What is a TRIGGER

For some reason this technology seems to believe that people need them in their lives to give people a push to deal with a situation.  What they do is have a perpetrator speak words out of their mouth knowingly and sometimes unknowingly to a target individual.  The targeted individual may or may not know that the perp is following commands or directions.  This is called a trigger.  That trigger signals the target’s brain while the technology is playing alongside the perpetrator/ organized gang stalker.  Then the technology begins to project imagery inside your visions to what this technology has been conditioning the TI for slowly.   Innocent people are being targeted everyday this way and don’t realize they have no control over their thoughts.  I know this because it likes to trigger points where it tortured me at one point by using perpetrators alongside with the technology manipulating my head.  As if they don’t remember what they did.  They will make all kinds of false statements stating that another federal agency has entered the picture and wants to know or see inside my head.  Your in witness protection, or we discovered that they were doing this to you since birth and were trying to figure out how much damage they did.   So exposing them is the key regardless no matter what lie they try to feed you especially when you see them training people to harm you and go along with the technology right in front of your face.  Total manipulation to keep the target going around in circles in hopes that they stop exposing and standing up for themselves.  The goal is to get the targeted individual to open up about the trigger.  Most people don’t realize this is being done when they are having a conversation.  Or when an innocent until proven guilty person is being held in jail or prison, this is the approach they will likely take.   A total invasion of a person’s privacy.  These perps know that lying as to why they are doing what they are doing, keeps a target trying to figure out why.  For instance why would technology that is supposed to be researching your head, hurt and manipulate you mentally and physically, burn you, and have people lying left and right on you.  Unless its for pure harm, evil, not to mention the countless other things they do to you.   True real targeted individuals knows this technology means the citizens its being used on no good.  The technology will be talking in the background while you’re being targeted, it’s your first sign that the manipulation is about to start being ugly.

What’s another word for perpetrator?
perpetrator; offender; delinquent; criminal; malefactor; evil-doer; acter; doer; committer; culprit. perpetrator.

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