The International Coercive Control Conference 2021

What is meant by coercive control?
Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. … This has marked a huge step forward in tackling domestic abuse.

The 1st Annual International Coercive Control Conference is scheduled virtually for Friday Oct 1st and Saturday Oct 2nd. This event promises to be an event that engages us all in the necessary conversations to end Coercive Control.

Learn what Coercive Control is and isn’t and its role in abuse, how Coercive Control works in our gendered world, the various impacts of Coercive Control on women and children, and emerging legal, public health, and other frameworks that provide better protections to victims of Coercive Control.

Speakers from all over the world will be participating in panel discussions or presentations in one of our three tracks: “Defining Abuse as Coercive Control,” “Coercive Control Tactics and Its Traumatic Impact,” and “Solutions for Systems Change.” Join our panelists and community for a truly international exchange of ideas and lively discussions that will shed much new light on the origins, root causes, tactics, and psychology of Coercive Control. Together, we can better identify it, confront it, prevent it, and heal from it.

Our founding members are passionate about shifting the paradigm on gender oppression and the systems that support it.

We invite you to join the world’s leading experts, researchers, criminologists, advocates, authors, and survivors to immerse in the topic of Coercive Control. Featured speakers include Dr. Evan Stark, Jess Hill, Lisa Fontes, Joan Meier, Wendy Murphy, to name a few. Secure your early bird ticket now before prices go up.

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