The Invisible Torture

There’s some stuff on the internet about advanced Technology Warfare using Virtual reality ( The headset with gloves) being used on the human body. Have you heard of it?

The VR is used in the way of Advanced Technology Warfare.

I haven’t figured out how they are causing real sensation of pain and numbness in my body from their website. Is it Directed Energy?

Is it computer to brain causing it. It’s real and I don’t understand how they are doing it.

My poems about it:

The Invisible Torture

An ache in my stomach

Trauma to the eye,

Congestion fill my chest

Throat and nose that I die.

When in life I get busy

pain clings to my back,

Sweat drips from my forehead

In the wake of attack.

Advanced technology warfare

Is the sensation of a kill,

Trick the mind in humility

Of the suffering to fulfill.

VR out of bounds,

The jab of a virtual knife,

A trembling of the heart 

taking years off of my life.

Hit out of nowhere

sensitive to sudden attack,

As if it were an invisible punch

with no way to fight back.

Overcome with a numb body,

Pressure, a jolt of pain,

Not easy to understand

the feelings and the strain.

Unless you are the target

of the stalker’s translucent gun,

Don’t ignore in disbelief

Because there is nowhere to run.

A Virtual Reality Attack


My body once scanned

into a virtual design,

The images around me

snipers formed in a line.


The walls took aim

Translucent each shot,

One side was laughter, 

the other side not.

Distress as gruesome

as blood curdling screams,

The nightmare illusion

the destroyer of dreams.

The terror internal,

The shock made me run,

A Virtual target,

of the sharpshooter’s gun.


A specter lead army,

the dark shadow rose,

Hidden in the position

each presence impose.

To bludgeon the target 

as if it threw stone,

Unfocused from sight

mind bruised and alone.


A wound of defamation

the poison of choice,

Each glassy figure

that shatter my voice.

Trapped in the silence

where I could not speak,

Each shot that impair

made me feel weak.

Sinister motives,

The assassin was sent,

Fire and brimstone

a sting of torment.

Even the arrows

pinch as the dart,

The pain that was real

brought fear to my heart.

the Emirates society

meets back to back,

But, there is no hiding

when warfare attack.

© Shelley W. Williams -2018

Today is January 26, 2019 and what was thought to be Iritis turned out to be a corneal ulcer. It comes on suddenly. Out of nowhere trauma to my eye. It’s an eye injury. It may look like pink eye but it isn’t. It’s painful. It happens when those people stalking me are attacking my eye using VR  (Virtual Reality) directly on my body.

To find these people and find out the system of VR they use on me would help others to understand that it’s true.

I know it sounds crazy, like that would be impossible but it isn’t. It’s true. It really happens. The eye is a sensitive part of the body. Even the slightest out of the ordinary trauma or feeling could hurt the eye. I don’t know that they can do actual damage with VR any where else on my body. I have felt slight touches, shocking sensations, and pain that doesn’t have any explanation for it. Their VR can cause pain and if I were to go to the hospital there would be nothing wrong to explain the reason for the pain. So I’ve learned to just take it. I don’t know that they can kill with such a thing but they have threatened to kill me with it.

The invisible torture

Shelley W. Williams