Neural Weapons

UN Security Council and Counter Terrorism Committee.
Gino Barcal
Fone: (972) 54-903-7576
POBox: 2318 Zip Code: 8812201
Tel Aviv, July 18 2021.
To the Executive Director of the UN Counter-Terrorism, Mrs. Michèle Coninsx.
I would like to request your attention and help in this case of extreme urgency.
I am under torture and under attempt of assassination through a Remote Neural Monitoring System (RNM) since 1998, and since January 2012 they are torturing me 24 hours a day.
The gang of psychopaths that are torturing me and trying to kill me identified themselves as: Ariel”a” Zugman (nazi travesty and private prostitute of Mohsen Rabbani) and Ana Chapaval Zugman, they are the assassins of Mr. Alberto Nisman ( ז”ל), Curitiba-Brazil residents.
They are controlling a clandestine Remote Neural Monitoring Station for Mohsen Rabbani (Iranian Pederast) in Curitiba-Brazil, and they are torturing and assassinating people.
When Mohsen Rabbani discovered that the CIA was after him in Brazil, he left Brazil and abandoned the RNM and the psychopath’s Ariel”a” Zugman and Ana Chapaval Zugman in Curitiba-Brazil without any assistance.
Cia Agents were syntonized by Mohsen Rabbani’s group in Brazil.
Ariel”a” and Ana Zugman are pedophiles, and Ariel”a” (the nazi travesty) presents himself through the RNM as a pederast travesty that used to be a prostitute travesty in the streets of Curitiba, suffers from social rejection and is obsessed with male attention.
They syntonized the brains of pregnant women and the fetus in the womb of the mother, and they are torturing their victims till death.
I’m trying to survive and to obtain as much information as possible from the psychopaths that are torturing me; While governments stay silent, the psychopath’s Zugman’s (Ariel”a” and Ana), are syntonizing new victims; Among the victims many kids are suffering and dying from such attack!!!!!
The psychopaths Ariel”a” and Ana are pedophiles and they syntonized many kids in the Jewish Community also.
The pictures of the psychopaths and this horrible story should be released to the media immediately!!!
 The theories of the governments involved in this case are generating a new holocaust, and they are not protecting the interests of the humanity.
 The best defense is the attack through the media.
 Terror Organizations are already using the RNM technology, and the human society should be informed about this type of crime, that reached the proportions of a new holocaust, and receive confirmation from their governments about the thousands of victims that are suffering and dying from attacks of psychopaths using RNM’s.
 We have thousands of victims all over the world that are dying from such attack, and they are not receiving support from their governments.
 This case should be at the United Nations top subjects for discussion, since it is the first gang of psychopaths revealed, and still haven’t been caught by the Brazilian local authorities; And the world should understand the importance of fighting Remote Neural Stalking Gangs.
 They are torturing me remotely with a direct attack to my digestion system by locking my intestine and destroying my liver and kidneys, invading through the RNM system every thought and memory that pass through my brain with abusive and promiscuous commentaries and motivation to suicide; It’s a psychological torture during day and night (24 hours a day).
 The concerns and the risks caused by this system of torture and assassination are pointed by agencies of human rights in the whole world as one of the worst violations.
 Gino Barcal

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