Neural Weapons

Some tips for the victims:
My Internet connections such as facebook, yahoo, gmail and Skype are safe; I don’t know my passwords since I typed them with my eyes closed in the Microsoft word (Angsana New-size: 8), and whenever I access the Internet I just copy and past them with my eyes half open, so the psychopaths can’t read the passwords; The passwords look like that: Sadfstujmhtjpkfjg7
Another important recommendation is to listen to music or radio as much as possible; The psychopaths torturing me are attacking me 24 hours a day, so I listen to radio 24 hours a day; I bought some really good ear-seats and wherever I go I’m listening to radio (don’t forget to keep a battery and a ear-seat spare, since they don’t less for too long); Keep a radio near the bed during resting time, since you can choose in
which transmission your brain can focus, it helps to create interference to the RNM transmissions; Remember it’s a mind game, and you must to win.
Keep yourself surrounded by people as much as possible, your isolation strengths the psychopaths; And keep as many people as possible informed about the RNM technology and about your case as a victim.
Build your own web-site with documents that you presented to the official authorities, and don’t forget to get protocols for the documents you presented to the official authorities.
Stay away from clinics, they can’t help you in anything.
I been reading a lot of theories related to psychopaths that are seating behind RNM’s torturing and killing people, and I’m sure that this technology patent leaked from the official authorities somewhere in East Europe, some psychopaths electronics engineer’s decided to make profit by selling RNM equipment’s illegally to other psychopaths linked to terror organizations.
Try to understand in which areas of knowledge the stalkers are strong and weak; That way the authorities may be able to track them, psychopaths are egocentric and have the tendency to talk about themselves; Remember it’s a mind game and for sure your mind is way stronger than the mind of a psychopath.
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Be Strong and Take Good Good Care,
Gino Barcal