The New Gestapo – An Interview with Karen Propst about Being Targeted in America

Greetings from Long Beach California. It´s been awhile since I did an article guys. One of the reasons is that my life has been interrupted by terrorism. ¨What¨ you say? ¨How can that be?¨ Well it is pretty hard to explain. But during the March For Our Lives rally in March of 2018 in Long Beach, I was approached by a plain clothes man (who I now feel may have been the Mayor of Long Beach´s private security, unverified) and asked a ton of personal questions. I gave them this website address – not thinking anything of it – as I was live streaming the event and went on my way. A few days later a group of people who acted like military invaded my life.
They listened to all conversations I had in public overtly, (they identify themselves with one handed signals) interrupted phone calls, stalked me on foot and by car and played with my life. None of them would tell me why I was being followed, and why they were making strange hand signals everywhere I went. 
After doing some online searches to retain my sanity, I found others who had similar experiences. The internet called it Gangstalking and called the victims Targeted Individuals. A few voices who were experiencing what I was stood out, and one of them was Karen Propst. I found her on Twitter recently and unlike so many I had connected with, she was a very real target, and survivor. I had to interview her. Please enjoy and share this article to as many people as possible. I will let Karen do the telling, because it´s a story hard to believe and she´s good at story telling. I am proud to introduce you to Karen Propst, a decade plus survivor of this torture with many names.

FT: Thank You for speaking with me Karen. For starters, what is your background and credentials? All I know is what I see on your GoFundMe and a few tweets on Twitter (@nottaconformist). Are you an American Citizen, have you served in any military capacity?
KP: I am an African American woman who has lived in the USA all of my life. I live in the Southern region of the country (North Carolina). As a single mother, I raised two sons. Two years ago I was blessed with my first grandchild and yes I think she is the cutest of them all … LOL! My professional background consists of working with children and in hospitality. I have sung professionally. Some of my hobbies are writing and story telling.
FT: When did your targeting start, and do you know who instigated it directly?
KP: I traced my severe targeting to a college I attended in 2007. I had attended this institution a few years prior and didn’t anticipate any issues when I made the decision to return in 2007.  As most people, I only returned to school to better my life only to be met with unusual and horrific opposition. This opposition came from the registrar who was also the head of the department in the area of business study at the college.  She flat out refused to register me for the classes I was qualified to register for and gave no explanation. She was very rude and unaccommodating and to this day I don’t know why she had such ill feelings towards me, other than perhaps she didn’t like what I had on. I wasn’t the least bit rude to her, but I was stunned by her very unprofessional behavior. 
I did finally get registered by another staff member and I thought the worst was over, but things were just getting started. Turns out she was buddies with my instructor who taught my classes, she was behind the scenes scrutinizing my work and instructing the instructor on ways to make the class more challenging so that I would fail or give up! Somehow she got into my personal email account and she began spreading rumors about me all around campus based on what she found by reading my emails. At some point, she teamed up with my employer of nearly ten years and I was pretty much forced to leave my job. An insider told me the college administration had put me on a list of people they needed to destroy, I didn’t understand it at the time, but I fully understand it now!
FT: What do you say to the idea that the ´targeted individual program´ is trying to create a case that the target is insane, falsely! Has it involved your neighbors co-workers and family as does mine?
KP: Well if  you look all throughout history, people who can expose things powerful people don’t want exposed have often times been given the label of crazy.  So as awful as it is, I wear it as a badge of honor! If they can get people to believe you are crazy, they can get away with whatever it is they are seeking to get away with… So they have in essence won half of the battle by getting people to write you off as simply being mentally ill. And yes, some family, neighbors, former employers, friends, etc. have gotten right on board with all of it! It is one of the most shameful aspects of the sinister program, the betrayal of people you have known, some all of your life. But isolation is key for them to be successful at all the things they are doing to harm you, so it’s essential for them to recruit the aforementioned. 
FT: What is your way of coping with the vehicular and gangstalking in your small town?
Chuckles and more chuckles! This targeting program is very taxing and it is designed to wear you down mentally, and physically. There are so many layers to this program and all of them are pure evil. It feels like you have had the contents of hell unleashed on you and that is no exaggeration. So it’s imperative for a person subjected to this kind of abuse to take care of themselves as best as they can. I can see how some people would lean on drugs and alcohol to cope, thankfully I haven’t. I do very simple things to cope. Writing has been a life saver and karaoke has become a therapeutic pasttime. Some days when all else fails, I call on God for strength! I am a spiritual person so I try to find positive uplifting things to read. I also recite poetry, I’ve become quite the reciter of the poem: “Still I Rise” by Dr. Maya Angelou. I am not the least bit naive and I know that danger may be lurking for me more than any other driver when on the road, so I am a bit more cautious than the average driver. They manipulate everybody around you, you could have donated a kidney to somebody – they will convince them you are the worst human to have ever walked the earth. Because of the clout they possess it makes their manipulation easy breezy!!!!!

FT: How do you deal with the overnight sleep deprivation and directed energy weapons? Do you get sonic attacks? What is your experience on this?
KP: I did go through a stage of severe sleep deprivation, but I don’t deal with this as much now.  I have also dealt with them inducing heavy sleep that nearly cost me my life.  I strongly suspect I have been a victim of the Directed Energy Weapons. I have all kinds of odd marks on my body that occurred as I peacefully slept.  They were hitting me in my face and causing huge bags under my eyes, I knew it wasn’t natural and was being done remotely.
FT: Legally, are you documenting and keeping a diary? What do you recommend others in this program do?
KP: Yes, I do document! It is one of the best things you can do in dealing with this HORROR! People should document any way they can….electronic documentation, write ups, take pictures, and get as much video and audio documentation as possible. I strongly suggest to be creative and to document as much as you can, even small things! And try to use dates, names, and places when documenting! This will make your documentation more credible if you are able to use it as evidence.
FT: Do you feel as I do that life is not over if targeted, but a lot of adaptation is needed? Especially in dealing with a large amount of slander.
KP: Yes, up to  a point, life as you know is way more challenging!  The people targeting you do everything in their power to take joy out of everything you do!  But yes, I do believe you should do things that make you happy and healthy! As a target, you literally have people spying on everything you do, so they can dehumanize you, to inflict misery, to inconvenience you, and to reduce your quality of life. This is not the kind of existence any human should have, it’s a life where you are being prevented from living your best life. They go as far as to destroy all social relationships, which is meant to wear you down and leave you hopeless! And this is why some targets have committed suicide. 

The perpetrators of this heinous crime dig deep into a person’s life to find the most humiliating things to share with your family, community, employer, etc. So its like walking nude in public, everybody knows very intimate things about your life that they have no business knowing about you. The slander is key for them to carryout this covert attack against you! The slander truly sets the stage for everything they plan to do to bring about your demise. But when you know the truth and you know that you are a victim of major corruption, despite knowing people are looking down on you, you are able to hold your head up high and go about your life.

FT: Do you feel that this is a suicide program to eliminate people, if so why?
KP: Based on what I have researched, the program seems to be connected to a depopulation agenda. To accomplish this, it seems to be to subject the TI to so much hardship and suffering, they give up on life and commit suicide. Another means is via the directed energy weapons (d.e.w.), these weapons can cause all kinds of illnesses which can lead to death. 
FT: How does being a whistleblower factor into your targeting?
KP: Please forgive me if I am repeating myself, but when I attended this college, I experienced all kinds of egregiousness…. I knew I had grounds to bring a suit against it. I don’t really like to refer to myself as a whistleblower, but I knew I had plenty of evidence of corruption taking place at the school. So yes, being a whistleblower or a potential whistleblower can factor in quite a bit.
FT: Thank you for taking the time to chat. What final thoughts did you want to share with my readers, targets and non-targets?
KP: Well, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be your first interview in regards to this nightmare myself and many others are living through!  I would just like to tell targets not to give up and to find healthy ways to deal with this program. I can assure every target that I will use every gift given to me to expose this profoundly sinister program.  For people who aren’t targeted, I humbly ask that you open your mind and your heart and do some research on the matter. And if compelled after you research, please consider helping these very abused and marginalized people in any way that you are able to help!   
Myself and others realize the only way to convince some people that these programs do exist is to have a whistleblower come forward, but we still want to educate people to the best of our ability on what is happening to us. There is no excuse that can be given for this type of program, as it violates many things, and one code that it violates is Title 18 U.S. Code 241. Readers should Google this code if unfamiliar with it. You might wonder how is all of this possible, and the answer is technology, the technology that is used is on the level of the Twilightlight Zone. People can be watched and tracked wirelessly, you may learn more about these technological advances as you research this topic.
(How to help people who are targeted)
Many of us are in desperate need of safe homes to reside in, medical care that can’t be manipulated by the ones targeting us, fundraisers for all kinds of needs. food, a listening ear that is not going to later be used for betrayal, there are many needs, small and big, so all sincere help is needed and is welcome! I often say this is not for the faint at heart, it takes a person with great courage to stomach what this program entails! This diabolical program not only blackballs a person in terms of employment opportunities, it blackballs a person in many other ways, down to getting basic medical care. 
If you are approached to assist in targeting a person, refuse to do things that you know violate a person’s rights, safety, and even their sanity. 
(How to educate yourself)
Please consider getting books on the topic, famed author Gloria Naylor wrote a book about her experience being a targeted person, her book is called:  1996. Two other authors I would suggest are Dr. John Hall and Renee Pittman. If you Google them, their body of work should come up. There are many presentations on YouTube that give great insight into this targeting program, here are the links to two videos I found to be excellent in explaining the program. 
Are You In On This – Disclosure of George W. Bush Stalking Network
Targeted Individuals Overview (by B.L. Carter)
The more you know about this, the better you can help! Thanks again Frankie, it was an honor to be interviewed by you! 
Karen is living and surviving in North Carolina. Please contact her via Twitter with questions or interview requests. Karen Propst @nottaconfirmist

Frankie Tease (female) is a writer living and surviving in Long Beach, California and is also targeted daily. See her at @frankietease on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.