Why Human Subjects Research Protection Is Important

INTRODUCTION Participation of human subjects in research presents a challenging ethical dilemma. A research subject may be asked to participate in a study of no benefit and no substantial risk or in a study with the potential for significant benefit but also significant risk. In placebo-controlled studies, subjects may be exposed to significant risk for no benefit to the individual. These variants are confounded by treatment protocols—most commonly encountered in oncology trials—that compare the effect of an investigational arm to the standard of care, further blurring the distinction between research and medical treatment. Institutional review boards (IRBs) have the federally mandated responsibility to review research involving human subjects to ensure that a proposed protocol meets the appropriate ethical guidelines before subjects may be enrolled in the study. The road leading to the current regulations and ethical considerations has been long and checkered. The system that has evolved minimizes the risks for unethical behavior and serious adverse events but is not infallible. Understanding how we have arrived at the current approach and analyzing some of the ethical lapses that directed this course support efforts to continually reevaluate the regulations in order to improve the safety of subjects who are willing to participate in research activities. 

Download includes letter to The White House 


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