US. Senate Intelligence Committee

if you are still tortured or terrorized, send the following addresses a letter through postal service about the situation: US. Senate Intelligence Committee Address: 211 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Pentagon Address: 1400 Defense Pentagon Washington, DC 20301-1400 Defense Intellignece Agency Office Of the Inspector General Address: Defense Intelligence Agency 7400 Pentagon Office of the Inspector General Washington, DC 20301-7400 The Pentagon is the most powerful place in the world, therefore it is logical to send them a letter to ask for help since they can control everyone. I think you can also visit the Pentagon, check the website of the pentagon: The Defense Intellignece Agency Inspector General inspects the C.I.A and they have to make sure that the C.I.A doesn’t torture. The US. The US. Senate Intelligence Committee I think can create laws against torture. it has reported on C.I.A torture in the past: The reality now is that the Pentagon track 24/7 anyone who tortures people and the Pentagon read the intentions and the mind of the torturers. The Pentagon track 24/7 the C.I.A now. I think the torturers try to create in you another reality to prevent you from getting help. Anyone who tortures has no legal protections because torture is considered as a crime against humanity, this allows the Pentagon to do almost anything to the torturer including neutralizing them remotely if needed and removing the privacy protection of the torturers(this allows the Pentagon to use the documented criminal actions of the torturers against the torturers in court by a trustable lawyer) Furthermore, torturing one person can cause a negative chain reaction in the world that can influence the whole world negatively. When one person is being tortured, he gets into a negative state, which influences his environment, and the people in his environment influence other people they meet, and so on.. if one person becomes paranoid schizophrenic, the whole world may become paranoid schizophrenic as a chain reaction. In other words, because everything is connected, the negative energy of the torture influences all the world in a negative way. You can say this to the Pentagon as an explanation of why torture has to be stopped as soon as possible.U.S. Senate Select Committee on