Watch Out For The Investigator

Watch out for the investigator whose client is the people of the Condemnation Website

The investigator is hiding the people of the condemnation website but it’s called a “Put to Death” website these days.

The investigator gets paid a lot of money from those people. He gets the money the internet pays for the website that has been going on for 18  years now. They get paid to follow me and they constantly torture me. Their investigator does all he can to torture me too.

The investigator gets paid to protect these people from getting into trouble for what they do. He breaks the laws himself. He lies about me “Shelley Williams” to those he talks to on the phone or in messages.

Every time I send a letter to report the website and it’s investigator the investigator contacts a person there and tells them lies about me. He either contacts them by phone or by a message to a cell phone or an email.

People believe everything the investigator says about me when he is lying.

I’m tired of writing about all this. I just want it to stop. I’ve dealt with this for 18 years now because nobody will listen to me or even believe me about it. I don’t want them following me anymore. I’ve had enough of the torture in my life. It needs to end.

I know it’s hard to find a website on the internet. especially one that changes its name frequently. They are trying to hide the website. The investigator whose client is the people of the condemnation website will do all he can to keep the truth of it hidden with the website and the people who use the website. There is a history of people who have used the website to try and kill me and then they pass it on to other people and leave with a promise to never disclose of the website to anybody.

The private investigator for the condemnation website would send messages to people’s cell phones. Any way that he sent a message he sent it in a professional way. Nobody would even recognize it as being an investigator for a condemnation website because it comes through in a professional way like “Utah Personnel”

I could tell my neighbor that a private investigator was sending messages in the community to hurt me but she wouldn’t understand or realize that the messages she was once getting was for such a thing as a condemnation website.

If it comes through as Utah Personnel or some other professional way. 

and his messages are done in such a way that it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

In the beginning times of the condemnation website in 2002 it was meant to kill me immediately using the people around me and in other ways. They caused people to hate me and to be angry with me for reasons I knew nothing about but I survived those times even though I cried a lot back then. I survived it.

In these days they are trying to kill me with Advanced Technology warfare VR. Which sounds like a ridiculous way to kill a person. How is it possible?

If they succeeded. After my death nobody would have known of the website so they could walk away without being caught as taking part in a crime. The private investigator would say that these people and their website had nothing to do with my death. He would say that I’m just mentally ill and none of what I documented about the condemnation website is real.

This investigator would use his authority to help people get away with it.

 The condemnation website was passed onto other people over the years. They called it selling the website to somebody else so they took over the website and the others left it.

I do not know the names of the people running the condemnation website in the present day. After the people left the website from 2002 I haven’t found out the names of the people running the website that stalks me these days.

I wanted to let you know how it all started. In the past (2001-2002) I was chatting with somebody on the internet named Mohammed who was so nice. He had said that his name was Mohammed Jaweed Lateef but the truth was that it was not one person I was chatting with it was two people named Saeed Lateef (Saeed could be spelled Jaweed) and Javed. I offended them while chatting with them on the internet.

(I don’t know if I spelled the names right and Javed’s last name is not Lateef.) They both lied to me so I don’t know for sure what Javed’s last name is.

Joy and Saeed Lateef and Javed who started it all in the past. (2002 Website- Game of Condemnation). They started the App through their website in 2015. 

Gary Balian and Javed creator of the website in 2002 when I lived in Southern, Utah.

I don’t know what they changed the website to these days. I have been blocked from getting to their website since the condemnation is against me. Their reasons to condemn me are lies.

The website has been passed on to other people over time. I don’t know the people it was passed on to these days.

These People get paid to use a website on the internet to do this to me. It is mostly done to me for the money the internet pays them for their website. They get paid a lot of money. Its gotten to be a lot over the 18 years it’s been going on.


          Shelley Wynona Williams

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