Stop The Gang Stalking

Gang Stalkers are predictor vulchers who prey upon innocent people. I was always happy in my life, prosperous, busy working and owned a home for many years. I owned four properties, since I was 28 and my family home life the priority to me then we were Gang Stalked my many cars in the summer of 2008 and our cats went missing when Gang Stalkers were on our cul de sac street in a suburb community and a black sports car lis plate SEPAGO stalked our mail box for four hours parked right in front of it as they would reach in the mail box and steal our mail. I feel that arresting Gang Stalkers is what should happen to stop this illegal activity from going on, a year in County Jail, a year on Probation is what all the Gang Stalkers should have to do for harming innocent people so badly. They scared me so much, I thought they were kidnappers human sex traffickers, rapists after my beautiful daughters who were teenagers then in the summer fall of 2008 when our life was destroyed as shortly after the Gang Stalkers predictors vulchers swarmed around I was set up and slandered, someone lied I was suicidal because I was praying and meditating in my bathroom and then that week DCFS came knocking and I was totally set up in spring 09 since then I don’t have money as they stopped up money, mail and then a group lied to aol and told them my paypal email aol address was their group email address. I feel the Gang Stalkers are robbing my paypal money, why else would a group lie to AOL? to steal money of course. My life was great, I had a great business, made good money as a Real Estate Lady for ten years, a hundred grand a year or more I am sober since 1985 before my realtor profession I was a Costume Designer on films and T V shows and I was nominated for an Emmy. I’m used to working hard and always having things go well and always having money flow in my life by my hard work and I work and work and work at my sole owned business the Medium For God since 2009 writing letters, emails, posting, youtubes since 2013. Letters to stop human sex trafficking and so on and no money ever comes as its all stolen and I am positive. I feel its stolen by lies told about me  in 2009 that were Dismiss without prejudice in court in 2009 and due to the framing I had a psych eval in 2009 and I was ruled Not gravely disabled Not a danger to myself or others. I feel they are using fraud to steal my money, mail, paypal and I think its the Gang Stalkers robbing me. Prior to the Gang Stalkers swarming around in 2008 our mail box on a post was broken two times onto the ground, Vandalism ! and my car was broken into and my daughters RAD ballet bag stolen, my realtor portfolio stolen and thats ID Theft to me, I thought a realtor was after my real estate business and I still stalk it could be High roller realtors , mortgage brokers who were the Gang Stalkers predictors, the liars and they could be siphoning out money from the victims they prey upon such as myself. The hard working citizens of America.

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