The Government Watch List And Targeted Individuals

For year’s I’ve complained about I.D. theft and written many letters about the stalking, hate crimes and victimizing that led to I.D. theft as all of this led to me, a very nice mom being set up to DCFS in 2009 spring and since this happened mail and money does not reach me as it should. I feel hate crimes were committed against me by misinterpretation about people perceiving things the wrong way, and probably by being outright lied about and set up and framed to DCFS. I feel to rob my identity. Due to the set ups done to me at this time I had a psych eval in 2009 fall and for years I have said I think someone is lying about my psych eval and they could be lying they got control of my mail and money and could have set me up for that reason. I was ruled ” a concerned citizen” for reporting crime tips to save my daughters, the tips I also reported because I was afraid due to the stalkers from 2008 as I thought someone was after them and me. I was ruled ” Not gravely disabled, Not a danger to myself or others, not probable cause this person has a mental disorder” and released. I had a Court hearing there in Nov 2009 and the ruling is on a ” Certificate Review Hearing” form thats filed in The Mental Health Court and I brought five copies to Court in 2010 July 10th the last day of Court when the case was closed. No one could say they got control of my mail and money as that is the Court Ruling. Also, my older daughter was an adult age of 18 years old. I have felt that an I.D. theft group lied about my psych eval and could have put white out on that form from the Court Hearing and they could of put white out on my DBA Business registration where the box is checked an ” Individual” Business owner. Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor. For years I have thought my money, mail, PayPal etc. could be taken by some fraud to banks and post offices etc. Also, the last day of Court July 10,2010 I was told going without papers today , the Case is being dismissed. Then weeks later I saw DCFS papers full of mistakes that I never was given. I’ve wondered for years is my mail, money PayPal etc taken by those wrong D.C.F.S. papers? Lately I am wondering if I got put on some sort of Government Watch list that stops my money from reaching me, this would be by slandering me as I have done nothing wrong. I have read that Targeted Individuals are on a Government Watch list. Also, I am a psychic medium reader and my readings have said there is a list called ” The LA County Watch Dogs” I wondered was I on this list by people lying about my psych eval from fall 2009. Also, in 2008 I was asked ” Is your house under surveillance?” and ” No” I said ” I would never be under surveillance. I am sober in AA since 1985. This has all made me suspicious and  I wonder did someone set up hate crimes? to turn people against me for no reason as I do nothing wrong and did nothing wrong. Does my money and mail and PayPal not reach me because of some fraud going on? As I have told the story time and time again since 2009 to resolve it all and work very hard at stopping I.D. theft and how do you stop it? if you don’t know who’s doing it and what lies are told to who and what fraud and so on. As silent walls are put around Targeted Individuals who are Gang Stalked. No one has the decency or respect to call and ask a question about anything and also I believe it’s because Gang Stalkers bug and tap phones, block phone calls and hack and block emails so the communication does not reach the Targeted person who’s a victim and I.D. theft is caused by all of this as the silent wall is so obvious. I always made good money in my life, I always work hard and since I was set up I do not get responses as I should by mail or emails or by phone calls. I feel they set me up on purpose to rob my identity and to lie she’s gravely disabled when I was ruled Not Gravely Disabled and I am not disabled at all. I am a motivated, productive career orientated person and have worked hard at my ” Medium For God” business since 2009 and money, mail .PayPal does not reach me as it should, Prior to my ” Medium For God” writer business I was a California Real Estate Agent for ten years. When we were stalked in summer 2008 and I was set up to DCFS in 2009 it ruined my ten year Realtor business, just the stalking alone affected it. Prior to that Career I worked on films in Costumers for many years. I made around one hundred a year or more or less in both careers. As a psychic in 2009 I decided I am going gung ho with this business, jumping right in with both feet determined to make alot of money. Money to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking, DCFS Victims money for the Fox-Taylor Family to have our lives back to normal, the way our lives were before the set ups , and stalkings were done. No money, no mail for any of this has ever come. This is why I wonder am I on some sort of Government Watch List by someone slandering me as many hate crimes happened and I did not know why and I feel people were lied to, got the wrong impression, misinterpreted things I did and never asked me about any of it. So I continually give the facts so an innocent person will no longer be a Gang Stalked Targeted Individual. I hope freedom is coming for me and everyone who’s Targeted. So, the story goes like this, in 2002 my mom and I made plans that I would buy a one story house and she would live with us in her old age instead of an elder care. I bought a million dollar house as a realtor and I thought this is better than her spending one hundred thousand a year on an elder care nursing home. Plus I looked at one by us and said ” The rooms are too small, I want her to live with us in our house and I will take care of her myself, Rent her house in Sherman Oaks and her rental income can pay for a maid/nurse than she will be under our roof so I can take care of her myself.” I feel maybe people misinterpreted this and all I did with good intention and good purpose was seen as wrong as questions were not asked about the details of this and suddenly hate crimes started happening. My mom and I were very close and planned this out for many years. She told me time and time again I only want to live with you and your kids, my daughters who are now adults ages 25 and 29 and have children. Still I am working and working to stop all of this gang stalking ID theft so I receive money and mail so I can own a home again for family gathering for one thing and for my mom to hopefully live with me like she planned as she’s 96 with memory loss since 2008 and she will be 97 years old and she lives an hour away in an area where she did not plan on living as the gang stalking has affected her life and her old age plans therefore I keep explaining the fact’s so the truth can prevail and Justice can lead to freedom to live the way we planned. I was legally separated Jan. 1, 2000 and divorced Oct. 2005. People could have made up stories like she bought that house with money she owes her ex. No, I did not owe him any money but people might have assumed this and again no one asked me anything about it. We split community property up Jan. 1st. 2000 and he signed off on the two story house title. The legal separation was just like a divorce. Everything was basically done then and filed in The Van Nuys Court House. The divorce was Oct. 2005 the legal separation was filed in The Ventura Court House and I restored my maiden name in the divorce. My birth name is Nancy Gail Fox. When I was married I went by the name Nancy G. Fox-Taylor. That name was on my Real Estate License and on bank accounts and my passport. My name on bank accounts is usually Nancy G. Fox. So, I did not owe my ex money. Also, I did not cheat in my marriage and I did not have a boyfriend for almost six years . I also hoped I would remarry and have a husband someday in the one story million dollar house. I planned to try to get married again when both my daughters were over 18. I thought of this when I bought the one story house as the floor plan I thought was good for a future possible husband, great for my daughters to have larger bedrooms, a bathroom with two sinks, a hand rail in the bathtub for my mom when she moved in. A big guest bathroom by the family room that a walker would fit in if she needed one and so on. The house was a perfect floor plan for the four of us to live in. I was going to rent her house for thirty five hundred a month in Sherman Oaks and that money could pay for a maid or caregiver and she so on. So in early 2005 I refinanced the two story house and upgraded it to sell it to buy a one story home for my mom to live with us. I listed the two story for $750,000.00 and got a swing loan against the two story house, borrowed money from it to buy the one story house for around one million dollars. I used my realtor money for the down payment then the swing loan money. My mom loved the house when she saw it and said ” I want to go on the house with you” and ” Great” I said as it saved me money, She faxed her assets to the mortgage broker company doing the loan on the one story and went on the CAR Purchase Contract with me. I wrote the offer in my name and she was added at the escrow office. We opened a bank account at U S Bank then Downey Savings together in person. Denise S Fox and Nancy Fox. The money from my two story house went into that bank account then was sent to escrow for the down, therefore I bought the one story house with my own money. People could be lying she bought that million dollar house with her moms money, but no I did not and if she had given her money to buy it she would have said ” It’s nobody’s business. It’s my money and I can do whatever I want with it” as that’s what she always said but that was not the case. I bought it myself and she went on the house with me. I had been approved myself alone for a Countrywide Loan but adding her save me around three hundred thirty dollars a month. The payment was the same as the two story house as it was a neg am loan. the loan would be higher later on and by then I planned to double my realtor income, at that time my mom would be living under our roof so I could spend more time selling homes as I drove to see her a couple of times a week and my daughters would both be adults by then and I would be able to work more hours as a realtor. I made around one hundred and thirty seven thousand in 2005 and I planned to double my realtor income and make two hundred and fifty thousand a year or five hundred thousand a year even in the future. Realtors usually double their income at the ten year mark. I had built up my real estate business since 1999 when I got my RE License and I worked part time as a single mother so I planned to work more hours when they were both older and double my income. In 2009 my older daughter turned 18 and started college and I would have soon started to work more hours fall 2009 and my mom was supposed to move in with us in summer 2009.  I feel people may lie about how I bought the one story house, why I bought it and so on. They may have a false perception as I think I could be on a Government Watch list for no reason. I upgraded the one story house with my money from the sale of the two story house that I sold for $750.000.00 in 2005. I put about seventy five thousand into the one story house. Months later it appraised for four hundred thousand more. Smart buy for a single mom realtor. My plan was to add on guest quarters into the three car garage and build another garage. This would make the 2440 square foot house 3200 square feet, as a realtor I know how to increase house value. I bought a small house in a neighborhood that had more expensive larger homes. So I knew I would have the loan to value. You get a home loan easier with better rates if you have alot of equity so loan to value was my plan. I felt the one story house would be worth 1.8 in the near future. I planned to rent a guest house for income possibly and have it for my mom with a care giver in the future. I planned for her to be in the den/bedroom across from my room. I moved my office furniture out of that den/bedroom preparing for her to move in in early 2009 and then everything fell apart. I was slandered and set up to DCFS and life’s never been the same since. Prior to this years of victimizing led up to it, in 2005 and 2006 spring break our mail box was broken onto the ground. My realtor portfolio and my daughters RAD ballet bag was stolen from my car May 9, 10, 2006. $500.00 in stolen property, a Felony. My mothers diamond rings were stolen from her house around Thanksgiving 2007. Stalkers swarmed around our one story house in 2008 summer and I wondered who it could be? I had no enemy’s. I did nothing wrong. Why were they stalking I thought. Maybe a realtor was after my business? were the anonymous liars who set me a nice mom to Department of Child Family Protective Services in spring 09 are the group of I D Theft liars who lied to AOL my PayPal AOL email address was their group email ? when its not. So is there some group who framed me to be on a Government Watch List? as I am an innocent person, I do not lie, cheat or steal. I am sober in AA since Feb 9, 1985 and live my life to do nothing wrong, to keep a clear conscious so why were the cars swarming? They thought I bought the house with my moms money? they thought I owed my ex money? when I did not. They thought I bought it with family trust money and should have discussed it? when not. My mom has an individual living trust of hers all alone, when she dies her money becomes a family trust. If she had wanted to buy it with her own money she could have as its her money, but no I bought it with my money.  Her money is her money and she would not have needed any permission to spend her own money. No relatives would have needed informing when I bought the one story with my money in 2005. My mom did not have memory loss then, she made her own decision  that she was going to live in the one story house. We decided long before that as the two story had four bedrooms upstairs and no bedroom downstairs and only a guest bathroom. When she was at the two story house she always joked around and said ” Where will my bedroom be?” and I said ” Don’t worry mom, I’ll buy a one story” and I did, So why did stalking, vandalizing, theft, and slandering go on ? Hate crimes for no reason. Our cats went missing Labor Day 2008 around the stalking time and our life plans were ruined. My moms old age plans she set in stone were ruined as her account I was POA was closed. Her living trust will that I am First Trustee of was taken from her home in 2009. In 2006 I got an equity line on the one story house, I took the money I put down back out. That’s when the house appraised for $1,450,000.00. I spent some of the equity line on a trip to Europe $15,000.00 approximately. Did someone lie that was my moms money? Because it wasn’t. She did loan me and give me money in 2007  and we went to the bank together, I wrote it down and kept track in a little notebook in our house. She always said ” You don’t have to pay me back, you need money, I don’t need it. I do it for you because your such a good mom and a hard worker. Your the one who is always there for me if I need anything. Don’t tell the other kids” she meant don’t tell my siblings. That’s what she always said and I told her I wanted to pay her back anyway someday. That was about seventy thousand dollars that she said I don’t owe. In fall 2007 I told her the realtor market was slow, no one could get a loan and she said ” I can get a loan, I don’t want you to sell the house” so she got me a loan from Wachovia and I used that money for bills in 2008. That was about $100.000.00. It was a small payment and I knew her house in Sherman Oaks would soon be rented for $3,500.00 a month when she moved in with us. She never did as our lives got destroyed by Gang Stalking cat nappers, jewelry thieves, liars, vandalizers and so on as I explained the years of victimizing before I was set up in spring 09 to DCFS to be a Targeted Individual. So did people lie about all I did with such good intention for my elderly mother, my two daughters and I ? as sure seemed like people thought I was a different person and I was called Nancy Taylor in Court and informed the Court Reporter ” I am Nancy Fox”. POA Nancy G. Fox on Denise S. Fox Wells Fargo Checking, not a family trust account, not a joint account. Her money myself as POA My mother made me First Trustee of her Living Trust Jan 1995 First Trustee Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor Her memory loss diagnosed was 2008. In 2009 her living trust will went missing from her house in Sherman Oaks, California. The Wells Fargo account I was POA on since I was 18 years old was closed. I was informed recently that I am A POA on an account and A joint owner. Still I do not have bank statements and so on. I have been to the bank many times and said here is the Power of Attorney assigned to me in 2007 and the memory loss letter from the Dr. from 2008. I  have done this til I am blue in the face. Stop the I D theft already ! is my money being put in that account? I recently dreamt of a check that said Denise S. Fox Group Trust in the corner, maybe the gang stalkers are lying that my money is their group trust account? As April 4th, 2013 I registered my ” Medium For God” as a DBA I opened PayPal by it and then AOL told me a group told them that was their group email. I told AOL ” It’s only mine” I have many emails connected in my PayPal account that I have emailed from since 2010 for money and right after I opened PayPal this group lied. Also, when I opened PayPal my younger daughter was 18 years old. I wonder if someone takes my money by saying DCFS is monitoring the family ? by the papers with mistakes from 2010 that I was never shown until the case was closed. The Gang Stalking web site information speak alot about ” Monitoring” as DCFS should has nothing to do with us since 2010 July 10th, the case was closed then. Is someone using the papers to take money and mail? or did someone put an innocent person who did nothing wrong on a Government Watch list? so I would not recieve my mail and money ? A mystery.