Testimony of a Targeted Individual

My name is Samuel Robert Ludwick. My education includes an Associate of Science Degree in Architectural Design and Construction Technology (4.0 GPA), an Associate of Arts Degree in General Education (3.7 GPA). I also completed three years of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering. I had to stop going to school in 2001 due to trying to work, go to school, deal with my mother’s passing, being gang stalked, and suffering from “Electronic Intrusion. I began my career in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management at Miami International Airport as an Architectural Designer, Draftsman, and Construction Manager. In order to do the construction inspections at the airport, I had to obtain confidential clearance from the FBI, the USPS, and the Dade County Aviation Department. I managed secret construction projects at the airport for the security sections located under the airport, to install security devices on the doors, to complete the layout of the facility to update the restrooms for disability access in accordance with 1995 building codes implemented after Hurricane Andrew.  See TI PROFILE

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