Silence Is Not Golden When Your Targeted

Silence is not golden when your targeted as it feels like a silent wall of thievery as my phone was always ringing when I was a Real Estate lady and I feel the ” Gang Stalkers” who stalked us could have being doing this to rob my Real Estate Business as my phone always rang and suddenly it stopped. Real Estate customers I had been working with dropped me like a hot potato at this time. We were ” Gang Stalked” in summer 2008 by hot rods, and luxury cars, a bunch of loan shark high rollers it may have been “Gang Stalking” to rob me as that how it seems and in 2006 theives broke into my SUV parked in our long driveway and stole my Real Estate Portfolio that I used for Real Estate Listings and my daughters ballet bag also. Suddenly a silent wall around and no activity is from “Gang Stalking” I say having experienced the silent evilness. I since found out stalkers can get 1 year in a County Jail and 1 year of Probation and have to live at a Transition House for 1 year. Why don’t all the ” Gang Stalkers” have this criminal sentence for breaking the law. That would stop the        “Gang Stalking” and save the targeted indiviuals lives. I feel they robbed my Real Estate Business and Identity and then decided to rob my “Medium For God” psychic writer business that I started in 09 miles from where I had my Realtor farm.
I always loved real estate, in the 1980’s I always read the Real Estate Section in the newspaper and in 1988 I bought a townhouse condo in Studio City, California with my own money. I always add that in in the event someone is lying about how I bought my properties in my life. My mom always told me I would make a great Realtor, I worked as a Costume Designer and Costume Supervisor on movies, feature films and T.V. Shows from 1979 to 1997 because I had two small children. I did not want to work the long hours in Costumes so I stopped working to be a full time mother. A few years later I decided I should get a Real Estate liscense and work while my two daughters were in school. Then I would be home for them in the morning, after school, and at night so that’s why I decided to work as a realtor. I trained with a person in 1998 and worked for free to learn everything so when I got my Real Estate Liscense I jumped right in and got listings and had home sales right away. I went to real estate school in 1998,1999 got my Real Estate Liscense and had three listings often and about seven buyers. I was a prominent sucessful Realtor. I love looking at homes and I enjoyed showing them and selling them. I got up at 4 am to email my Real Estate customers new home listings on the Multiple Listing Service and I sent them counter offers, did faxing then, wrote Real Estate escrow letters, I worked three hours in the morning before my kids got out of bed at 7am. I had my whole day mapped out in the morning, houses I was meeting buyers at were set up and scheduled and inspections, listing appointments and so on. I worked selling homes until they got out of school then I was with them at home while they did homework or at their activitys and that is the way I ran my Realtor Business as a single mother. I provided well for my children, paid the mortgage and household bills alone and I helped in their classrooms, went to class parties and was the Art Docent in both their 4th grade classes. I advertised in their school newspaper and paid for the voice mail system. My business was a referal business, word of mouth was mostly the way I got Real Estate buyers and sellers. I went to a seminar in 1999 that was ” An all referal Real Estate Business Seminar”. This meant its not based on cold calling or door knocking or spending tons of money on advertising such as a Bus Bench and so on. It is a system of doing a great job for her buyers and sellers giving them personal attention and hands on service. It’s about working with a few people at a time then they refer you to three people because of all the time and attention you gave them. This would mean listening to them for three hours on the phone and it meant going to their home to do Real Estate paperwork in person at their table. It meant texting and emailing them updates and plans to meet. Many of my Real Estate customers told me ” I don’t need you to call me as I’m busy. I’d rather you text or email the houses and the times we can meet there.” So I got used to texting and emailing appointments with them and I spent alot of time doing this, home searches and making appointments to meet them, I also previewed many houses to see if I thought they would like them. I would email them the information and tell them what I thought. I might see one hundred houses for a buyer then tell them seven are worth looking at. I worked very hard as a Real Estate agent and did little formyself for years, as my childrens needs came first, I did not buy a new car for years, I did not spend alot on clothes only work suits when an escrow closed and barely had time for lunch for myself for years. I would eat at drive thru’s in the car and so on as I worked in the early am, got my kids up, made them breakfast, got them ready for school, lunches, back packs. Drove them to school, often helped in their classrooms then showed homes, sold homes without a second for myself, gladly I always said as time with my kids was so important to me. I stayed home every night also. I had not been on a trip for 14 years not been on a plane either for that long, then I went to London, Paris, Ireland in 2006 Febuary because someone invited me. I knew the person from when I was 29 and there were screenplay writing reasons as well. My daughters were older then and I paid someone to live at our house to look after them, a teacher family friend and their dad lived near by and they were 11 and 14 at this time and said ” how cool my Moms going to London” My mother was so happy for me, that I was doing something for myself, and after 14 years of staying home I thought I deserve a vacation for once. I went on this vacation with home equity money from my house, I took my money I put down on the house back out by an equity line in Jan 2006 then I was invited and thought, meant to be, I just got money. The trip was not planned but spur of the moment I went and got a passport at the Passport office at The Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd quick and went.
I bought the house we lived in in 2005 with money from the other house by a swing loan. In 2005 I made $137,000.00  a year working as a realtor part time. I planned to work full time when both my daughters were older and double this amount of money to $250,000.00 plus. I also planned to make referal real estate money when I stopped selling real estate, I planned to continue doubling my real estate income and to work with another realtor, to branch out to Beverly Hills Estate Properties and Malibu. I joined the Malibu MLS as it was right over the hill from us then canceled the Beverly Hills MLS class in around 2008 because of my daughters as I never liked being too far away from them. I decided I will wait until their older. Since I was a Costume Designer and Supervisor for 18 years in the film movie industry I thought I will market to film people and sell estates all over. Therefore. I planned to continue building my realtor business up for another ten or fifteen years then get referals from a partner and in 2009 my Realtor Business was destroyed that I had for ten years. I had the plan to sell to film people and list their homes since I started in 1999. I even ran an ad in The Hollywood Reporter then. I had big plans for my realtor business and it was all ruined because of ” Gang Stalking” that happened. In 2005 and 2006 Easter Break our mail box on a post in front of our one story house was broken off the post onto the ground. My SUV Toyota Highlander was broken into May 9 2006 a felond crime commited by theives, report said $500.00 in stolen property on May 10th, 2006. In 2008 ” Gang Stalkers” swarmed. I reported the stalkers five times then they stopped coming. Just the ” Gang Stalking” alone affected my realtor income as I was a nervous wreak in 2008 summer fall into 2009, so worried about who was stalking, so worried they were kidnappers, rapists after my two lovely teenage daughters. So afraid it was hard to relax and concentrate to even sell real estate. I showed an estate listing I had by our house five times a day in 2008.  I sat at our house dressed ready to go, texting appointments and I sold two estate homes in summer 2008. In summer 2008 I spent two days a week driving to drive my elderly mom around in Sherman Oaks, CA and that cut into my real estate hours also. She had memory loss and lost her Calif Drivers Liscense in 2008 and one of my daughters got out of school at noon and I drove her to a class at 1 pm. So family took priority of course. Therfore I could not work as many hours as a Realtor in summer 2008 plus I was afraid because of the stalking. Also, there was a loan crisis at this time, no could get a loan because of loan guidlines, I focused on all cash buyers, sold the two homes. I had borrowed money from my mom the end of 2007 when that loan crisis started to happen and used that loan money to get by in 2008, Family reasons, outside circumstances, and gang stalking is why my income was affected in 2008. In 2009 I was set up to DCFS and then my 10 year realtor business was ruined. My plans for realtor income in the future years was ruined and my retirement plan. Normally a 10 year realtor business doubles and normally a realtor sells their business to a realtor for one hundred grand or so and then gets referal fees the rest of their life. All of this that I planned for was ruined as I was set up to DCFS in spring 09 after years of prior victimizing, thievery, ” Gang Stalking” and so on. My real estate business was based on my being a family lady, an honest, loyal, ethical person. Suddenly it was all ruined, my income and so on. I was slandered in spring 09, someone lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life then DCFS knocked, they had no reason to be there. Then later I saw pages of lies that were told by anonymous callers everything all twisted around and changed, they lied dreams while I was sleeping were dillusions. I believe to lie shes not capable of being in charge of her mothers living trust as First Trustee and POA on her elderly moms bank account as my mom set up years prior to memory loss. The lies told to DCFS were Dismiss without prejudice in 2009 in Court, My older daughter Jessica Taylor Dismiss from case. In 2009 because she turned 18 years old in 2009. I feel ” Gang Stalkers” set me up and did all of this to rob my realtor business and that’s the way it seems. In 2009 also there was alot of over drafting that went on that I feel could be related to the victimizing stalkers. A check that said #9999 on it kept going through my bank account at U. S. Bank , it over drafted me 10 times or so, a check I never wrote, to put me in the hole I think. Also, my mothers bank account got over drafted the first week of the month after her Social Security money was deposited. I believe over drafting was done to victimize us. A check was written against her account for four hundred dollars that over drafted her also as she was on a fixed income of $1,440.00 SSA a month. She retired years before this. An elder diagnoised with memory loss in 2008 that was moving in with us in 2009, then our lives got destroyed, her life also, as her old age plans did not get to get followed.My daughters custody was detained by lies. A case file was opened based on lies. Our cats went missing Labor Day 08 when stalkers were there, My mothers diamond rings stolen 2007 fall and all of this theivery alone causes stress on a family. The wonderful life destroy done to us in our small suberb town where we lived happily since 1997 and to my mom in her town of Sherman Oaks CA where she lived since 1948. Similiar theft acts done in both areas to us down. I was run out of town by this railroading of slander, ” Gang Stalking” thievery. Due to all of this I ended up living at my moms house where I grew up in Sherman Oaks CA 20 miles away from The City of Westlake Village, I moved from The Conejo Valley back to The San Fernando Valley in 2009. I also had to look after my elderly mom because of her memory loss as she had planned to be moving in with us. My daughters lived at their dads in North Hollywood near my moms house in Sherman Oaks, CA was the other reason I had to move. I had no car and no money very suddenly. My car had broken down and my money was stopped up, when I was set up even a small amount of child support arrears stopped coming. Suddenly I could not pay my cell phone bill and that was like my office, I always used my cell and not the land line at the office often. I told my office tell people to call me on the land line at my moms house. I had no computer for about a year, no car, no cell and no way to sell real estate, I did not have money for realtor dues or lock box fees or anything. I walked to the library to email and to an Apple store at the mall where I stood up emailing. I wrote so many letters for money for the DCFS Best Mom Victim Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor. I asked for money for a car to keep my realtor business going, money for the mortgage so we could all move back there. Money to get my daughters custody and so on and no money, no money, no money has ever come. I thought I would at least do real estate referals and get referal money, seven thousand a month to live on. I was trying to keep it going just for that reason. My realtor referal plan all ruined, I said I would never let my Realtor liscense go and it expired because I did not get the renewal in the mail. I lost alot of money due to all of this. 20 years times $500,000.00 and referal money of $7,0o0.00 per month, this is unjust and not fair and this is due to ” Gang Stalking” and I want Justice and Pray I get it. When my Realtor Business plan and income was ruined I decided to just do my ” Medium For God” writer business in 2009 as I had planned to do both but its hard when ” Gang Stalkers” run you out of town and you don’t have a car or a phone. I set up my ” Medium For God” writers business at my moms house in 2009 as I am a psychic medium, its a channel writer business and its a business about my Injustice letters also. I set it up in 2009 Dec. in Sherman Oaks at my moms house with buisness cards, stationary, and address labels and its called ” Medium For God”. I have I D theft to it also and that is about 12 years at this business. In 2011 my mom was taken out of town from her house in Sherman Oaks, I was told by a text message when she was 5 hours away, she was never brought back to Sherman Oaks CA. Then I was run out of her house, locks changed, and her house was undersold. Again, she wanted me in charge of her bank accounts as POA and me in charge of selling her house, me taking care of her in her old age and this was all planned out by her, my mom Denise S. Fox in 1995 long before memory loss. I feel the ” Gang Stalker” group robs both businesses and puts the money in my elderly moms bank accounts as her will living trust went missing in 2009 when they set me up and slandered me. I think they did this to lie shes not able to be on the bank account of her moms and they may lie thats our group account and so on. That’s what the facts add up to. Due to this my mom and I have lost years together and I have daughters also,I planned to always have a family home that I own for my family. My daughters are adults 25 and 29 with their own children and we have been a Targeted “Gang Stalked” Family and I am so afraid for all of our safety and our livelyhood. I want someone to prove all of this and make it stop so we have our own money in our banks where it belongs for us to live our lives as Americans safely with freedom.

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