Whistleblower Exposes Out of Control FBI/Local Police Fusion Centers

This system totally abrogates everyone’s Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights in favor of tyrannical rule by the elite, and favoritism of those who would gladly sell out their neighbor for goods, services, and undue favor.”

To keep America safe from the many security threats facing our nation, the FBI began partnering with state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement after the horrific terrorist attacks by Osama bin Laden and his bloodthirsty Islamic group known as al-Qaeda on Sept. 11, 2001. The facilities that housed these inter-agency counterterrorists were called FBI/Fusion Centers.

Prior to the 9/11 attack in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania except for but a few federal cops and intelligence community officers and analysts, no one saw these radical Muslims on the nation’s “radar.”

FBI / Fusion Centers,  was created after 9-11 to “fuse” Federal and Local Law Enforcement information to protect America from “Terrorists,” instead have been creating hundreds of thousands of false dossiers on honest, law-abiding American citizens in order to justify secretly bloating the fraudulent Terrorist Watchlist, for a fabricated enemy to rally resources against and keep the population frightened and accepting of a Police State, according to a National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower and experienced NSA Intelligence Analyst Karen Stewart..

Ms. Stewart sent her findings to U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham after catching his recent speech on CNN about “FISA abuse could happen to you” to his colleagues. Stewart also noted that a secret and unconstitutional army of neighborhood watch-type Civilian Mercenaries, like INFRAGARD, were instructed in covert and overt (intimidation) surveillance, along with covert vicious libel/slander, stalking, harassment, assault, and murder techniques, utilizing high tech and advanced weaponry difficult to detect on their innocent civilian neighbors, for what amounts to “practice and training” of a guerrilla army of extrajudicial “enforcers” (thugs) to keep people compliant as the US is subverted. They are richly compensated and promised immunity by rogue Fusion Center officials. 

13606, All who conduct or conspire to facilitate prohibited activities using sophisticated electronic technology to harm communications equipment, communications networks, or human beings, are Axis of Evil, Rogue State Actor or sympathizers or terrorist infiltrators working against the American people and public at large, by the definition in (section) § 7, to include transmission and display; as well as those using information and communications technology to commit serious and grave human rights abuses, in violation of the Counterfeit access device fraud and Computer Abuse Act of 1984. 

Ms. Stewart also claims that Fusion Center officials are known to bully and coerce police and medical personnel and other local officials to get them to deny victims help or falsify records about them to their detriment. In essence, the FBI has left –and still leaves – law-abiding citizens at the mercy of their unscrupulous neighbors looking for lucrative salaries and perks.

The officials at Fusion Centers provide their spying cadre with terrifying devices to aim at their victims 24/7 from their homes and stalkers on-call are provided car-engine powered devices or devices that fit in backpacks or large bags with which to follow them as much of as possible.

“This exposure to electromagnetic weapons causes serious cellular degradation that can lead to serious health damage and death – often indistinguishable from natural causes to civilian coroners unfamiliar with these weapons,” said Ms. Stewart. 

This system totally abrogates everyone’s Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights in favor of tyrannical rule by the elite, and favoritism of those who would gladly sell out their neighbor for goods, services, and undue favor.


  • Blanketing area with false and vicious slander & libel of targeted individual (ti);
  • Multi-person paid relay-style stalking harassment 24/7;
  • break-ins;
  • Pet thefts/mutilations/murders;
  • Gassing, poisoning, rewiring smart meters to kill, using high tech covert weapons, such as directed energy weapons;
  • Covertly implanting victims with chips to facilitate targeting
  • Police and local authorities are told to butt out of sanctioned federal program or participate (though entirely unconstitutional)
  • Victims are falsely labelled mentally ill and their pleas for equal protection under the law are dismissed and mocked
  • Victims end up wrongfully murdered, incarcerated, or committed

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