This is my first day joining a targeted individual support group, hello fellow sufferers of human torture experimentation and persecution

Hello to all, perhaps I will be a bit too honest on this post, but I haven’t been able to talk with anyone like me. It seems that there are targeted people all around the globe, but it seems you always end up in an area where there are none. Even if there were enough to form a local support group, would you really trust them anyway? As far as I know, there could be all kinds of paid harassers who join as fake ti’s on this website. But, that is enough of me being a wet blanket. So here it goes. I have been targeted for over one decade. My health is failing rapidly. Even in death, the stalkers will not let you rest in peace. Currently, a stalker, who is actually a cryptkeeper because he is watching my progress as I slowly die from the poison that he is burning in his barrel every single day. I have developed a lesion on my lung that did not exist prior to him doing this. I had severe brain damage in 2016 from the exact type of COINTELPRO harassment and almost lost complete brain function. It has taken many years to get some brain function back, and as soon as I do, they increase the fires. I have been physically assaulted and scarred and I have tried to get an EPO on this group of organized harassers, but the corrupt authorities turn a blind eye. These harassers are liars. One of them said my dog tried to attack him, when the truth is there is a dog in the neighborhood that walks around and looks rabid, but it is not my dog. This perp, whom the police are protecting barks are me like a dog. Curses at me daily, has called me a stupid fucking cunt, a retard, asks routinely if I am fucking my dog, threatens me with gun violence, has shot off guns so close to my mouth that I could taste gun powder. I have called the police over 300 times in two different counties and they never respond appropriately, almost like they are blaming the victim and turning things are on the victim. He shocks me with directed energy weapons in my stomach in the morning. They surround me with trucks and rev engine exhaust for hours causing great trouble breathing. I am starting to cry as I write this because I have been living in what seems like a simulated war zone for over 3 years now.  When I was attacked by another perp down the street, as they all work together as a team (they do this no matter whate state you go to, as they follow you and stalk you like an animal anywhere you go) my silicone implants burst and required emergency evacuation of neurotoxic silicone. I started having bad swelling, trouble walking, cognitive decline, and now collapseyness. I have periods of great, greater than normal strength and then I have periods where my thighs collapse. It is especially worse around wifi. This all happened after fleeing home to run under the shelter of my family. At first, my family persectuted me too, which led to incrreased illness after being kicked out and having to live in a camper that is not fit for an animal to live in for seven months. All the while having to pull 14 hour shifts in pediatric urgent care in a state where I am not from. But, now, the program is on my family. My mom is suffering greatly from auditory harassment. I want to get her to listen to the binural beat music which trains the brain to ignore the auditory harassment, but she is too afraid to leave the house now from all of the harassment. We are there for each other, but we are both so exhausted. Right now, I live in a barn that I have made into a make shift condo, but there is no septic, so I have not been able to take a shower in over 3 years, having to wash out of a kettle. I am so exhausted (crying now), and just when I get on my feet, they put another on of these perps from COINTELPRO right next to me to kill me. He shocks me in the shoulders so much that it hurts to lift my arms. I have went to doctors, they send you to psychiatrics and try to medicalize you with PTSD so they can get you on drugs so it is easier for these perps to break in and rape you which has already happened to me in another state. They break in and burn holes in you r boots that poison you. You are forced to live in terrible situations, in houses that have been abandoned for years and I was bitten by a tick off of a mouse that took me out for the count. I keep getting sick from my patients and am disabled now. No one seems to be smart enough to see the link between human illness and EMF radiation from constant wifi exposure.  As soon as you speak the truth you are fired. It is always the same, then they send in the COINTELPRO street theater actors to discredit you and defame you. One of the actors came up to me on the street when I was selling pure breed puppies to survive and was really rude and said I’ll pay you anything just to get these dogs away from you, it turns out she was just trying to get a whole bunch of dogs for cheap. Of course I declined, she was blaming me for not having perfectly new blankets for the dogs, but she did not even have shoes on in freezing weather. Some of their agents are dumb as hell. Anyway, I remain strong in spirit, albeit exhausted, but my body is fading. There is no doubt about that. I know that if I did not have my faith in God, I could have never survived this program for as long as I have. I pray for anyone associated in any way with the military because we are being murdered in plain sight and it is like trying to make pigs fly getting the public to see the tactics that they use in plain sight. Specifically, using existing laws to murder people legally, hence burning poison fires in the county. On another note, some of the young women who have received the vaccine, are becoming weaker and weaker by the day. I hope this is a real support group, and if it isn’t…well, I guess I will keep looking for people like me. God Bless and may Jesus Christ return with POWER AND GREAT GLORY. I think all the evil ones will cringe when they find out that Jesus is not a hippie and never was!!! HaHa! I can’t wait to go home soon. Peace be with you.

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