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The Matrix Deciphered

The Matrix Deciphered This is a book written by Robert Duncan (The Saint). It is non-fiction and original research.
Monday, November 8, 2010
The Matrix Deciphered
Bio of Author
“True nobility is exempt from fear”.
– King Henry the Sixth, Part II (Act IV, Scene I). 194 Pages

MK Ultra Monarch 1

This work is a review of literature on the subject of war crimes pertaining to the use of microwave weapons
against civilians. Contributing authors have been given credit through footnotes and in the bibliography. I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for their
invaluable contributions to understanding these ongoing crimes against humanity

Mind Control 101

Why in the world would someone write a book on mind control? More specifically, why would someone write a book on how to use mind control as if it’s a great and wonderful thing to “fuck with peoples heads”?

Cocktails With the CIA, Episode 7: Project MKUltra

This is about the CIA’s mind control program in which our intrepid CIA often gave subject mind-blowing drugs with their knowledge or consent. The overall goal was to develop enhanced interrogation techniques. However, many feel that it was about developing torture techniques.

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