What is a Targeted Individual?

What is a Targeted Individual?
My name is Brenda Baraquil. I was once a whistleblower. Several years
ago, I reported elderly abuse of a non-profit organization to Los Angeles
Housing Authority; all I got was retaliation. I once testified against a
Los Angeles police Officer who assaulted a young man. I was terminated
from my job without a valid reason on the following day I testified.
EEOC granted me the right to sue for wrongful termination.
I am a Targeted Individual. A Targeted Individual is a victim of a
military and intelligence secret operation of Mind Control Technology
whose mission is to deliver a massive psychological and physical trauma
in order to cause the psyche to shatter into thousand personalities in
which can be programmed.
This mind control covert operation is very complex in structure. It is
multi-faceted, multi-layered, multi-tiered, and armed with highly
sophisticated technology. Its arms and tentacles know no bounds and
limits as to the atrocities and human rights violation it can attain.
Gone are the code names of the past U.S. government covert operations
such as Cointelpro, MkUltra, the Phoenix Program, etc. Gone are the
underground military and hospital laboratories. Victims are put under
house arrest for the rest of their lives “boxed in” inside a virtual cage.
The first phase of the program is the harassment/stalking surveillance in
which human subjects are monitored 24/7 by a government satellite
technology and a ground-based operative using super computers.
The second phase is bio-electronic harassment/torture in which subjects
are tortured with “invisible bullets” directed at various parts of a
person’s body especially the head.
Victims are virtually captured. A participation of a shady local police is
utilized to maneuver a bogus investigation and a warrant less 24/7
surveillance of a victim justifying police authorities’ invasion of the
victim’s home and place of employment to install monitoring, listening,
and tracking devices. A victim’s property and assets are tracked and
assessed as well.
Organized Crime criminals are used for gangstalking, gaslighting, and
mobbing a victim. These criminals make gangstalking an art by
involving actors, and street theatrics to humiliate and ridicule a victim
in public. A victim’s house is burglarized and cars are sabotaged to
torment the victim. The victim’s business is falsely accused as being
fraudulent to socio-economically devastate the victim.
Victims are electronically harassed and methodically driven to sleepdeprivation. Electromagnetic radiation weapons, ultrasonic weapons, high radio frequency weapons, etc. are remotely directed towards the
victim and the victim’s home as well as Directed Energy Weapons
(DEW), microwave pulsed signals and other non-ionizing radiation
weapons such as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low
Frequency (VLF) electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic
weapons cause debilitating pain, migraines, cataracts, burns, cancer,
tumors, leukemia, fatigue, memory loss, etc. mimicking “normal
Victims are implanted unknowingly with Veri-chip and nanochip implants
utilizing Biotelemetry and Nano technologies to cause severe bodily
pain. Implants are used as receivers to cause a victim to hear voices as
in the Voice to Skull (V2K) technology making the truth of a victim’s life
experiences unbelievable to others.
Victims’ ability to hold a job and own a home are diminished by
influencing corporations and companies against a victim leaving the
victim isolated and alienated.
Victims do not get help from any government agencies especially from
the police who do not provide an honest investigation of a victim’s
complaint due to the fact that the victim is not able to provide proofs of
the assaults and can not identify the assailants. Either the police are
afraid to become targets themselves or paid to play in forms of favors,
gifts, and promotions.
Victims are labeled mentally ill and/or felons by creating the false
appearance of an illness or overly medicating or misdiagnosing a
victim’s illness. Medical symptoms such as joint and muscle pains,
ringing of the ears, numbness and tingling of the hands and feet,
dizziness, nausea, muscle spasms, etc. mysteriously appear due to
extensive exposure to electromagnetic waves and microwave radiation.
I implore you to please grant us a hearing regarding the abuses of the
military and intelligence agencies involved in these barbarian acts of
human violation by exposing us to deadly microwave radiation and
electromagnetic waves which are slowly killing us to death without a
I have total loss of my privacy. Most days I have no or less control of my
physical body functions, mental, emotional, and thought process
including my implanted subconscious mind and dreams.
I am a human being treated like an animal. I believe that information
regarding Targeted Individuals is illegally sold to various special
interest groups for a lot of money.
www.freedomfchs.com www.youtube.com/marsboy683
Brenda Coyoca Baraquil
Mother of Two

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