Trump Was Their Voter Fraud, YES Can You PROVE it NO

Hello welcome to a targeted individual world.

Trumps sees the manipulation but cant prove it.  This is the everyday life of a targeted individual.  Although most of us TIs have solid proof that this is happening coming together to prove it is another thing.  That’s why the technology keeps us divided and strife among us.  Only the smart TIs have  figured this out.  Yet what may seem difficult but not impossible is to overcome these government perps that get sent in to keep us divided.  If they don’t keep us divided its their careers, livelihood, and ass on the line of being possible prosecuted for these crimes.  Trust me being outed for what they are unethically doing to us in the privacy of our own homes is not an option for them to be exposed.  Lets hypothetically think what will happen if Trump exposes what our government is doing behind peoples backs, disrupting their lives, and creating chaos, who would stand up and fight.  That paved road for some of them in their current positions happen because of them being a silent majority.   

2016 Election

Who Will Be The Next United States Puppet President

2020 Election 

What You Need To Know Before Voting In 2020

Trump knows they want him out that White House he knows when they have turned against him.  All the faithful followers know when this technology is crossing them.. 

She’s back JusticeTI PAYS Trump A Visit

Trump had the ability to do something about this injustice his four year term but decided to be among the silent majority.  Now he needs this silent majority to speak up and side with him with the voter fraud.  They all have turned their backs on him.  Typical of what the silent majority will do.  Some of these same people he put in positions of power turned around and acted dumb, blind, and crazy.  Just like Rihanna says she going blind with all her friends.  Now what you go do Trump?  They all dumped you.

Sad part is I tried to warn him.  You see even thou the government will make it seem like nobody is really seeing and viewing my videos they are.  Trust me the wealth of information I have provided that violates NATIONAL SECURITY they are fully aware.

What president Trump needs to do before he leaves office is expose the Deep State and these agencies of what they are doing to not only the american people but other countries citizens as well.  Stop dancing around this shit and come clean.  This is the proper exit he needs,  ending his term as a successful president.  Why? IF Biden FAILS the american people.  Its come back time for Trump.  The American people will not forget how Trump is leaving the WH.  If he don’t leave like a WHINING BITCH.  But hell what do I know I’m just a nobody to these government shit holes who thrive own ruining my families life and proud about being murders.  

Lets Break Down Some of his fatal MISTAKES..

Before Election 

  • Belittling peoples who is under him and who reports to him
  • Criticizing cities and state officials that they don’t know how to run their state or city.
  • Not seeing and doing all he can to make sure a second stimulus was awarded.  I mean you did tell every citizen to stay at home.  Every person knows one who don’t work, don’t eat.  
  • Being among the silent majority when its clear theirs a problem with the DOD, DOJ, CIA, FBI and attorney general.  
  • Not addressing targeting individuals – lets say every vote Trump did not get was a TI.  Thats how big of a problem this technology poses. 
  • Government shut down over a wall that was your top priority
  • China, china china 
  • Spent more time tweeting and posting on facebook than being productive.

After Trump Lost The Election

  • Fire, Fire, Fire He’s FIRED and so are YOU!  Really 
  • Wont admit that this technology turned on him as a follower
  • Judges drop lawsuits claims
  • Lawyers drop him as a client
  • Brainwashing and manipulating people Via Twitter/Facebook
  • Continues to criticized people even more
  • Not spending last days in WH making a difference.

Trump turned his back on the american people and karma hit him where the sun don’t shine.  Trump needed his silent majority to make moves to keep in the WH.  However the silent majority is actually speaking in v2k gang stalking tongues.

I one of the BIGGEST THREATS that is being made against our american people.  Is the fact that you cant walk in a courtroom and be heard and get a fair trial or resolution.  That’s a big problem when our government is allowing some numb nuts in our courtrooms with this technology deciding the outcome of court cases.  Them Judges know the government moving and controlling/commanding these perps lawyers, judges, DAs, court clerks, and others to side against a targeted individual when the targeted individuals is completely right.  What happens if this technology pisses a judge off before a court case.  Who do you think is going to pay for the technology aggravating and picking on people in the court room.  IM A WITNESS.  

Voice to skull repeats the same info to me all the time and when it came to Trump needing judges to hear his claims of fraud.  They told me judges stick with judges and they all talked about the claims and injustice that is going on in their courtroom.   So this means 

  • Cop cover cops
  • Attorney cover attorneys
  • Judges cover judges
  • Mayors cover mayors
  • Governors cover governors
  • Senators cover senators 
  • Dhs covers Dhs
  • DAs cover das 
  • Fbi cover Fbi
  • Military cover Miltary
  • Cia cover Cia
  • and it looks like Presidents cover Presidents asses

Each concerned about covering their own for when the SHIT should have hit the FAN a long time ago. 

DOOMS DAY  and a Mass destruction awaits U S A with the international countries having a front row seat.

Voter Fraud!

Is it possible that voter fraud happen.

Their is no doubt it did, this lady witness the electronic harassment and voice to skull in action.  She may not know it, people who are awake will spot it instantly and the ones who are not would just think to themselves something is way off.  Voice to skull is straight talking for people and these government officials and president that knew this was going on should have done something about it before the election.  What better way to show TRUMPY Trump what Im going through as a TI then for him to walk in my shoes.  Because that’s whats happening.  Who else figured it out.

Melissa Carone is a controlled puppet brought in to help with the narrative giving false hope to Trump voter fraud claims.

As you listen to her testimony you can tell, she was brought in to cover someone asses in this mess.  Which ever government entity that is controlling her is obviously trying to cover their asses and make a fool out of her at the same time.  Perp/Target TRAITS.  If she wasn’t drunk then it was voice to skull attacking her speech.  Making her slur.  She speaks of targeting and gang stalking but don’t directly say she was being gang stalked.  Look at her ongoing body gestures, the balled fist, the signature o with three fingers up.  This lady is being controlled like a puppet and when the technology messes with your head you draw a blank in your head interfering with your thought process.  So the message she was trying to get out did not come across clear.  In addition her calling the FBI is a familiar thing that targeted individuals do, and the fact that she stated that they hung up on her, is not surprising.  Melissa expected to get a call back, honey wait on it.  Often enough targeted individuals complain of the same treatment from the FBI.

‘I wasn’t drunk’: Trump fraud ‘witness’ defends her baseless testimony

To conclude I believe because trump did nothing about targeting he is LEARNING THE HARD WAY what them their machines can really do.

This is JusticeTI AKA My country ass a PERP STALKED ME IN MIAMI FL SAYING THAT. With your country ass.

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