Roseanne Barr You’re Not Crazy

Updated they keep messing with my articles deleting my saved corrected content… or making a full internet connection not work to save corrected articles… Them gov hoes be all in their feelings about me exposing.

From the view point of a targeted individual who is also a SCORPIO like Roseanne.  Roseanne Barr spoke on Mk Ultra, Brainwashing, mind control and the illuminati.  Them government hoes, hate it when someone speaks out about what they are doing to people.  US TARGETS.  They want the targeted individual to suffer in silence.  Second, they will then focus on the person who is listening to you and beam in on that person with government technology to mind control that person into thinking your crazy.  Either because they lack the knowledge or because they are in on this massive cover up to keep the governments dirty little secret about what they are doing to citizens around the world.  Think about it, if what they was doing to us was a good thing and used for good reasons in the world would people/targets really be speaking out and or complaining about this abuse they are doing.  NO which means they are really doing some god offal things to the targeted individual.  SEE VIDEO ON TI SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS  Roseanne like myself speaks out because they are torturing targets daily, 24 hours a day, none stop.  She had to have experienced this first hand in order to speak out about it.  Strong willed people are not among the silent majority especially if you have seen first hand exactly what it is doing to people and the damage it causes.  So is it fair to say they were torturing her remotely and they was diffidently showing her right before her eyes that this is indeed a fact and not some conspiracy theory.  

Has Roseannes career suffered since she spoke out.  Of course it has.  See what happens is the technology will target a target and then amp up technology on you at the same time.  So the target is already in high torture mode, then they will bring in followers of this technology (perps), to slander, gossip, get shit started, amp shit up, discrediting the target.  This is how they prepare all while the targets eyes is doing this wiggle wobbly motion.  The target sees this is happening throughout the whole process.  Case in point the monkey tweet, out of all the shit people say especially if your known to be a comedian that’s what they do, its not in poor taste, its their job.  Some joke about other things  maybe in their life, to get people laughing and others use current events to make jokes.

NOW FROM ANOTHER VIEW POINT.  Lets talk about V2k, or as i like to call it V2T voice to throat.  The government uses my voice box to talk, yap yap yap all day 24hrs a day, and they are very guilty of pushing speech out of a persons mouth.  Along with moving a person.  Im not saying that this is what happen but, me knowing the capabilities of this technology and have experienced it.  Knows it is possible.  Then they will play on that, making sure their KLAN OF FOLLOWERS amp shit up.  Through directed conversation and gas lighting the target.  The technology will insure the followers get it to the party it is driven to get to.  IE the decision making person, and then will left and right that decision making person to the point to where that person does what technologies goal is.  Without the decision making person even aware of whats being done.  On the other hand if the decision making person is a follower.  Their you have it covert harassment to ruin a persons career.  All while on the surface,  it looks natural and was the natural order of things, when in actuality it was targeting, gang stalking, covert harassment, via remote neural monitoring, ease dropping, illegal surveillance and electronic harassment.  Now prior to them wanting something drastic to happening to the target.  Them government hoes will day by day premeditating shit, getting it in order for the ultimate fuck over you impact.  They will get everyone involved looking and viewing you differently, they will make sure little reminders stay in the followers mind.  Like that song you cant get out your head.  YEP THAT’S THEM V2K.   Now when the show down day comes the target is feeling technology heavily standing back playing innocent like they didn’t do a damn thang.  Meanwhile the target has already seen the damages it has done to their life and others and they know that you know they straight fucked over you.  So when no nonsense bull goes down, its like that’s it.  Shows over.   I seen this first hand when I went to see Sommore do a standup in Las Vegas.  She was using directed conversation.  I honestly do not know if it was intentional or unintentional.  Because Sommore has not had not repeated instances with me.

Roseanne didn’t have to say it I said it for her.  Im sure she will agree and say I’m 100 wit it.

Even in this photo I found of Roseanne she has the signature eye one open more than the other which shows they are targeting her. 

Good Karma
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Roseanne states she has been under punches her whole life its possible because Mk Ultra and Mind control has been around your whole life Rosanne.

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