Which Mind Controlled Candidate Will Win

I asked the targeted Individual community

“Not Trump, and Biden has no mind. Hmmm”. 

“Biden has no mind to control! I like that! I may share this in my own way. Lol”

“BOTH OF THEM; AND ALL of them, PREVIOUSLY -as well as, ALL SUCCESSORS… “If voting made a difference, ‘they’ wouldn’t allow us to do it.” I feel, Voting is a way to give the populace the ILLUSION of having “POWER,” which we DO NOT have, with candidates, NOR, otherwise”.

“Most slave masters and slave master wannabes are either doing their part to mind control the slaves and/or a puppet for those who really call the shots”.

“Started with Bush head of cia”.

“All are controlled they have been taken over since the dulce war ! Read it!! Dulce NM”.

“Definitely not Donald Trump”.


Bidden,,I know it’s hard to BELIEVE but Trump isn’t one of them,the first four years proved that,they tryed their DAMNEST to prove he’s dirty but couldn’t,he’s good,you need to see what he’s done that they didn’t tell you,one that impressed me when he did a presidential order to help 125.000 children in forester care so they can be adopted,alot of them came to zion with the saints,he is good,bidden will open up he’ll on us,it’s BIDDEN and obama that let me and the tis be caputered in our own homes,and we’re being used by china,you don’t understand what you are,a weapon,that was obama and bidden,and just so you have some light at the end of the tunnel,their building a 19 house on the moutian you can see it from the valley floor that is gonna be a retreat for TI’S , trump knows the damage they did,atleast your not in salt lake where they were testing chemicals on us,alot of us VOLUNTEERed to to be guinea pigs for a vaccine,our plasma is special, it’s almost fine tuned their just trying figure what is causing men to have slow weak pee streams, has to do with it swelling the prostate gland in men, we heal fast so we’re good subjects, usually wounds heal in around a week,

 I’ve never heard more BULLSHIT come out of TI than you dude… lmfao… you are so far from the actual truth that you will never learn the answers…. my voices would simply laugh and have you convince yourself that you were right.. lol


Joe Biden – I was interested in knowing where did Mr. Biden stand on the technology that is violating some many innocent peoples lives, that i sent him a message via his contact info.  While i’m sure some second hand person receives his messages, I do believe their job requires them to at teasel respond.  The same as if someone inquired on his stance on oil and gas.  I received no response. 

Please review my page, I would like to know where does Biden stand when it comes to illegally torturing citizens with microwave weapons, we are being electronically harassed, organized ganged stalked, and suffering from v2k which is all illegal if Joe is not afraid to speak out. Theirs a Growing number of Targeted Individuals reporting this on FB and other sites that they are victims, people might be willing to rethink re voting Trump back in office. If you post where you stand on this issue, I will back you up and share with the TI COMMUNITY. If it’s positive of course Good day

Joe Biden also has the signature of the three eyes as V2K my handler Roger calls it.  One eye is open wider than the other.  What I did notice was the targeting of him picked up from the date I sent this message.  Now the only people/perps who know i sent that message to him was the idiots who are remote monitoring and destroying my devices to point out to me for his targeting to pick up in the first place.   This is what they do!

Donald Trump – Oh Hell Mary, Trump is among the silent majority who is keen on doing just that. I think him being in office is one of the biggest jokes. He is no better than Obama, between him and Obama its like the pot calling the kettle black. I have seen the technology take effect and hold of Trump just like Obama and neither of them did a thing. But let it twirl them around.  I say why re elect a president that did nothing in regards to the targeting of the citizens in a country he vowed to make great again missing the common factor that this technology is manipulating every ones lives in every aspect.  I made it no secret about Trumps eyes is one of a puppet on strings.  After all that’s what the technology forces me to see about people everyday.

Kayne West – I really don’t follow Mr. West but i have seen his video and how they left and righted who to be next to in this bed.

In systematic timing and left and right government mind control why was each person laid in the bed next to the other in that manner.  If you don’t understand how this technology will manipulate a persons mind, body, and soul then you will never understand why each person was placed as they are in photo.

(1. George W Bush 2. Anna Wintour 3. Donald Trump 4. Rihanna 5. Chris Brown 6. Taylor Swift 7. Kanye West 8. Kim Kardashian 9. Ray J 10. Amber Rose 11. Caitlyn Jenner 12. Bill Cosby.

Instead of me giving all the answers to what I have already put together in regards to Kayne West and his role in being a puppet used by this technology ill let you do your research.

Kayne on Ellen, Kayne on Joel Osteen, Kayne first presidential campaign, Kayne played a role in Bitch Better Have My Money around gang stalker Rihanna when this said song and video was created to target our life as a target individual.. If you put it all together than you will see why he was a slave running for president by the masters. The government will make a fool out of you.

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