Michael Jackson Was Murdered By U S Government

Since I’ve been a targeted individual I will on occasion go back and review some of the strange and mysterious things that has happen in my life.  Almost always coming to the conclusion and saying yes the government was working behind the scenes in that situation.  Having to compare it to the last eight years of me being a TI.  I know that if i was being covert harassed in the 1980’s then I’m sure Michael Jackson was to.  Michael Jackson is one of those things.  I can remember hearing on television like it was yesterday.  Their trying to kill me the Illuminati is trying to kill me.  I didn’t know much about the Illuminati then and really don’t believe in the hype today.  To me its just another name of a group of people like the bloods, crips, and the Illuminati.   My gang stalking started online with cyber stalking, on Facebook in 2011, by a group YMCMB so I thought.  I was  unaware that my head was being manipulated by technology showing me signs pointing to YMCMB.  I look into the group and thought why in the hell would these famous people want to gang stalk me.  But I kept seeing people who were affiliated with this group walking around me with their logo.  Then the cyber stalking escalated to offline stalking.  This is when I realized that this was more then just cyber stalking and being threaten to be killed.  I would have a conversation with someone on the telephone.  Later I would step outside in the yard and someone I didn’t even know would walk by with someone repeating the exact same words that I said in the house on the phone.  For sure the person I was talking to on the phone didn’t know the person either.  I had just moved into a new neighborhood.  Things I would do in the home would then be on my facebook timeline as if someone was watching me.  So I called the police and said that theirs a bug in the house or camera and someone is watching every move I make and putting it on facebook mostly family members and people connected to them.   As well as people I didn’t even know.  He thought I was crazy.  The no brainer came when a person by the name of Morginn posted something and then her sister Jamie posted something that was referencing a action taking place inside the home.  The only person that could have gotten Jamie involved in gang stalking me was Morginn.    No other person had contact with her, and remember this was at a time I did not realize my head was being manipulated by technology.  I said all this to say,  Lets look at what I have learned about the so called Illuminati, and the United States Govaminati, owners of the DEW technology.   Obviously the President is ok with it manipulating him and U.S citizens.  What I do is think of a theory, or should I say a conspiracy theory and then I figure out is it fact of fiction.  Before I start researching what others wrote about the subject.

CLAIM: MJ suffered from not being able to sleep 

Possible:  All targeted individuals know that the government technology will hinder you from sleep.  By manipulating your heart, remote neural  monitoring, and none stop V2K rambling on non stop 24/hrs a day.   The big question is why on earth would Michael feel he had to go through such drastic measures just to try and get a good nights sleep.  

  • MJ felt he had to take surgical anesthetic Propofol to get some sleep.
  • MJ sleeps in a Oxygen chamber ~ When I researched this chamber one of the things it said was that it has a vibrating effect.  Targeted Individuals know that vibrations disrupted the waves of this weapon from successfully targeting the TI.  If the information I read is correct it said that Michael started using the chamber when he got burned.  (Getting burned is another way technology tries to harm the target by making it look like a accident)  Is it possible that Michael discovered while having to receive treatment in the chamber for his burns that he discovered that it lessens the effects of the direct energy weapon so he decided to start sleeping in it.  Because the technology was hindering him from sleeping.
  • MJ slurred speech ~ Voice to skull causes the same thing, 
  • MJ is said to have delivered the final dose that killed him.  ~ Ummm hello I see this technology moving me picking up shit, body jerking and controlling me all the time.  So lets do the math, govaminati technology is known to control peoples limbs.  Trust and believe this technology has the ability to manipulate MJ mind and control his limb to deliver that final dose.

Conrad Murray fall guy for govaminati technology… They will have perps follow them giving them commands and then be sure to get them off.  This is why you don’t see perps getting arrested.   Even when the evidence is stacked against them.

Several people who worked for MJ testified that Michael had  

The symptoms documented by e-mails among show producers and testimony from his chef, hairstylist and choreographers included his inability to do standard dances (GOVAMINATI) or remember words to songs (GOVAMINATI) he sang for decades, paranoia, (GOVAMINATI) talking to himself (GOVAMINATI) and hearing voices, (GOVAMINATI) and severe weight loss, (GOVAMINATI) Czeisler said.   Technology will make you have special and unusual moves.  As well as syncing two people together in a systematic karma sutra body control seductive state.  


The best most accurate description I have found that describes what I and other TIs go through when it comes to sleeping was found on website Targeted Individual Canada

Induced Dreams – While I am still investigating about how to deal with induced dreams, you will get familiarize with the pattern. Most of the time, they will induced dreams relating to your past and will do “role-playing” acts while you are sleeping. They are reading a script patterned to the information and on-going harassment protocol they gathered. The main goal is to induced negative thoughts, the feeling of shame or guilt are the most common example. The success of induced dreams will be carry forward to targeted individual’s harassment particularly once he or she woke up. These are mostly the negativity embedded in one’s brain or mood. Hence most of the time, targeted individuals wakes up feeling sad, tired, or fatigue. Some indicated that they felt like they had a hanged over. Other will developed cold or allergies due to the lack of “real” natural sleep or rest.

Sleep Deprivations – Some targeted individuals deals with sleep deprivations with nutrients (eating bran oats) and meditations. All are effective way to induce sleeps naturally. Another way, are to not just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. If one is not in a vegetable state, get up and do something. Cleaning is a way of taking charge. Doing something to counteracts the thoughts of “you cannot sleep” or when the perpetrators are in a state of rambo or running “amok” as they continue to attack you with non-stop trash talk about non-sense. Once you done something, It will eventually tired you out that physically your body will shut down and hence will make you feel sleepy.

In the trial a professional testified that Michael needed the right amount of  REM natural sleep that can only happen when he is sleeping by his eyes doing a natural movement called rapid eye movement and according to testimony he believe MJ was not getting that.  But what if it was happening when MJ was awake.  On several occasions I have written articles and post about how my eyes and i see other peoples eyes do this wiggle wobble movement.  I believe the technology manipulated this mechanisms that is supposed to be done while sleeping and converted it while a person is awake.  Creating the zombie effect you see in people under mind control.  

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For Example Im sure you Perps that’s claiming to be TIs will recognize it.  As well as real TIs who this has happen to being under a hypnotic state. Trance and blurred vision. 

CLAIM: Michael Jackson claims the Illuminati was out to kill him. 

Possible: Members of YMCMB was my threat to kill me… The technology followed through with street theater.   People affiliate with Illuminate like Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry Jay lo and others who are all said members of the Illuminate wrote songs and made videos about my life as a targeted individual.  The only way this could have been done is these people/perps follow the left and right movements as well as hear voice to skull clearly giving them directions to target.

Michael Jackson ‘murdered by Illuminati’ who ‘framed him for abuse’, says wild theory

CLAIM: Michael Jackson claims he was framed for abuse of the boys that came forward.  Im not protecting him Im just stating facts as I see them.  Facts as a TI that nobody wants to report that TRUTH.

Possible: I have witness several people on different accounts stand before a judge and lie their asses off.  I have witness people being manipulated via voice to skull talking for them.  Manipulating their head.  On solid decisions made and then backtrack right before my eyes.  I have witness police, Judges, lawyers, words change repeatedly.  One minute they writing an email saying this and when sending that same email back to them and asking are these not your words.  The response is, that is not what I meant to say.  What the hell do you mean you wrote it.  Lets take a look at how the govaminati could successfully pull this off.  After all I see what this technology is capable of everyday through unwanted torture, body jerking, push talk and unwarranted commands.

  • Remote Neural Monitoring
  • Voice To Skull/push talk
  • Direct Energy Wepons/Microwave Weapons
  • Electronic Harassment 
  • Perps/Followers that work with this govaminati technology to manipulate can control a targets movements and thought process.  SEE ARTICLE WILL SMITH IN THE MOVE FOCUS to see how it is done on some levels.

This is a website I located once I recall the the name of the other TI website with the most accurate information I will update this article. 

Michael Jackson is known to put his emotions in his music.  I believe the TVs in the below video represents how the govaminati was watching him.  I have seen the manipulation of them having followers create commercials, music videos then the govaminati will implement them in a left and right strategies to use to try and communicate with me.  Naturally this is the steps they took early on, and has lessen but still happens daily.  Now that its been eight years of ongoing brain torture im sure the technology is more in depth with me as a target and uses voice to skull along with remote neural monitoring down to the second following along through my daily tasks, because that’s what it shows me.  Had Michael been put through these same stages they were right their as he was fading away dying.  They could have easily made sure he lived had they wanted him to.

If you a believer in the soul can not rest or a person can not truly pass on until they get justice for a punishable crime, (deep state) he will know we are now one step further. Their is no doubt that the United States government was mind controlling Michael Jackson a man of his stature and he rejected it and that don’t sit to well with these assholes.

All I want to say is them GOV HOES don’t really care about us. HMMM is their a part 2

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