ‘black-list’, as a person ‘to be watched’. They let the target know they are being observed, but usually refuse to talk to the target.

In most cases of intense gangstalking, the multiple stalkers quietly communicate as if they are part of a ‘tag-team’, especially so that when you leave a location or your house and you are being followed, another stalker can try and break into your house professionally to bug your house or move your possessions around, to make you think you are not in control, or let you know that your life is being invaded on all levels. A target can be labeled mentally ill, forcibly placed in an institution, and have their children taken from them.

Some targets’ even report attempts are made by stunt-men perpetrators to run their vehicle off the road, or their break lines tampered with – either to maim, kill, or merely frighten the target. The main aim of discouraging the target is to create a perception that the world is against them, an illusion in their mind that there is no hope. An endless array of different tactics are customized to an individual targets’ case, but often similarly shared patterns can come to light when cross-analyzing with other targets’ experiences. In any targeted individuals case, it is often difficult to ascertain exactly who has initiated the gangstalking activity, whether it is a local club, hate group, inter-agency collaboration, the government, a corporation, or even international intelligence in some cases.

The devil uses the sins of hate, greed, unforgiveness, and so on, through using willing ‘puppets’ to carry out these crimes. As gangstalking perpetrators have likely strategically positioned their members in all key areas and halls of corridors of power, small and large, trying to pin perpetrators as belonging solely to breakaway factions originating out of legitimate organizations, as I initially thought, is irrelevant. Potentially all work environments, and communities have been, or will be, compromised and set up for mob antics. This activity is not merely put down to just ‘human nature’ but is organized.

Some of these places or organizations may be paid or forced to cooperate with, or provide cover for, large-numbered gangstalking groups, or have been threatened by them. It is hard to differentiate which members or sectors of society, organizations, authorities like law enforcement, the fire department, ambulance or emergency services, security and intelligence agencies, tax service, accommodation agencies, postal and other public services, as well as health care, medical, psychiatric, and other services have been infiltrated and corrupted – perhaps most.

Its often just as difficult to ascertain which financial services, utility workers, government agencies, companies, corporations, universities, the military, and so forth, harbor gangstalking perpetrators, or are working for a gangstalking commandeer, or have a number of perpetrators working as free-agents of gangstalking activity. One activist has strongly suggested that financial-growth minded secret societies who portray charitable fronts are behind this global gangstalking crime.

They go onto to charge that these instigators have put much effort into either setting up or purchasing certain public institutions, much of the media, and have been getting relevant laws passed throughout society. It is highly likely that separate gangstalking groups who share common purpose goals network together. Gangstalking appears to be issued from the top levels of global leadership, to local governments, and down to ordinary citizens who perpetrate at ground level. Perpetrators may appear to be good people, as legitimate officials holding positions of authority. Gangstalking appears as if it is becoming, over years of use, institutionalized within parts of society.

One idea has it that government is linked to criminal gangstalking somehow, with one suggestion being that perhaps money can easily be diverted to criminal activities that are masquerading as ‘community-based policing groups’. Then again, the wealthy – even individuals – can easily pay someone to neutralize or destroy someone who they can’t forgive, or simply someone they don’t like. Blaming innocent targets’ for heinous fabricated crimes appears to be policy, probably to divert attention, and even resources, away from targeting real criminal elements. So to find out whats happening perhaps we need to follow the money. There are always copy-cat groups or criminals out there too, whether under more older or experienced ‘guidance’, or not.

A target often knows someone is after them, but they may never know exactly who. Manipulation through psychological coercion has been coined as more effective than torture, pain, drugs, physical force, and legal threats, in getting a subject to seemingly ‘willingly’ change an attitude or be persuaded to carry out certain behaviors. Recruits may have had military or paramilitary training, some are real private investigators – or just those pretending to be who show recruits their fake, important-looking badges and top secret ‘files’, and also criminals – including foreigners’ wanted (off-the-record) for crimes in their countries, may often be hired as gangstalkers too.

We are talking about a world wide web of deceit. There is likely an ‘unholy’ alliance or collusion between several entities, all working under a large established umbrella syndicate. Gangstalking culture appears to be well-set-up and entrenched in all echelons of society anyhow, yet it is also a well-guarded ‘secret’. These cowardly gangstalking groups are basically introverted cults, and they attack ‘easy targets’ at their weakest points, even if this means also attacking vulnerable family members or companion animals. Perpetrators can make the target feel all alone in a crowd of people.

I have always ignored them, but terroristic gang stalkers want to be all you think about. They want to get into a targets’ head while they don’t have their defenses up. They wish to instill and reinforce anxiety, distress, and loss of concentration. Gangstalker tactics can also include the spread of deliberate (one exception will be accidental coming from newly informed targets’, however most information about gangstalking on the internet is now very helpful) disinformation spread on the internet in discrediting attempts, and misdirection campaigns.

Other perpetrators can imitate targets on the internet to try to make targets of gangstalking appear deranged, mentally ill, paranoid, they mock them e.g. ‘tin-foil hats’, are being humorous, unbelievable, or are religious fruitcakes, and they may also use excessive sci-fi banter, fantastical imaginings,or baseless theorism, or ramble excessively in an irrational way. In many cases targeting of the innocent is often used under the guise of community watch-dog groups – with less noble intentions than genuine neighborhood watch groups, or anti-terrorism defense strategies, and pre-empting of crime.

Many of the numerous ‘community watch-dog’ groups have in fact been hijacked by the very people they should be set up to protect civilians against, instead harboring criminal perpetrators with personal vendetta’s, prejudice, or criminal links. Groups also cloak their activities by posing as citizen’s groups, clubs, and churches. It is possible gangstalkers could impersonate, infiltrate, or take up jobs as society’s heroes: security, police, firemen, emergency services, being employed amongst other genuine good people, while also going about gangstalking innocents under cover. In effect while the perpetrators target anyone they ‘suspect has a criminal record’ gangstalking could be used as a distraction from a real criminal element. Funding for gangstalking groups and their elusive leaders, is sometimes at the targets’ expense, but is mainly well provided for by corporations and other business.

They may hire the group to destroy or neutralize ‘an enemy’ or a potential enemy, and also through ill-gotten gains like theft, drugs, or robbery. Seemingly unlimited time, manpower, and money is liberally spent towards the targeting. Gangstalking is used to paint the target in a criminal light to make it easier to coerce the community to spy on, harass, alienate and isolate the chosen target. This is achieved through the spreading of vicious rumors, with common fake allegations being that the target is a child molester – a favorite used against both women and men, a homosexual, a prostitute, drug-user, sexual deviant, a racist, an imposter at their place of worship, is mentally unstable, is a problem or threat, acts strange, or is a thief.

Craftily, the actual false accusations being perpetuated about the target, to get the public involved in straightening out the ‘deserving’ and ‘unwelcome’ individual, are often in fact the very activities or ideologies belonging to those same perpetrators, who are projecting them instead onto the target. The ‘perps’ accuse the target as being guilty of carrying out the very things they are inflicting upon the target. While nearly all are likely mind-control victims – or may be ‘mind-programmed’ – themselves, the majority of gangstalkers are knowing and intentional perpetrators of this calculating crime.

The perpetrators or instigators of gangstalking, hold something against the target, whom they wish to deny any moments of rest from the harm they inflict. There are a raft of excuses used by the group for the dishing out of this destructive treatment towards an individual, and most of them are irrational, including: revenge, jealously or insecurity, prejudice, using the target for practice or training, a target of opportunity, to use them as an example to the perpetrating members, for group empowerment, chance to engage in civil disobedience, illegal experimentation, or ‘scientific’ testing not unlike animal testing.

It may be used as a power trip, to force a target to leave an area, as entertainment or sport, for revenge-services, to ‘bond’ or help ‘team-build’ a group together, as a diversion away from their own illicit activities, and even for cultish ‘ritual sacrifice’ purposes. I have heard of one targeted female who was permanently blinded with energy weapons, who then was continually harassed until she committed suicide. Then again ‘perps’ may use the target as a scapegoat, for behavioral modification testing, to silence them from speaking out about something which opposes their system or beliefs, or as a dart board of blame for their angst.

The perpetrators have bought into the lies, and consequently harbor only ill will for the individual, particularly if the target fits into who I believe are highly targeted ‘types’ of people. I believe the majority of targets are those who are single, female, compassionate-natured, live in an apartment or alone, neighborhood minorities, strangers to an area, immigrants, people of color, ethnic people, activists, signed petitions, artists, whistle-blowers, eccentrics, and intellectuals.

Then again the targets may simply be outspoken personalities, or are individuals going through divorce proceedings, custody hearings, past or present employment or contract disputes, and skirmishes with neighbors. Gangstalking may be used to quell ‘dissent’ present in some personalities. Other targets’ are dissidents, and political opposition. There are similarities to situations involving the intimidation of witnesses and jurors. Some ’cause- stalking’ is run under the name of what many might consider a ‘just’ and noble cause, such as for animal rights, or against abortionist workers.

Gangstalking groups seem to have financial or political power to gain from their activities. Reasons for undertaking this para-military type activity against an individual does bear remarkable resemblance to the lies used by the Nazi propaganda machine, and enforced by the Gestapo, during World War Two against various groups of people.
Some of these ‘types’ included the disabled and the ill, gypsies, and minorities. The ideologies behind gangstalking activity, despite whatever superficial reasons it appears to be carried out for, including money or power, entail much deeper hatred, thus pointing strongly towards secret societies, anti-Christ groups, or extremist and supremacist groups. The legitimate organizations are merely smoke-screens to hide their real alliances.

However anybody, from any background, can for any reason at all, be targeted by gangstalkers, who can themselves be from any background, continent, creed, or socio-economic status. It appears that gangstalking of any target has to be maintained in order for their wages to be paid. There are even celebrities both living and dead, who have been or currently still are, included as targets of gangstalking, extortion, set-ups, character assassination, manipulation and control, debt creation, and paparazzi harassment. No one is untouchable.

Most targets however are normal everyday law-abiding citizens like you or I, and most don’t draw any attention to themselves whatsoever, and don’t necessarily hold any high-status positions in society, yet they are still made to be targets of this unwarranted cruelty from gangstalking. It is interesting that besides the propaganda tirade, other war-time combat tactics to disable the gangstalking target – such as spiritual demoralization on all fronts, repetitively weakening them to the point of not having the means or the will to be able to fight back.

The isolated incidents seem ‘petty’ to onlookers, but such is the nature of this crime. Other war-like strategies which appear to be used, include the dehumanizing of the victims status to that of ‘property’ or caged animals, through indirectly restricting their movements, and attempts at misappropriation of their finance or property. Besides the obvious element of surprise with gangstalking, there can be concentrated dazzling ‘blitz’-like group attacks – to cause lasting psychological trauma, and sudden ambushing.

Such tactics do echo the war against civilians that is gangstalking. Attack offensives like brain-washing, control or censorship of media, spying on communications, and the use of biological sprayings or chemical gasses, may also be copied in gangstalking. Other attacks which might inspire gangstalkers include the cutting off or reduction of supplies, the concentration camps, and the torture of prisoners’ of war. Another most compelling similarity between gangstalking a target and wartime Nazism in particular, is the persuasion techniques or simply plain threats used by the perpetrators to persuade or coerse everyday law-abiding citizen civilians into assisting the military and other authorities, in their harassment and destruction campaign against another individual.

All these combat-tactics bear a virtual resemblance to the psychological wearing down and mental entrapment of the gangstalking target. This is domestic terrorism in inner suburbia. Especially if it comes into the targets’ own private home. The target is made to become a prisoner in their own home, and in their own head. This psychological attack aims to enmesh the target within a state of control, so they are unable to see freedom, growth, or love -especially if they are deeply enmeshed in surveillance and hate. Any stories in the media involving suicides, murders, shootings, parents losing their children, accused pedophiles, and all those bad stories, the victims of these may well be individuals or families who had been targeted for stalking.

Also stemming from this significant time in recent history, is that both during and after the war, many new technologies were being developed and weapons were being researched and tested, which in fact lead to other helpful inventions, such as the microwave oven and other technologies as we know them today. Similar powers which operate through these devices today, however, have also been harnessed into directed energy and electromagnetic weapons, for physical attacks against innocent civilians, namely the many targets of gangstalking.

There are included within this range of technolgies, accoustic and infrasound noise harassment weapons. I thank The Lord that while I have very devoted gangstalkers, I am not as yet subjected to remote ‘non-lethal’ experimental weapons testing and associated electronic harassment technologies. This technology includes directed energy weapons, ultrasonic and electromagnetic pulse devices, and thru-wall technology, weapons of which many innocent targets of gangstalking unfortunately suffer and are tortured by, which contravenes the Human Rights Convention.

The total disregarding of the innocent person and a crime against humanity. Many targets have eventually been murdered from the use of such technology, which has the potential to be lethal. I am unsure as to whether information from mainstream or ‘insider’ news show actual photographs of genuine usable weapons, as the existence of directed energy weapons are largely hidden from public knowledge. Targets may also be selected to be killed through staged car ‘accidents’, orchestrated ‘home invasions’, or ‘illnesses’ caused through radiation. These weapons do not usually require close physical contact or close range, and have no need for the use of a projectile, in order to attack and even kill a target.

Because of the invisibility of such weaponry, the actual perpetrators remain faceless and untraceable, while doctors’ who can not find the cause of their death have no choice left except to put it down to natural causes, or drugs or other vices. Many people who have died due to ‘unsolved’ reasons may have in fact been murdered covertly by gangstalkers. These ‘assassins’ may or may not be known to, or may or may not be part of, the core membership of any gangstalking cell. Gangstalking tactics have been perfected over many years of despicable use as how best to destroy a persons life.

If a target attempts to take active measures against this weapons technology, or responds by acknowledging the gangstalking, it usually increases in severity. The crime of gangstalking fulfills charges of organized harassment, stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy to harm. Perpetrators of gangstalking recruit any number of other unsuspecting citizens like yourself, to ‘do good’ in assisting them in targeting a lone individual, in an overall ceaseless effort of directed psychological and even physical torture.

Perpetrators, their assistants, and innocent bystanders like yourself, are lied to about the target and whatever atrocity they’ve been falsely accused of, such is the power of suggestion. There are attempts to prevent any sources of comfort or assistance being available to the target, including discouraging or ruining romantic relationships – whether one newly forming or the target is in a current one. The attempt is to form a barrier between the community, and the target.

I know God can come against mind control (Lord in Jesus’ name, we pray you come against any mind control, that might be present and operating in or through the person reading this blog), but how easy it is for the mind to be tricked, the brain is apparently full of untapped power. The perpetrators go with whatever horrid accusations they can get to stick to the target, so they will be treated like dirt, creating harm for the targets’ psyche – maybe even turning the targets’ own mind against themselves, perhaps force a suicide. Gangstalking is pre-meditated murder.

Therefore, just having one person believing the targets’ claims, makes all the difference for them. Since only recently discovering I am a likely and unwilling appointed target of gangstalking, (possibly for the last fifteen years, and it may be even generational), I now realize my dedicated perpetrators, either at – much to my surprise, my church – in my jobs, where I get mobbed and bullied or ‘constructively dismissed’ by other colleagues out of almost every job I am hired to, or at my previous apartment, used separate and destructive tactics on me.

This has included intimidation, compromising my computer and communications, coordinated stalking, coerced isolation – by calling other people away to deal with something else if they approach me or intimidating other individuals from becoming my friend, and making me feel as if I have no integrity, or am under armed-guard or house-arrest. Gangstalking psychological assault can make a target feel they are in a virtual prison or virtual concentration camp, and for some target’s it is nothing less than a virtual torture chamber. This elaborate crime is committed as a stream of smaller crimes against the individual, and they are often of a hidden nature, so that any claims by the target may be denied or written off.

My stalkers also use sensitizing techniques, hostile glares, petty inconvenience theft, banging deliberately on my bedroom walls at night, inconvenient ‘fake’ utility work with unavoidable yet timed noise harassment, fake telephone ‘surveys’, mirroring, throwing garbage on my veranda, and spreading false rumors. Now I don’t live alone anymore, and I am very stubborn. I have gathered my composure together after the initial shock. Learning I am not alone in this, and realizing the strategies employed and its ramifications on a target, has helped me.

I refuse to leave my place of worship, it is possible they would only inform and infiltrate the next church I find anyway. However, for some targets staying in any unsafe place for long suffering perpetual abuse can prove damaging, and fleeing the persecution might turn out more favorable for a target. It pays to have family, friends, or witnesses at the new place though, although their new perpetrators will probably try to eliminate these support networks so that they may be no better off.

I realize that gangstalking is a spiritual battle for the individual’s mind. My mind is set firmly on the Lord above. Reading other targets’ testimonies, and informative sites about gangstalking on the internet, has lessened any feelings of isolation or fear if there was any. But now that I am informed, my experiences are validated, and I can anticipate tactics, I think the next step is, also, to actually – not – focus on the perpetrators. I believe, in my case at least, that an awareness yet also a balanced and ‘detached’ emotional perspective will be required.

Perpetrators don’t deserve any attention even though they try to get ours, and focusing too much on something as unlovely as gangstalking could bring discouragement. Even if it does, this feeling will always pass. One thing I found that has helped me take the focus off my gangstalkers, is through occupying my brain by studying in a completely different vocation than I’m used to, and a ‘hands-on’ physical type of manual job, at that. I did training for a career in something I wouldn’t normally attempt, as I’m used to working mainly in desk-jobs. The usual attacks were indeed present during my studies, yet because I was doing something different, it has still successfully taken my mind off my first perpetrators, and instead on to my studies.

Just recently however I’ve read a book on post-traumatic stress disorder, a large part of the reason why all types of bullying can be resultantly lethal, and it said that disassociating too much from your feelings may in fact perpetuate chronic post traumatic stress disorder memories. It suggested that any intentional (as opposed to intrusive) confrontation with traumatic feelings should be done in a therapy situation that is fully equipped to deal with and support any target of gangstalking and other mind crimes. Take as much advise as you can from reputable sites dealing with gangstalking in order to help you survive this psychological and sometimes physical community assault.

In my mind, especially with the treatment at church, I could come to absolutely no other conclusion than – that although not only Christians are gangstalked – targets’ are often chosen because they are perceived by their gangstalkers as a main threat to the teachings of, in fact the very workings of, movements who oppose the Biblical virtues of love, goodness, kindness, mercy, hope, or peace.

While satan hates everybody, including those who want to do his work, and I find it very difficult resisting the temptation to blame these entities – I believe the proactive involvement of many gangstalking groups, are anti-Christ (or are even merely pretending to be) and must harbor affiliations to satanist, sadist, extremist, supremacist, and secretive society groups. Now, since Michael’s death, I am also learning of an even larger conspiracy involving a secret society of elite who are said to practice satanism, and have global goals of oppression.

This is a popular conspiracy where some believe there is the existence of a powerful financial elite, involving international banking, and they are behind a hateful movement – which collectively some might call the ‘new world order’, or a one world order, and they are controlling the show, including the puppet governments or nations. Potentially this means some type of one world shadow government, global financial controllers, and a type of vigilante parallel (in)justice system, run by members who want to bring about a world entrenched in evil, and which may be behind the instigation of international gangstalking, global surveillance programs, and other covert warfare.

I have been able to gather my composure better having persevered through the initial shell-shock of learning I am on the receiving end of gangstalking, and I am coming to an informed revelation through ongoing research, while weeding out any possible disinformation. I am realizing that localized incidents of gangstalking are possibly just a part of a much larger puzzle, involving an evil global conspiracy much bigger than you or I could ever imagine possible. Literally it seems that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Do not be disturbed but instead be comforted and remember that no other power is more powerful than The Lord God our Savior. With Him, you are strong even when you are weak. When you are hurt, persecuted, or feel sad, and all alone, it is then that He is carrying you. You are doing well to survive this multi-faceted assault, but don’t forget that whenever you feel your own strength has run out, The Lord’s strength always takes over. Overriding surveillance is a realistic threat to everyone, and even more, is the loss of freedom and human rights. Ephesians 5:11 ‘Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them’.

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– Author, A.G.

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