Reflected Experience

Hi All

I have been gang stalked and technology abused for the last 2 years, through frequencies, projected audio into my house and organised gang stalking.

Over the short duration, I have reflected and noticed some patterns of behavior, that are eerily similar to what others have experienced before and websites have listed. I believe that my stalker has previously done this to someone else before or has received advice from someone on what to do as the patterns are too perfect. It’s almost scripted, like a generalized plan.

I will list my experiences and research with you, hopefully it will help someone in the future.


Frequencies: coming into the house: I felt anxiety or stress at times for no reason, felt cold – light shivers and heat sensations, pressure in the ears, pressure from behind the head or jolts of shock from a sudden wave of sensation.

This can be caused by ultrasonic frequencies and is the most common frequency readily available in products. E.g. – Phasor Pain Field Generators. Ultrasonic frequencies don’t tend to penetrate metal, walls and etc. But I have seen people say it depends on the decibels (sound pressure of the item). (The smaller ones are great for gang stalkers).

Projected audio into my house: I hear projected human voices in my house. They will often mock to discourage, insult, harass, lie and generally attempt to leave you hopeless. The aim is to receive your attention – pay them no notice or speak back. Do not acknowledge them in any shape or form and you will notice it will decrease over a short period before they try again.

Voice to skull: You will suddenly feel a pressure or a strong impulse to sing, comment or think about something. You cannot actually hear the words but still the words feel forced onto you. Low frequency or infra-sound projected audio can cause this. Both methods are often used together, E.g you hear the human voice say one lyric to get your attention then suddenly the low frequency/infra-sound follows suit and it feels forced.

“A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.” Lens –

Long throw-planar magnetic speakers, hailing systems (microphones/ MP3 players can be plugged in and projected sound long distances) or megaphones (microphones/ MP3 players can be plugged in and projected sound long distances. The sound is adjustable and they can come in low frequency capacity). Remember it’s about frequency and sound pressure. You could probably project frequencies as well.

Possible tactic:

“There is a post in New York Times calling Gang Stalking and Electronic harassment as paranoia.

And all this while they have been using VLF Radio Receivers and VLF Transmitters as electronic harassment devices.

And targeted individuals do look paranoid because they talk about satellite and super computer.

It is VLF Radio Receiver used from their neighborhood that is doing the trick. One can listen to even a pin drop in your house from hour neighborhood using a cheap VLF Radio Receiver under 1 KHz range, also known as Natural Radios and people are convinced that these devices are used to listen to earth sounds. They are used for spying on targeted persons.

VLF transmitters on the other hand look more like a small hand-held mike and are used to shout threatening commentary throughout the day on targeted individual. Since the sound gets reflected and seems to be coming of surfaces and walls, the person looks paranoid.

As to why other people are not able to listen to these voices, Voice to skull etc, because targeted person is sensitized through weeks of torture. Other people tend to ignore all these ambient noises in environment.

Best technique would be to use VLF blocking materials on the walls. There are metal sheets that can be applied to walls that can reduce VLF radio waves.

Most common VLF radio receivers used for the purpose of listening for the purpose of spying are WR-3 and Explorer E-202. They can be used to listen to a person from the apartment right below in apartment buildings.”

Gang stalking: They will use certain phrases – over and over again, so you will become hyper aware of your surroundings. So you will notice them and become paranoid of others around you at the same time. E.g. If someone unrelated happens to use the same phrase, you will think they are working with them and thus you become paranoid of everyone. This only works to benefit them as it stresses you out. They might copy your discourse. Gang stalking is sometimes about profiling and training they’re target.

They will sometimes create silly or almost scripted events. E.g. Your sitting at the bus stop alone and suddenly a girl with an mobile phone sits down besides you. Then she starts to talk about how she was abused and smiles happily describing the story, like it was her birthday.

Gang stalkers will use props E.g. mobile phones, over used or almost flamboy gestures. (Remember try not to become hyper sensitive to the environment around you as you might become somewhat paranoid as an result).

Information in “” quoted from Eric Karlstrom –

“Organized Gang Stalking, also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Vigilante Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, Community-Based Harassment, and Covert War, are essentially harassment and discrediting campaigns waged against a targeted individual. Citizens and neighbors are recruited to participate, often from extremist groups and cults, but also from among employees. Coordinated psychological warfare attacks, consisting of stalkings, noise campaigns, sensitizing and the spreading of lies and rumors, are executed in an effort to virtually neutralize and destroy the victim. Using people from all backgrounds and vocations to harass, track 24/7, sometimes organizing lethal vehicle accidents, poisonings, electronic harassment, home invasions/property destruction, corrupt or ignorant doctor diagnosis given to stamp the victim as bogus mentally ill with delusions, paranoid, or schizophrenia, etc. Everything is done covertly and with a sophisticated real time dispatching system to organize the criminals’ harassments and attacks, often in the hundreds to thousands of criminals participating as a coordinated mob at any given time while the criminals do their normal routines of work, shopping, commuting to and from work, leisure, etc., using the method of moving foot and vehicular surveillance techniques, and computers, cell phones, verbal and visual cues, and every other conceivable type of communication.

Often, the local network of this mob is connected to a national and international network. When the target travels, the local network will follow the target to the next city or town when the target arrives there, the networking that location will Stalk follow and Harass the target in that city or town. Organized Gang Stalking, also known as organized stalking, community harassment, community stalking, is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Using occupational health and safety laws, warning markers can be added to a targets file. Once a target is flagged, a notification is sent out, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in. A covert investigation might be opened, and electronic means used by the civilian spies as part of the covert monitoring and surveillance process. The citizen informants can be parts of these community-oriented programs, but are often just average citizens.

Everyone in the targets life is contacted, advised as to why the individual has been listed or flagged, advised not to discuss the notification, and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic harassment) process. This process is covertly designed to destroy the target over time, leaving them with no form of support. Since most civil workers are aware of this notification system, it means that targets reporting incidents of being followed around by various strangers should not have been unfamiliar to the police, and other agencies that targets reported their harassment to. In most cities, this notification is well known, and used by many workers and employers. Yet Targeted Individuals have had to have mental health evaluations for making complaints about this structure, and the harassment that comes with it. Organized Gang Stalking is experienced by the Targeted Individual as psychological attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying them over time. The covert methods used to harass, persecute, and falsely defame the targets often leave no evidence to incriminate the civilian spies. It’s similar to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It’s called Organized Gang Stalking, because organized groups or community members stalk and monitor the targets 24/7. See Gang Stalking Organized Stalking.”

What is the Goal of Organising Stalking:

“The expressed goal of Organized Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victim’s reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse. To cause the target to appear mentally unstable is one, and this is achieved through a carefully detailed assault using advanced psychological harassment techniques, and a variety of other tactics that are the usual protocol for gang stalking, such as street theater, mobbing, pervasive petty disrespecting. Organized Gang Stalking is also used to gather information on individuals as well as force individuals to move or leave an area.

Do the Stalkers ever question or check to see if a targeted victim is indeed guilty of a crime? No. There is an “assumption of guilt” among the stalkers. Also, remember that many stalkers are paid for their harassment, so these individuals are not concerned with the innocence or guilt of a victim. Assuming a victim knows the group that is behind their stalking, should they attempt to openly communicate with them? Absolutely Not! For one, the stalkers automatically assume the victim is guilty of an atrocity and thus “deserves” the treatment. Second, many stalkers actually want the victim to engage them in some fashion. In these instances the interaction will be recorded and used as evidence against the victim, especially in attempts to suggest the victim is mentally unstable. If a charitable and respectable society practices Organized Gang Stalking on the side, should we assume the victims deserve such treatment? Absolutely not! When people take the law into their own hands, any notion of “law” is destroyed altogether. I should emphasize that the majority of Organized Gang Stalking victims are completely innocent of any crimes. Any group that performs Organized Gang Stalking is not positive in nature, nor beneficial to society, despite any charitable works they may perform. Likewise, such societies only remain “respectable” because any and all evidence of “wrong doing” is conveniently destroyed or eliminated.”

Why do people join the stalkers:

“Some stalkers are told lies, either positive or negative in nature, in order to gain their participation. Some stalkers are paid or receive other benefits. Stalkers belonging to an organization may simply be following orders. Some stalkers may use their participation in order to repay a past favor. Racism, Prejudice, Homophobia, or otherwise Hatred of a victim. Peer Pressure/ Need to Fit In Former stalkers have stated they participated out of fear of becoming the next target should they go against the group. Entertainment Value/Thrill of Participation in an Illegal activity. Some stalkers mistakenly believe it is their civil duty.”

Archoring: Gang stalkers will use archoring to make they’re target become obbessive over a certain fact or story. E.g. They will lie about why your being harassed such as you have the volume up too high on the tv set or your lights are too bright. You will naturally attempted to fix this problem but no solution will assist. In reality they are messing with you, so you seem paranoid to everyone around you and force you to relocate as they wanted.

“Anchoring is a technique employed by stalkers to implant a false motivation or reason behind the stalking, preventing the victim from discovering the truth. In more sinister examples, Anchoring involves the implantation of evidence to persuade the victim some other group or organization is responsible for the abuse. Anchoring

In Organized Gang Stalking, Anchoring is used to make the target have fear with things happening in your daily life that’s considered to be normal. That can be done with frequent demonstrations. The key is the frequency just like other Organized Gang Stalking methods. For example, People show you a pen every where you go, and their attitude is rude or crazy against you. You don’t know them. You just wonder what’s going on. Imagine that happens everyday, for a week, for a month, for a year, then, that makes you have fear with a pen. In this case, a pen is ANCHORED with your state of fear. It can be anything. An open car door or trunk, a pencil, a cell phone, notebook computer, a medical mask, clothes of the same color, anything. Every time I go somewhere during the day, an anchoring threat is made by car or truck with a door(s) or trunk open and no one in it sitting in someone’s driveway along my route. This is a sign to get out!”

The Baiting:

“The term Baiting is a stalking tactic used to lure a victim into environments, or situations, which cause further problems to the victim. Often Baiting involves tricking a victim into committing a crime or unknowingly engaging in an illegal activity. To lure into dangerous, difficult, or a compromising situations. Members of these Organized Stalking and Harassment groups will try to lure targets into various situations for the sole purpose of setting them up. Setting up targets could involve getting them arrested, institutionalized, set up on fake sexual harassment charges, drug charges, illegal pornographic materials, etc. Once this happens, it puts targets at risk for entrapment into becoming members themselves”.

Colour Harassment:

“Color Harassment is literally the use of color to harass a victim. Usually, monochromatic color schemes are used, though this choice is pretty much up to the stalkers. An example of Color Harassment would be a line of stalkers, in red shirts, circling a victim. Color Harassment is often combined with other stalking tactics”


When the target is in public, members of these Organized Gang Stalking groups will usually try to box the target in. Eg: They will surround the target in a square like formation if possible. They will stand too close to the target, or swarm them. QUOTE “We experienced being mobbed by vehicles from CT NY and NJ at the beginning of our trip. Some of the gangs talkers were couples with their children along! Some smirked at us and showed weapons to us through their windows, though none actually fired upon us”


Cyber Stalking or Cyber Harassment is a related group of harassing behavior occurring via internet/online. Cyber Stalking includes, but is not limited to; Computer Hacking, “Trolling”, Spamming (Often including “Porn Deluges”, Verbal Assaults, Character Assassination, and Impersonations of the victim. Online harassment is a plank of the harassment protocol. If you have a website devoted to Organized Stalking you may have people emailing you to flame you, or claiming that they are victims & asking for support with the intention of discrediting you. You may receive unsolicited email that parallels a current event in your life. Again, surveillance is used primarily for harassment. Or you may receive covert insults & threats. If you join a support group, you may also receive harassment via threads posted on message boards. Like other mediums of harassment, the topics of these threads may be about events that are unfolding in your personal life, as well as threats or insults covertly directed at you. This will probably happen repeatedly by the same person or people. They may also employ some Gaslighting, or Jacketing tactics. Jacketing was often used during Cointelpro to make genuine activists look like informants. Some internet groups which help stalking victims are heavily populated with perpetrators posing as victims. Some of these perpetrators seem to be very vocal & popular members of these support groups.”

Directed Conversations:

“Directed Conversation is a term referring to a stalking tactic using stranger’s conversation to both intimidate and to convey to the victim that they are under surveillance. During Directed Conversation, two or more stalkers will approach near to the target and engage in “normal” conversation with one another. The conversation is purposefully made at a level so that the victim can adequately hear what is being said. During Directed Conversation, personal information concerning the victim is inserted into the speech and emphasized by the stalkers in a fashion that most non-victims would not be able to discern as harassment. The purpose of Directed Conversation is to harass a victim, as well as make the victim appear mentally unstable should they attempt to complain about such abuse. These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in public relating to the target and their personal situations. Eg. They will repeat things a target said in their home, or on the phone. They will drop very personal details into the conversation, that could only be related to the target. Eg. Member #1. “It’s a shame Uncle Ed won’t be able to come.” Member #2. “Yeah, since he died golfing on Saturday.” The target will just have learned of a death of a favored uncle, (possibly named Ed.) while out golfing.”

Electrical Harassment:

“Electronic Harassment is the use of technological devices to spy on or cause harm to targeted victims. For example, exposure to a high magnetic field has been shown to induce hallucinations in humans while exposure to intense microwave radiation induces psychotic episodes and causes brain damage. A frequent form of Electronic Harassment involves beaming a low frequency “hum” or “tone” into a victim’s home or general area. Over time, the exposure causes the victim to lose sleep, become agitated, and suffer the effects of prolonged stress. Such tactics are also being used in cases of hostage situations as well as covert government operations. Electromagnetic weapons and frequencies will be used on a target on their homes. The purpose of using the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) on targets and their belongings are multifaceted. Electronic frequencies can destroy electronic equipment. Electronic frequencies can be used for monitoring and tracking inside the home, and at work. It can also be used for purposes of sleep disturbance. When those conducting these covert investigations feel that they have psychologically destroyed the target to where they are near breakdown they will start to use these weapons. They will also use these weapons if targets are not going along with their harassment protocol.

Electronic Harassment (… Michigan Legislature Acknowledges the Existence of “Harmful Electro-Magnetic Devices””


It has been indicated that targets will have warning ‘markers placed against their files. The information is then shared with relatives, store keepers, friends, and the community at large. The files are usually not left behind, but they are used to prejudice and slander individuals against the target. These files can be used to engender the cooporation of friends and associates of the targets. The files might have a picture of the target, and information about some alleged crime, incidents that the target has been flagged for, or is under investigation for. The information is usually very convincing and helps to further get targets harassed by those around them.”

Gas lighting:

“Gas Lighting is a psychological technique used my members of these groups. The purpose of Gas Lighting is to make a victim question his or her sanity. Doing little things to try to make the target think that they are going crazy. Gas Lighting simply is trying to convince someone that they are crazy or “imagining things.” Example; If you mention Organized Gang Stalking to someone who knows about it and they tell you you’re crazy or paranoid they ARE Gas Lighting you. The term Gas-Lighting originates from the 1944 film “Gaslight.” In the movie, the character of Gregory Anton, played by actor Charles Boyer, attempts to drive the character Pauline, played by actress Ingrid Bergman, insane. The phrase Gas-Lighting has come to mean similar actions and behavior, as used in the film, against a victim. 1944 Gaslight staring Ingrid Bergman…”


“Hand Gestures such as intentionally touching hand to face or bringing fist or hand to face while around person being targeted Arm Gestures members of these Organized Stalking and Harassment groups repeatedly driving by a person who is being targeted or their home holding their arms out of their vehicle windows usually in an unnatural position. It is a known fact that these individuals involved in Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment are also involved in Illegal Criminal Racketeering Operations with use of Remote Neural Monitoring, where these criminal individuals are profiting off of individuals involving masturbation, in some cases. These Arm gestures are being done to the victims as a degenerate NLP subliminal sexual symbolic masturbation trigger, we already know that individuals involved in this crime and cults are obsessed with symbols and numbers. Individuals who are victims of Organized Gang Stalking Technological Harassment and Human Trafficking and Racketeering, are being daily subjected to these intentional bizarre Harassment Arm gestures, being used as a subliminal persuasion sexual gesture by these degenerate, deranged cult members who are, if not directly involved in the Human Trafficking Operations, are being used as cheerleaders for those involved in or operating Human Trafficking and Racketeering Operations by use of Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology.”


“Mimicry or mirroring is a specialized form of harassment in which the stalkers publicly imitate every movement made by the victim. This is trying to copy things in a targets life. Leaving when they do. Dressing like they dress. Throwing out the garbage. Going to the bathroom. Doing whatever the target is doing. This is all designed to be psychological warfare, so that the target again feels like they are under observation at all times.”


“Mobbing is a term that describes “Group Bullying”. Of itself, Mobbing is not equated with Gang Stalking. However, Mobbing may be a tactic used by the perpetrators of Gang Stalking. Mobbing”

Noise Harassment:

“A Noise Harassment Campaign is an orchestrated effort to produce stress in a victim through prolonged exposure to significant noise levels. A Noise Campaign can range from multiple neighbors routinely playing loud music, individual stalkers with air-horns or fireworks, or organized “repair work” that involves a high level of noise. This will include anything from Loud vehicles, Loud mufflers, doors slamming above you and below you. Garbage disposal slamming doors, Hammering intentionally slamming car doors loudly, loud stereos, stomping, at specific times, loud coughing, pots slamming, water running, cupboard doors being slammed, fridge motor running all night, power tools, etc.”


“Sensitization is a psychological term referring to the forced association between a stimuli and a corresponding reaction. Members of these groups use Sensitization to psychologically abuse a victim. For example, if a stalker constantly harasses a victim while wearing a blue baseball cap, then over time the victim will begin to believe anyone wearing a blue baseball cap is a stalker and is coming to harass. Sensitization is getting targets sensitive to an everyday stimuli. Eg. Colors, patterns or everyday actions. Eg. Red, stripes, pens, whistles, loud coughing, clapping, waves, keys jingling. Eg. Joe will be mobbed at work and as part of that daily mobbing his coworkers will loudly cough at him every time they harass him by calling him names like loser, worthless, lame, demented. They will slander him and have others as they are slandering him show disgust by glaring and coughing at him. Out in public they will follow him loudly and obnoxiously coughing at him. When he goes to stores they will get others to do the same. After months or years of this, Joe has become sensitive to this stimuli and it can be used to harass him without the names and the glaring looks. The association has been formed because of all the other harassment. Eg. A girl is sexually assaulted and a sock is shoved in her mouth during the assault. To keep her quite or stop her from pressing charges, the assailant, his friends and family will follow her around and throw socks in her path, mention it everywhere she goes and show her their socks every chance they get. She will get the message they are sending. Because of the brutal attack, she and what’s happened after she is now sensitized. Sensitization undoubtedly creates an extreme level of fear in a victim, in direct fulfillment of the intentions of the stalkers. Sensitization”

Street Theatre:

“Street Theater is a term used to describe the odd-actions and behaviors that stalkers sometimes neighbors do in public, in an attempt to rile the victim. Such behavior often borders on the extremely bizarre and is aimed at a blurring of the boundaries between reality and fantasy in the minds of the victims. This is running into people that are acting very unusual, or people that are putting on a show or production, known as street theater. Eg. This could be as minor as public rudeness, or people acting out a harassment skit. There will usually be someone nearby to see how you react to it. This is again looking for weakness or reactions. If you show an adverse reaction, they will try to embellish on this and use it against you later on. Street Theater is Harassment skits done by strangers and neighbors who have been ‘recruited’ into these Stalking and Harassment groups. Examples of Street Theater: Baiting, Brighting, Color Harassment, Convoys, Directed Conversation, Ghosting, Mimicry, Noise Campaigns, etc.”

Gang Stalker Signal Signs:

“1. Watch out! Subject is coming – touch nose with hand or handkerchief

2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking – stroke hair with hand, or raise hat briefly

3. Subject standing still – lay one hand against back, or on stomach

4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover threatened – bend and retie shoelaces

5. Subject returning – both hands against back, or on stomach

6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing Agents – take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents”


“They will go behind the targets back and tell lies about them. Often the lies will consist of the target being into something illegal, or is someone dangerous, or just needs to be watched for some vague reason. Eg. Then they will say the target is a prostitute, drug dealer, crazy, terrorist, racist, pedophile, etc”

Sleep Deprived:

“Noise Harassment Campaigns Depriving the target of sleep is a really good way of leaving the target stressed out. It’s also a way of leaving them disoriented and functioning at less than 100%. Then the targets can be baited into reacting in public, or getting into a car accident”

Customer Stalking:

“Consumer Stalking is harassment and abuse directed at a consumer who has either filed a complaint against a company, filed a lawsuit against a company, or who is made aware of illegal activity occurring within a company. Often companies will fund stalkers simply in an attempt to prevent the victim from filing a lawsuit, via using fear and intimidation tactics. Consumer Stalking can also be used to describe certain illegal activities of debt collectors.”


“For this harassment to be successful, it’s important to be able to isolate the target from friends, family members, co-workers and even spouses if they are not already involved in the harassment. To accomplish this isolation many methods are used included, but not limited to: slander, lies, fake files, sabotage, anything that will get the target into a situation where they have no support system. This is important for them to succeed.”


“Targets will be observed and profiled long before they ever become aware that they are targeted by this sort of harassment. Profiles will be created on targets by: Following them. Following people close to them. Breaking into their homes and going through their stuff. Listening to their calls. Hacking into their computers. Gathering information from friends, and family. Seeing where they like to shop and eat. What are their weaknesses? What things do they like and dislike? What are their weaknesses? What things do they like and dislike? What can you bribe them with? What can you blackmail them with? How can you bully them? How can they best be controlled? This will all be used to put together a profile of the target and then to get them into situations for their detriment.”

Gang Stalkers foot tactic:

“Following the target everywhere they go. Gathering information about the target. Where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street. Following the target. Mobbing or crowding the target in public restaurants or stores. Having Directed Conversations about the target. Standing close to the target. Engaging the target in trivial conversations. Intentionally Coughing at the target. Repeatedly clearing throat. Using Gestures around the target. Intentional staring, glaring, pointing, or whispering at the target. Jangling keys, jangling change. Getting a target sensitized to sounds, colors, patterns, actions. Eg. Red, white, yellow, stripes, clicking pens, foot tapping. Noise Harassment and mimicking campaigns. Disrupting the targets life and sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc. Talking in public about private things in the targets life. Mimicking actions of the target. Basically letting the target know that they are in the targets life. Daily interferences, nothing that would be too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time. Mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets. These strangers might get text messaged to be at a specific time and place, and perform a specific action. If might seem harmless to these strangers, but it could be causing great psychological trauma for the target. Eg. Blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit an angry response from targets. Etc.” Eric Karlstrom ends here.

Hearing voices in your car: Again projected speakers made for long distances could achieve this or even a CB radio, powered by a amplifier and a strong/tall tv antenna could do this. (Even if the speaker is off). The strong signal causes the inside to bounce and force the sound out.

Being listened too: Gang stalkers know what your thinking in real time or somehow speak about something very specific to you? Most likely either a bug transmitter, low frequency shotgun or parabolic dish. I recommend a ultrasonic jammer, playing something really annoying or “A Sonic cannon. Ultrasound travels in a focused beam. Two HF speakers, with 10kHz difference in frequency, when the two meet something solid, will cause vibrations at each frequency, the difference frequency and the sum of the frequencies, so will smother the microphone with 10kHz sound”

A microphone like this, would most likely be instrumental than standard audio.

How to annoy gang stalkers: Portable Phasor Pain Field Generators, bad skunk smells, high pitch phone noises – be creative if you like but nothing illegal.

Tips: If you think you can record the voices: Set up the microphone, have a camera watching it or use a camera (visual evidence will be needed too), post an add on upwork so someone can clean up your audio, if enough evidence is found, submit the audio to an cerficated transcripter, receive written evidence and submit both to police.

– Take up a musical instrument, you just love to play that badly toned flute on the weekends.

– Start posting up fake cameras around your property, especially facing theirs. They cannot do a thing, it’s fake right? Or are they….

– You just love to stare into their house on occassion for fun…just simply stand there and stare in! You are now more creepy than them

– Have a creepy dark life-sized card board cut out and face it towards their window. It could be a tall dark mysteries man looking at them or the slender man…behind those curtains….who knows? Maybe place a light behind it for added effect

– Paint your house or side of the house – A really ugly colour, now they have to stare at that on a daily basis

– Start feeding the local noisy wild life – You are now pigeon man!

– Get some skank oil, dipped a cotton wool bud into it then start flipping onto their roof. They see nothing but smell everything.

– Start pasting those little camera security signs all over your home and the dangerous dog ones as well. Your now a risk. Where are the cameras hidden…place one or two in view but the rest are hidden! Make them paranoid.

– See if they have unsecured bluetooth devices, connect onto them and start playing low scary ghost sounds during the night….

– Think someone is spying on you? Well get yourself a portable speaker and play it where ever you want. Play porn sounds (they might as well, have a good time too). Or play something really disturbing – Might as well as scar them for life.

– Scacred someone might sneak behind the back?

Get that dry purple stuff or purple fire & Release the

Purple Rain Instant Stain power – Great for walking pathways. No one catches you off guard!

-Buy a strong laser and burn your name on their grass or house!

Interesting Bits:

“Anonymous said… – Down in the comments

I have in the Electronic field for around 25 years.

Worked in everything from 2-Way radio to appliances to Computers. This problem may be caused by certain people tinkering with modified Microwave ovens. The typical household microwave oven operates at 2.45 Ghz using a tube called a Magnetron. A magnetron tube could be used as a weapon to cause symptoms or damage reported by victims on websites like this one.

In my experience a magnetron is nothing more than a simple transmitter the puts out 1000 watts at 2.45 Ghz with a simple Waveguide and a Horn you could probly light up your neighbors flouresent lights in their house causing them to really freak out. Engineers that work at local TV and Radio stations know of this and have known of this technology for 30 some years. The Magnetron is nothing new however the way people use the technology is new.

Who would ever think about using a big transmitter to cause harm to people–Black ops???

Back in 95 a buddy and i were playing with a CB radio with a RF amplifier that took the typical 5 watts out and made it 150 watts–When we would talk on it (Transmit) at a red light ,9 times out of ten the blinkers on the car in front of us would blink strange or their tale lights would blink.

This was caused by the radio waves coming off our little antenna on the roof of the car bleeding into the electronics of the other car in front or in back of us.

It must be stressed that our goal was not this outcome,we were simply just trying to get out farther like 25 miles farther so we could talk into the next town.

Technology can be used for evil and i would hope that people could be more responsible if they find their equipment is interfering out causing damage to others equipment or for everyones sake ,their health.”

How to interpret speakers:

If your computer speakers are picking up radio signals, you might be experiencing a radio frequency breakthrough interference. … It occurs because the speaker leads are acting as an antenna and picking up the radio wave, converting it to an electrical signal.

To reduce this interference from other devices such as mobile phones etc, tie up / bunch up the speaker cables into bundles as shorter cables will reduce any aerials from picking up signals or attach a ferrite clip around the cables to reduce the electromagnetic interference.An example of an RF Filter clamp / clip is show below

When fitting filters they must be fitted as close to the equipment as possible thereby reducing the amount of cable left between the filter and the equipment that can act as an aerial. When using the filters, make sure you use the right size for the cable as the clip has to fit firmly for it to work properly.


Helpful websites:

Electronic Harassments

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