TI NEWSPAPER ~ NEW RELEASE March 30, 2021 Double 12ED Part 1 Of 2

TI Community this past month the government really was showing their true desperate selves in trying to stop me from further exposing them.  The TI Newspaper is delayed because of the Gov creating blackouts, power outages, them messing with hotel wifi signals, and my personal hotspot signal.  Or having their followers turn internet off and on at hotels,  and hotels claiming they dont have internet when Im looking right at the box right in front of me not plugged up Them i plugged it up and what do you know shame shame shame *one hotel owner in Honduras is a retires US citizens could be EX cop, military or fed agent… because his hotel was full of directed conversation skits and street theater.  (I got pictures) Look for upcoming articles on these investigations and how I caught them all coming soon as I officially filed investigations reports border to border.  For part 2 of Feb newspaper it will be delayed by 2 more days as it will also feature the new TI Library.      

American “Zersetzung” 12th Double Part 1 Of 2 ED March 30, 2021