What Role Do Local Fusion Centers Play In Contracting People Out To Community Harassment and Organized Stalking?

This is what you need to understand.

Fusion centers are ran strictly through Homeland security. I think we have a total of 90 fusion centers in the U.S as of right now. We also have 900 prison FEMA camps or concentration camps in the U.S. right now! That’s a whole other ball game.

The fusion centers role are strictly to put you under 24/7 illegal surveillance. Once the fusion centers have targeted an individual, that individual is now on the federal terrorist watchlist! The individuals name can never be removed. This is where the U.S. Patriot Act is load of crap. The U.S. Patriot Act makes this legal for this torture and terrorism.

Surveillance Under the USA/PATRIOT Act

Normally a narcissist, a worthless police officer, or a worthless judge puts you on the gang stalking list.

The police departments and FBI are in charge of finding gang stalkers! The police departments hire the gang stalkers and so does the FBI.

FBI is Secretly Targeting, Surveilling, and Gang Stalking Innocent Americans Using Fraudulent “Anti-Terrorism” As Pretext (youtube interviews and transcriptions) – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults

Then you have the cyber stalking that is strictly through our wonderful FBI! This is the FBI biggest role in the gang stalking. The FBI is 100% totally to blame for cyber stalking and cyber security.

Cyberstalking | Federal Bureau of Investigation

The department of justice or the DOJ give the gang stalkers the license plates they need for there vehicles. They can switch license plates at will. This is why it makes gang stalking so hard to prove for the targeted individuals. Also if you drive to any federal courthouse in any state, you will see hundreds of cars without license plates on them. In the parking lots at any federal building! Talk about screwed up! I have researched and investigated myself only to find a lot of the gang stalkers cars are parked at any federal building.

Then you have the NSA or national security administration and CIA or Central intelligence administration doing the illegal surveillance in the homes of the targeted individuals. Hacking all devices, rerouting all mail on the internet, we can no longer receive mail from the post office, and they play a part in all fusion centers too!

Then you have the worthless Homeland security. That’s all I can say is wow. They give the fusion center’s all authority for all satellites and drones and authority to our military! The satellites and drones are there to surveillance the targeted individual and hit them with DEW’s or directed energy weapons! Not to mention make the targets life a living hell.

Then you have the military. Oh, the wonderful military. The military follows the high profile target with their jets and helicopters. Steady hitting the targeted individual with DEW’s or directed energy weapons! 24/7 and 365 days a year. The targeted individual is to get no relief and will die a untimely death.

It’s called organized stalking or gang stalking. They call this inhuman program no-touch torture. The gang stalkers don’t have to put there hands on you. They have weapons they use from a distance. It’s inhuman, it’s an act of terrorism on its own people, the weapons they use are very painful, and you can’t do a thing about it!

This is who your gang stalkers are and who hires them.


Organized stalking or gang stalking is funded from the proceeds of human trafficking.

Similarities Between Gang Stalking And Human Trafficking

It’s truly sad that governments all over the world are doing this to there own people.

Hope this answer helps.


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